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Bracelets For Anxiety And Depression

Toodoo Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet With Leather Straps

Can a vibrating bracelet cure your depression?

The design of this model will leave you amazed. When it comes to fulfilling your needs, it will offer you more than the comfort you need. It has a unique locket design on putting your favorite oil you will feel relaxed all day.

There are various options and colors which you can choose from that match your refill pads. The material used in the aromatherapy locket is stainless steel. It will, therefore, not fade or leak. A softer leather makes it much better to use because of its comfortability and long-time luster.

You also have an option for different colors with different refill pads. You will be amazed by the 15 different colors that you can choose from. Refilling is also straightforward by using the pad. The quality of the materials used will ensure that you get served for a more extended period.

Enjoy lightweight carriage all your day. The bracelet also has seven holes that allow you to adjust it and can be worn by anyone. Therefore, you will find it very comfortable to wear the bracelet and modify it to meet your pressure needs.

Moreover, the bracelet is engraved with inspiring quotes. When combined with its healing ability, you will have a day full of energy and inspiration. If you give it as a gift, especially to a depressed person, they will experience real healing from its use.



  • The leather can get damaged after some time

Custom Engraving Means Every Id Works For Youchoose The Style You Prefer And We Will Engrave It With The Wearers Diagnosis Treatment Considerations And Other Pertinent Information

Mental health disorders are often called, invisible conditions. That is, from simply looking at a person, it may be nearly impossible to discern that s/he is living with a mental health disability or disorder. In the event of an emergency, however, EMTs and other first responders need to know about some mental health conditions.

Mental health disorders include a wide range of conditions, including the following categories and specific conditions:

  • Anxiety Disorders

Bracelets For Depression And Anxiety

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Which Aroma Diffuses Help With Anxiety

Aromatherapy is making use of certain natural oils with pleasant smell to improve human wellbeing, not only by rubbing them on the skin, but also make those aromas a part of anxiety bracelet.

These essential oils include the below.

This herb is considered to contain certain compounds that calm nerves and promote sleep.

Its sedative effect is mild on the body.

How to use Valerian other than as an aroma of a bracelet:

Mix some drops of Valerian with aromatherapy diffuser then inhale. It makes the user relaxed and sleepy.

This is used often in Ayurveda medicine to encourage sleep and calm the mind.

Jatamansi also can alleviate depression by reducing MAO receptors and GABA neurotransmitters in the brain.

How to use Jatamansi other than as an aroma of a bracelet:

Rub diluted Jatamansi on the forehead or temples.

This oil has a pleasant floral aroma, inhaling it can increase a sense of romance and well-being. Jasmine oil is considered to soothe the nervous system even without inducing sleepiness, just unlike many other essential oils for anxiety.

How to use Jasmine other than as an aroma of a bracelet:

Fill the room with the aroma or inhale directly from the bottle.

Also known as tulsi contains a compound called eugenol that makes the aroma spicy with a minty scent. It is an effective adaptogenic herb for treating both mental and physical stress.

How to use Holy basil other than as an aroma of a bracelet:
How to use Sweet basil other than as an aroma of a bracelet:

Benefits Of Anxiety Jewelry

Bracelet for anxiety and depression protection bracelet

If you have anxiety, you know that there are many different kinds of physical and mental symptoms and being in a constant state of anxiousness can lead to even greater long-term problems. Living with an anxiety disorder can result in any of the following problems or conditions:

  • Always feeling nervous or restless
  • Always feeling as though you are in danger or panicking often
  • Increased heart rate
  • Increased likelihood to develop unhealthy relationships with recreational drugs and alcohol

The above symptoms of anxiety are scary and can lead to life-long problems, which is why it is important to treat your anxiety now. Luckily, anxiety jewelry can benefit any type of anxiety disorder including panic disorder, phobia, social anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, separation anxiety disorder, illness anxiety disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. By wearing any of the above pieces of anxiety jewelry, you can help ease your anxiety, calm your mind, increase your attention, and soothe your body.

Anxiety jewelry is also an affordable, chemical-free and healthy way to treat your anxiety. Most of the pieces available can be discreetly accessed anytime, anywhere.

Does Anxiety Jewelry Work?

Unfortunately, no scientific studies have been completed studying the specific effects and benefits of anxiety jewelry. However, there are studies that prove that the ideas behind anxiety jewelry are accurate.

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A Mental Health Disorder Medical Id Could Save Your Life

For example, if a person with panic attacks is involved in a trauma, it is helpful for first responders to know this so they may provide the best treatment while keeping this condition in mind.

Further, some mental health disorder medications are controlled substances, others are highly likely to interact negatively with life-saving drugs, and still others have additional side effects that may be present on exam. Wearing a medical ID provides fast access to your pertinent medical information, helping prevent unnecessary tests and the potential for harmful drug interactions.

If you or someone you love has a mental health condition, medical ID jewelry is a true necessity. We recommend listing your name, diagnosis, any medications, all allergies, and emergency contact numbers.

Words Inspired By Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy-inspired reminders can teach us to accept not reject the scary thoughts & feelings of anxiety. The less afraid we are of being anxious, the less we allow it to pull us away from the present moment.

Brave the uncomfortable

Anxiety is uncomfortable. We start to sweat, our chest tightens, and we suddenly feel the urge to run in the opposite direction. We try to find relief by either avoiding triggers or pushing the discomfort away. But, when we avoid discomfort, we avoid taking risks, trying new things, and creating positive change for ourselves. We let this discomfort dictate how we live our lives.

When you allow yourself to feel the anxiety, youll discover that the discomfort does not last forever. The more you challenge yourself to brave the uncomfortable moments of life, the more willing you will be to take advantage of the opportunities presented to you.

Embrace uncertainty

When a thought about the unknown crosses our mind, we cant help but search for an answer. Its difficult to surrender ourselves to the discomfort of not knowing. We have to accept that there are some things in life that we do not and might not ever know. When we reject uncertainty we allow ourselves to suffer more than we need to.

I am separate from my mind

I let go of what I can’t control

It’s okay to feel how I feel

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Should Not Hurt Or Rub Your Skin Raw

When it comes to anxiety jewelry, there are a few key things to remember. First, you need to find the perfect bracelet or necklace for your needs. Some people might want something more subtle while others may want something more noticeable.

The second thing is that the jewelry should not hurt or rub your skin raw. If you think that the bracelet is too tight and rubbing against you, then its probably not going to be a good fit. The third thing is that you need to find a piece of jewelry that can help alleviate some of your symptoms.

Some people prefer a bracelet while others prefer a necklace it just depends on what type of person you are! But no matter which style of anxiety jewelry you prefer, it should do its job and make you feel better about yourself. You deserve to feel good about yourself and have the confidence to live life without fear!

How To Use Anxiety Jewelry


After choosing a piece of anxiety jewelry that speaks to you and feels comfortable wearing everyday, use the jewelry as a natural extension of your body and make using it a natural habit to help you through everyday stressors and anxious episodes. The jewelry you choose should soothe you when used.

If you need to try multiple types of anxiety jewelry before you find the one that works best for you, just have patience with yourself. For some it helps to use the jewelry long before feelings of anxiousness set in, which is why it is important to make it a habit. This habit can also be referred to as a behavioral connection known as conditioning. Conditioning can be used to connect an action, like playing with your anxiety ring, with a feeling like feeling more calm, relaxed or focused. Using the jewelry in this way will ensure that you are more likely to use it and enjoy significant benefit from it.

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M Mooham Lava Rock Bracelet

Enjoy quick oil diffusion and long-lasting scent with the M MOOHAM Bracelet. The first notable thing that knocks your eyes is the design of the bracelet. For meditation and healing, the bracelets with your preferred oils serve you better.

The ability of the bracelet to absorb oil makes it an attractive choice. It has a composition make up of a natural tiger eye and stone and lava rock stone that is black. You will therefore appreciate the work of the lava rock stone in maintaining porosity.

The materials used in making the bracelet make it lightweight and hence fit for your hands. The penetration of the oils and the ability to hold it for more extended periods makes the bracelet an ideal choice. Your hand will, therefore, feel relaxed as the levels of anxiety in your body lower.

You will, therefore, have no feelings of stress and anxiety when on this bracelet. The lava beads maintain the pH hence less harmful to your hands. It also comes in adjustable sizes with an inner code for tightening. Adjusting its size to meet your needs is very easy and comfortable.

The density of the material is also remarkable. It is, therefore, suitable for use by both men and women. You will love the lightweight that encourages storage when not in use. Many occasions match the bracelet making it very easy to change.

Finally, the bracelet has a natural look because of the natural stones. It is attractive and responsible for changing mood and anxiety.


Stone And Crystal Bracelet For Anxiety

Certain crystals and stones are seen as anxiety antidote since ancient times. They believed to offer a calming effect which assists in alleviating emotional disorders.

Blue Agate is believed to be among the strongest crystal for stress and anxiety relief. It promotes calming and peaceful energies for the mind, spirit, and body.

Generally speaking, the blue color stones release soothing and calming vibrations that assist in the peaceful relaxation of the mind. Just like the soothing effect a clear sky can give to us.

Wearing or carrying a bracelet for anxiety made with Blue Agate in the pocket can help someone suffer from anxiety with little comfort during the day.

However, before jumping into color crystals and their effect, it would be best to start with a visit to the history of stone and crystal use for anxiety.

Tip: Amino Acids can help you fight with anxiety and depression too.

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    Which Pressure Points Does It Hit

    Anti Anxiety Depression Men

    Anxiety bracelets come in many different shapes and sizes. Some feature a simple band, while others are more elaborate and include charms or beads. Theres a style to suit everyone, so its important to find the right one for you. But in order to do that, youll need to know what points on the body the bracelet will hit.

    The most common pressure points that anxiety jewelry focuses on are P6, P7, and H7. These points are located on the palm side of the wrist, and they have significant roles in managing anxiety. The P6 point is known as the love point because it helps release feelings of stress and anger.

    The P7 point is called the worry point because it calms anxious thoughts when tapped or massaged vigorously for five minutes every day. Finally, H7 is known as the balance and well-being point if tapped, it can help regulate our emotions by releasing endorphins throughout the body.

    Selecting an anxiety bracelet that hits these pressure points can be key to getting relief from stress or other symptoms associated with an anxiety disorder like panic attacks or obsessive-compulsive disorder .

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    History Of Using Stones And Crystals For Calming Anxiety

    The historic stone and crystal use will help us understand the healing strength of those natural stones. These stones were dated back +4000BC in Ancient Sumerian to the present Egypt, where the use of stones and crystals originated for protection and healing.

    Ultimately, the practice spread into Greece, where gemstones were given several names.

    E.g. Crystal is a Greek word used for ice this is because it is believed that the gemstone is to forever stay solid like frozen water.

    Again, Amethyst in Greek means not drunken that is the reason the stone is used to forestall hangovers, etc.

    And, eventually, China joined the crystal healing, and took jade gemstone to be very powerful.

    The jade gemstone was used in healing kidney illnesses, and at the same time used mostly in cases where on desired good look.

    Crystal healing was at this time introduced in the life energy of the Chinese theory, like Chi and when Buddhist and Hindu introduced the concept of the chakras shortly after.

    Presently, crystal healing is used for protection against sickness, scatter negative energy, and at the same time to enhance the positive ones.

    Saying so, anxiety bracelets are not always based on the power of a stone or crystal. Some tap into the powers of aromas and diffusers too.

    Tip: Have you considered TENS or Alpha-Stim to help you fight with anxiety better as yet?

    What Crystal Helps With Anxiety Which Crystal Is The Most Powerful For Anxiety

    Now, lets dig into the most powerful crystals for anxiety.

    • Blue lace Agate Crystals

    This crystal helps with judgment and rejection.

    It is an effective healing crystal for anxiety too as it resembles calmness of the ocean waves and provides resembling energy for the mind as well. This crystal scatters anxious feelings that come from past judgment or rejection. As such, Blue lace Agate is considered to be among the most potent calming crystals for anxiety.

    The energies also can assist while approaching a stranger, speaking in public, going on a date, and many more.

    This crystal scatters anxious thoughts, and it is effective for anxiety.

    It is made of metamorphosed fossilized driftwood.

    Jet stone provides calming energies that scatter anxious and fearful thoughts. Also, it protects from harmful energies.

    This crystal helps to overcome trauma, and its among the most powerful crystals.

    It is generally used in treating anxiety, fear and panic attacks naturally too.

    This healing crystal for anxiety is ideal for eliminating anxiety and stress from the body.

    It contains several grounding properties that provide a balanced, free and relaxed feeling. As such, Hematite is among the powerful calming crystals generally used to fight anxiety.

    This crystal is commonly used to soothe excessively busy minds.

    Smoky quartz assists in eliminating fears and at the same time alleviating anxiety symptoms instantly.

    Aquamarine is another powerful crystal for anxiety.

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