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Best Podcasts For Depression And Anxiety

Ten Percent Happier With Dan Harris

Where To Turn For The Best Anxiety Advice | Anxiety Guy Podcast #12

This franchise started with a book by Dan Harris, a self-described meditation skeptic turned believer, and has since spun off into a meditation app and this podcastall designed to help out people who also have their doubts about things like meditation. The show isnt all about meditation, though. It touches on a wide range of mental health topics, like social anxiety, compassion, productivity, relationships, and happiness, with the help of leading researchers.

The Calmer You Podcast

The Calmer You Podcast with Chloe Brotheridge has plenty of episodes on offer, with a very high rating from its loyal listeners. Chloe herself is a hypnotherapist and author of several books that have helped readers overcome their anxiety and stress, and she has now brought her teachings to her podcasts. Covering a huge variety of topics, Chloe teaches you how to stay calm in typically stress-inducing situations and casts light on the issues with interviews with other experts in the field. So get ready to become calmer, more centered, and ready to tackle your days.

You can listen to The Calmer You Podcast on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

The Best Podcasts For Mental Health

Whether you’re struggling with your mental health or trying to support someone who is, listening to a podcast can help you to find support and a sense of community

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Tuning into a podcast can be a great way to practise self-care and to reflect on our mental health and the wellbeing of those around us too.

Research has shown that around two-thirds of us will experience poor mental health in our lifetime, so this really is an issue that affects everyone.

To mark Mental Health Awareness Week, weve put together a collection of podcasts about mental health for you to listen to, covering a range of topics from bereavement to anxiety.

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For Changing Your Outlook On Life: The Happiness Lab

Available on: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and Radio Public

Hosted by: Dr Laurie Santos

Duration: 30-50 minutes each

The Happiness Lab is considered the best feel-good podcast that can change your outlook on life. It is hosted by the Yale professor, Dr Laurie, who shares with the audience the latest scientific research and surprising stories about what happiness is and what is its trustworthy source.

Laurie has changed the lives of thousands of people through her stories and altered how they think about happiness. She also teaches us self-compassion and how to process grief.

This podcast helps us feel and confront our emotions and realize that happiness is often found in the most unexpected places. There are about 50 episodes, including some special editions and bonus episodes.

Available on: iTunes and Spotify

Hosted by: Guy Macpherson

Duration: About 30 minutes each

With a Doctorate in clinical psychology, the host has put together resources and other information for future therapists and prepared this podcast.

The guests on this show are leading experts in the field of stress disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder , and other complex traumas, who share their experiences of exploring their fear and what they learned from their mistakes, and advise aspiring trauma therapists.

There are over 500 episodes that take you on a journey of mental health, disorders, trauma, and self-identity.

You can also visit our yourmentalhealthpal.

For Anxiety: The Anxiety Podcast

10 Best Mental Health Podcasts in 2021

Available on: Spotify and Apple Podcasts

Hosted by: Tim JP Collins

Duration: 10-30 minutes each

This podcast is unique and covers a broad spectrum of topics from fear to gratitude. The host, who himself used to suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, shares the experiences of his life how he put his anxiety and fear behind and motivates others to cope with various challenges.

Not only this, he interviews people who have similar stories to share and answers the audiences questions. The interviews are raw and vulnerable and will help you get through a rough day.

There are over 400 episodes for you to explore and relate to.

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The Positive Psychology Podcast

Thereâs enough negativity in the world. Rather than dwelling on the hard parts, positive psychology focuses on empowering people to live with joy and purpose. The Positive Psychology Podcast embraces that idea, educating listeners in how to find wellbeing and happiness in their everyday lives. With her roster of expert guests, psychology professor Kristen Truempy explores the science behind finding everything from post-traumatic growth and positive parenting to sex and relationships.

When To Get Professional Help

Matt TullyHow do parents know when to get a mental health professional involved? That can probably feel like a very big step, a radical step, a step that might not be very popular with their child and that might lead to a lot of conflict. It might just even personally feel scary like, Wow. This is to that level that I need to get some professional help for my kid. How do parents know when it’s time to do that?

David MurrayI think, first of all, don’t overreact or too quickly react. Some may have heard of over-diagnosis. We’ve got to accept our kids are going to have some down weeks and they’re going to have some anxious weeks. That’s not a reason to bring in the experts. We walk alongside and we say, This is part of life let’s push through. Let’s not overreact and try and be calm. In many, many casesmaybe mostthey will get through this. So I think that’s just the first thing, to trynot denybut just try and take a reasonable, objective approach to it.

I think the second thing I say in my book, Why Am I Feeling Like This?, there’s a range of symptoms and so you must look not just at does he/she have all these symptoms, but the severity of them and how long they’ve been going on. Ultimately you really want to get to the doctor. I’ve found family doctors are extremely good at knowing if this is something that will pass or

Matt TullySo not necessarily a mental health counselor, just your doctor.

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Best Depression Podcast For When You Need A Laugh

Hosted by public radio host John Moe, The Hilarious World of Depression brings on special guests who share their stories about dealing with depression and managing to laugh along the way.

The weekly episodes run from 40 to 50 minutes. In each episode, youll hear from comedians, actors, and public figures such as Maria Bamford, Paul F. Tompkins, Andy Richter, and Jen Kirkman. They discuss how theyve faced their darkest fears and put their mental health first.

The podcast is loved by over 4,000 listeners. One reviewer says that the show is a refreshing look at depression that humanizes and normalizes the experience.

Jason Fox Wild Tales Podcast The Book Of Man

Best Mental Health Supplements I Personally Use | Anxiety Guy Podcast #9

Jason Fox, best known through the tv series SAS: Who Dares Wins, speaks to travellers, adventurers and heroes, for example Tim Peake, Toby Gutteridge, and Wim Hoff. They talk about their experiences and how they found both physical and mental resilience. Listeners can be inspired by these exciting stories of strength and determination as these individuals discuss taking on difficult challenges, how they overcame them, and reconnected with natures elements.

Listen on Spotify and iTunes

Follow Jason Fox and The Book of Man on , , and

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Best Mental Health Podcasts For You

We all know that Music Therapy is a therapeutic approach in psychiatry that uses the naturally mood-lifting properties of music to treat mental disorders. It is considered beneficial and other treatments and addresses physical, emotional, and cognitive issues.

But do you know podcasts have been around for some time now?

In this blog, we will take you to the world of podcasts and look at how they can affect your mental health and well-being. We also have a list of the best mental health podcasts, curated especially for you. So keep reading to know more!

Benefits Of Podcasts For Mental Health

From soothing sounds of meditation to exhilarating suspense stories, podcasts are so much more than just background noise!

It is surprising, but podcasts have proven to be quite beneficial to the brain.

Research shows that listening to podcasts stimulates many parts of our brain.

-Whenever you listen to podcasts, your neural activity increases as your brain creates a mental picture of the events and topics being discussed in the podcast. Thus, your imagination becomes vivid and strong.

-Podcasts arent just for entertainment. They are an excellent way to learn new things, especially mental health issues.

-You can tune in and listen to various renowned psychiatrists and lecturers and learn about their take on mental health issues. However, they shouldnt be considered as a replacement for therapy.

-They help us to become better listeners and enhance our concentration. They require zero effort or energy, and you can listen to podcasts even while doing the mundane tasks of daily life. In this way, your attention span increases.

-Some podcasts are inspirational. They contain experiences and life journeys of other people who learned how to overcome challenges and build a better life for themselves.

-They can help you overcome feelings of depression and hopelessness, and you realize that you arent alone.

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I See I Hear How Do I Do

How does one make therapy work Well number 1 u want to and have to get/feel better #2 U have to find the right therapist one u connect w ! Ive seen many therapists through out my life at 35 being in counseling since the 2nd grade U have to share a bond I had therapists who judged me for truely venting my feelingsWho told me I was wrong for feeling the way I did the judgment was depressing made it hard for me to connect w any others Ive seen since then But BUT I have found a couple who truly made my life story real And didnt judge and really felt they cared Hence why I ever left being a bartender which Ive done all my life I would be a counselor or therapist for those who have gone through what I have I know the feeling I get itW that being said sometimes I feel bad for those who dont connect u got to find the right person and when u finally give into ur demons and truely want to feel and be better ALL IS POSSIBLE !!

Best Depression Podcast For Building Self

BEST Mental Health Podcast for Women Who Are Ready To ...

Dr. David Burns, the host of Feeling Good Podcast, received his medical degree from Stanford University and completed his psychiatry training at the University of Pennsylvanias School of Medicine.

His medical background in psychiatry and neurology helps him discuss techniques to overcome depression and anxiety. He also uses his knowledge in behavioral science to guide listeners toward developing greater joy and self-esteem.

The 30- to 75-minute episodes are posted weekly. They discuss a wide range of topics, from building self-esteem to healing from a broken heart. Whatever the cause of your depression, Burns has you covered.

One reviewer loves the integration of cognitive behavioral therapy , saying, It gives an incredible glimpse into the possibilities of a CBT informed approach.

Whether youre a therapist who uses CBT or someone living with depression, theres an episode for you.

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What Is A Podcast

A podcast is either a digital audio file or a series of audio files that the listener can stream or download.

It contains discussions by the host on a particular theme or topic, and generally, associated links, websites, notes, or transcripts are also provided for the listener. This content can be streamed on any music streaming platform and is inexpensive or even free.

There are different types of podcasts, and some of them include:

  • Enhanced Podcasts
  • Video podcasts
  • Live podcasts
  • They are different from regular mp3 audio files because they contain more than songs or music. They are available in over a hundred languages, and their themes vary from research information to slice-of-journalism.

    Jen Gotch Is Ok Sometimes

    Inspirational lady and ban.do founder Jen Gotch started this honest podcast to talk about her fears, pain and triumphs hoping to help listeners become more self aware, build their emotional intelligence and, more than anything, feel less alone.

    Her approach is spot on. As one listener says, this really is the most helpful, heartfelt and humorous podcast hosted by the most down-to-earth, wise and hardworking gal. What a treat to listen to, learn from, and laugh with her each week!

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    Terrible Thanks For Asking

    If you read our blog on mental health podcasts, you maybe familiar with Nora McInernys story she lost her husband, father, and unborn child in one year. Now, shes using her experience to tackle grief head on, and the assumptions we have about moving on.

    Noras honesty, willingness to learn and listen to her guest is refreshing, one listener writes. I constantly recommend this podcast to all friends searching for a new podcast.

    Listen wherever you find your podcasts.

    The Importance Of Parental Empathy

    Estée Lalonde: Dealing With Anxiety & Depression | Dreamer’s Disease Podcast

    Matt TullyHave you ever heard someone describe what it’s like? I’m thinking of those parents who are listening who maybe don’t struggle with anxiety or depression and would love to better understand what it is their teen is is actually feeling. How would you describe what that might be like?

    David MurrayIf you’ve ever been in a car accident, or you’ve come very close to a disasterfalling off a ladder or something like thatyour fight or flight system kicks in. As you see a car spinning towards you, or a tree coming towards you, you’ve got that adrenaline cortisol rush. It’s just the most horrifying feeling. Or when somebody jumps up from behind and scares you.

    Well, imagine that all the time. Not just you have a bad accident and twenty minutes later you’re beginning to calm down, or a few seconds later after the scare from your sister or your brother. But this just keeps going and you’re living in that state. Or if you think of the saddest time ever in your lifewhether it’s a bereavement or a great loss of some kindand again, just think of living like that. Hopefully these images can begin to help people understand and sympathize.

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    The Spiritual Component Of Mental Illness

    Matt TullyYou mentioned the spiritual side of this that isn’t part of the conversation for non-Christians. That’s one thing that parents might wrestle with or not fully know where they stand on the issue of how do we integrate our understanding of these mental health issues with what the Bible says about us and the reality of sin and our faith and the call to believe the gospel and how that impacts how we view ourselves and view others. It seems like sometimes those can be placed at odds with one another, or not fit together well. What would you say to that?

    David MurrayYou’ve got your two extremes: you’ve got the all-spiritual approach to this where there’s no recognition of any physical, social, mental element. And then you’ve got the all-physical approach where they say, They just need meds and they’ll be fine. I think we have to recognize there are spiritual causes, there are relational causes, that are mental causes, there are physical causes, and take a holistic approach to it.

    Matt TullyFor things that they had done?

    David MurrayYes. Some of that was false guilt, but a lot of it true guilt. What pill can you get for that? You can’t. He was despairing. In fact, here’s the sad thing, he took his own life. But in a sense, who wouldn’t when you see such misery and despair there’s nothing you can do?

    Matt TullyYeah, when there’s no solution.

    When To See A Therapist About Anxiety

    Anxiety can be debilitating if not properly dealt with. If youre ready to find a therapist trained in anxiety-reducing techniques, a good place to start is an online directory. They can help you manage your anxiety, deescalate panic moments, and give you the tools you need to live with your anxiety.

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    The Anxiety Guy Podcast

    The Anxiety Guy Podcast with Dennis Simsek boasts a huge number of episodes and a very respectable rating. Your host aims to help you lessen and eventually take control of your anxiety by interviewing those who have already managed to do so. Listen to the tips and tricks provided by people who have experienced anxiety and come out of the other side, so you can take control and liberate yourself from the concerns that have been holding you back.

    You can listen to The Anxiety Guy Podcast on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

    Best Anxiety Podcasts With Anti

    Lets Talk Fast Podcast Anxiety &  Depression with Adam ...

    The Calmer You Podcast with Chloe Brotheridge

    Chloe Brotheridge is a hypnotherapist, anxiety coach, and author. Her podcast is chock-full of suggestions and solutions for grappling with everyday anxiety that many people feel when dealing with authority figures, co-workers, family, and other assorted humans.

    Brotheridge is warm, engaging, and empathetic. Her guest speakers run the gamut from nutritional experts to meditation gurus. The topics covered are broad-based and informative.

    Listen in often, and youll not only find anxiety-busting strategies but also increase your knowledge about many fascinating topics, from self-awareness to conservation.

    Your Anxiety Toolkit with Kimberley Quinlan, LMFT

    Host Kimberley Quinlan is all about the virtual hug. Her goal for each episode is to make listeners feel taken care of. She also imparts real-time tools for combating stress and negative emotions, with a healthy dose of you-got-this inspiration.

    Topics covered run the anxiety gamut from living with sexual obsession to learning stress reduction techniques. Quinlan interviews an eclectic array of psychosocial professionals, plus provides cool insights of her own. Episodes range from 15 to 45 minutes long.

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