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How To Deal With Depression Without Medication

What Happens To Depression Without Treatment

Lift Depression With These 3 Prescriptions- Without-Pills | Susan Heitler | TEDxWilmington
  • Brief bouts of depression happen to many people, often when they are faced with stresses such as ending a relationship, losing a job, or having troubles solving a problem.
  • Often, people can get over depression with their own coping approaches, especially if the depression does not go on for too many weeks. Some people prefer to handle their own problems without seeing a professional.
  • Research suggests that if people do not seek treatment for depression :
  • About 5 out of 10 will have recovered within three months of the start of the depression.
  • 6 out of 10 people will have recovered within six months.
  • However, for those who continue to experience depression beyond 6 months without treatment, recovery after this point is more limited.
  • About 2 out of 10 people will still be depressed two years later.
  • It can be more difficult to overcome depression on your own if the depression goes on for many weeks, or if it seems severe and interferes with your everyday life. It is usually better to get help early rather than waiting until the problem has gone on for a long time. This reduces the chance of more serious problems developing.
  • Depression is also more of a problem if you have had more than one period of depression over the years. In these situations, it can be very helpful to speak with someone about treatments for depression.
  • If you have repeated periods of depression over the years, treatment may reduce problems with depression in the future.

Think Of Food As Medicine

Even though everyone is biochemically unique, there are universal choices that are healing for anyone suffering from depression. What you eat can transform you, just as how you eat also nourishes you.

So take time to consciously appreciate the healing nutrition of the food and the powerful actions you are taking in making yourself well.

Here are some foods and vitamins known to help relieve depression:

Food as therapy also includes avoiding what doesnt benefit you. Excess caffeine can be detrimental, as it amplifies anxiety, which often accompanies depression.

Sugar is responsible for the instability of blood sugar, resulting in mood swings again, not a favorable condition in tandem with depression. Alcohol can have a temporary positive impact but is actually a depressant.

If you dont avoid these foods entirely, do monitor how you use them and observe your response to them.

The Difference Between Clinical And Intermittent Depression

Before we proceed any further, it’s essential to make a distinction between diagnosed clinical depression and intermittent depression or despondent feelings. It’s natural to feel down sometimes. It’s rare for a person to always be happy every moment of his days.

However, there’s a distinct difference between feeling sad for a day or two and being diagnosed with clinical depression. Clinical depression is characterized by feeling unable to engage with your life or function as a part of society. Those with clinical depression often find themselves unable to leave the house. They’re reluctant to talk to anyone, even those closest to them. Their careers and relationships suffer. In extreme cases, they might also lose or gain weight, resort to drug use, or harm themselves physically.

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Develop Strategies To Deal With Emotional Pain On Your Own

If you are severely depressed, it is likely that you are going through intense emotional pain right now.

One way to start overcoming depression on your own and without medication is to learn how to deal with the pain when it comes, because it will come.

It is pointless, and even harmful to try to avoid the pain. That is usually how you fall into destructive behaviors. Instead learn how to deal with the pain.

What To Eat To Treat Depression Without Medication

How To Treat Depression Naturally Without Drugs

How diet can leave you feeling better or worse

Eating green vegetables, fruits, and nuts can help the body to fight depression. In fact,one study has pointed out that individuals who consume lower quantities of fruits and greens are more likely to suffer from depression.

Otherfoods like walnuts that are rich in omega-3-fatty acids can improve brain function and reduce depression. Multiple studies also seem to confirm that a Mediterranean diet all about the whole grains, fish, vegetables, fruit, berries, nuts, seeds and, of course, the unrivaled cold pressed olive oil, is effective for depression treatment.

Nutritionally speaking, the best ways to start treating depressive symptoms is to make sure youre getting enough:

  • Vegetables
  • Nuts
  • Seeds

The reason these nutrition-rich foods help you feel better is because a well-nourished body is better equipped to handle stress, physical illness and difficult life events

World-leading expert on diet and mental health, Professor Felice N Jacka at the Department of Psychiatry at Deakin University, has studied the positive effects of the traditional Mediterranean diet on depression.

In the 2017 SMILES trial Professor Jacka and her colleagues found found that 30% of depressed participants recovered after switching from the western diet pattern to this .

Now, lets move on to our next medication-free depression treatment.

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Get A Good Night’s Sleep

There is a strong correlation between insomnia and depression. A recent study has found that you can help overcome depression by improving the quality and quantity of sleep. Many specific techniques can promote this.

If you’re already exercising and avoiding stimulants in your diet, improve your sleep habits and reserve your bedroom for sleep. Establish routine sleep hours, get out of bed when you wake up, avoid eating, using your electronics, or watching TV in bed, and avoid daytime napping.

Feel Grateful Every Day

As you try these alternatives, leave a little room to entertain joy and gratitude, even if you cant feel them yet. As you begin to see your way through the dark clouds, it will become easier to recognize how deeply grateful you are.

Start now by naming three simple things each day. Know there are people who care and want to help you recover.

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Supplements To Treat Depression Without Medication

Can taking supplements really improve your mental health?

Im not a fan of taking supplements with the expectation that theyll transform your well-being.

Nutritional supplements, such as the B vitamins, magnesium and fish oil, are often recommended to improve mental health.

However, to get the benefit of one, you need another for the first one to be absorbed. And for your body to be able to use the latter, it needs yet another substance, and so on.

In addition, the average supplement you find on the shelves often contains chemical lookalikes with a good chance your body doesnt even recognise it if it can absorb it at all.

So, its no surprise that eating the right foods is the safest, most effective supplementation.

Chinnagounder Thiruvenkatam Tips Clear

Managing depression without medication

Anxiety and depression, of course, are often mistaken for a sign of having a mental disorder, but in most cases, these conditions are actually caused by problems in the brain itself. If you want to help someone suffering from anxiety and depression and other mental health problems, you need to treat the underlying issue that is causing the problems so that you can get back to living a healthy, productive life. If you do not take care of the underlying problem, you could worsen the problem and leave it untreated.

Anxiety and depression may be difficult to live with and dealing with these conditions can make a person miserable, but there are ways to manage the symptoms without having to rely on prescription drugs.

Learning about the different ways to deal with anxiety and depression will help you gain the ability to control your anxiety and depression and regain control of your life. If you are looking for information about anxiety and depression, you can find many websites online that will help you find a cure for anxiety and depression.

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Home Remedies To Fight Depression

No matter how rubbish you feel, think again when youre just about to eat another ice cream, cake, sweet, doughnut, bagel, bag of crisps, chip, lump of bread, etc.

These provide only empty calories they fill you up and give a temporary sense of comfort but crucially, they dont provide the nutrients you need to help you recover.

And sugar causes chronic inflammation, which disrupts your bodys normal immune function and can wreak havoc on your brain .

So, instead of junk, think fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, olives, and fermented foods .

These are the best home remedies to deal with depression without medication, even if they dont provide immediate relief.

Don’t Try And Change Or Anticipate Your Feelings

Each of us is hardwired to have emotions. They’re spontaneous and automatic responses to your external experiences or internal environment. When you have depression and anxiety, some of these emotions really stand out sadness, fear, etc.

But your experiences change constantly, and you will have other emotions in addition to the predominant ones. Look for those other emotional experiences, even if brief.

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Add Greenery To Your Home Or Office

You may also find it helpful to add indoor plants to your home or office environment. Natural settings are associated with improved mental well-being, so it makes sense that “bringing the outdoors in” might help improve your mood.

Studies have shown that adding indoor plants to your home or office can help in a variety of ways, including:

  • Improving the workplace: Research has shown that office spaces enhanced with indoor plants improve worker concentration and workplace satisfaction.
  • Reducing stress levels: Another study found that actively interacting with indoor plans by caring for them can reduce both physiological and psychological stress.
  • : Research has found that students who spent most of their time at home during the COVID-19 pandemic had better mental health if they were exposed to more green plants. While about a third of the participants reported symptoms of moderate depression, those exposed to more greenery had lower levels of depression and anxiety.

Choosing certain plants may provide additional benefits. For example, research suggests that the scent of a lavender plant can help people feel calmer and more relaxed. No matter what type of plants you choose, greenery can be a great way to beautify your surroundings and potentially improve your mood.

Reco Intensive Can Put You On The Path To Sobriety And Happiness

How To Treat Depression Naturally Without Drugs

How you think, feel, act, and eat can all have strong impacts on your mood, but so can choosing to get help if you have been struggling with substance use. Depression and anxiety do not have to take over your life. If drugs and alcohol have been the answer and have led you to addiction, our Florida rehab can help address your struggles, including your mental health.

If youre looking for advice, diagnosis, or more information on drug addiction help and professional guidance on dealing with co-occurring mental issues, read more about the RECO Intensives comprehensive treatment program online or call 844-955-3042. With the help of our unique individualized approach, professional staff, and lively community of alumi, youll have everything you need to help you get back to a brighter future.

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Or Spend Time With Loved Ones

Depression can tempt you to isolate yourself and withdraw from people you love and trust, but face-to-face time can help wash away those tendencies.

If youre unable to spend time together in person, phone calls or video chats can also be helpful.

Try to remind yourself these people care about you. Resist the temptation to feel like youre a burden. You need the interaction and they likely do, too.

Research has shown that keeping a journal can be a beneficial add-on method for managing mental health conditions.

Writing down your thoughts can help you express what youre feeling more clearly. It can also help you keep track of what symptoms youre having each day and identify what causes them.

You can make a goal to write for a few minutes each day or week. Most importantly, what you want to write about is completely up to you.

When you do the same thing day after day, you use the same parts of your brain.

Research shows doing new things can feel rewarding improve your overall well-being and strengthen your social relationships.

To reap these benefits, consider trying a new sport, taking a creative class, or learning a new cooking technique.

Natural Ways To Deal With Depression Without Meds

  • Meeting your essential emotional needs in balance, as I mentioned earlier its the best way to treat depression without medication.
  • Exercise see how and the results of a study further down.
  • Light therapy we have become rather shy of the sun with all the warnings about cancer. BUT the sun is life-giving.
  • Self-development getting to know and accept yourself without judgement and taking actions known to increase happiness.
  • build your self-esteem see my article: How to improve your self-esteem.
  • Emotional Freedom Technique one of the best natural ways to deal with depression without meds. See this clinical study.
  • Hypnosis for depression its powerful, affordable and very user-friendly. See my article: .
  • Undertaking new and different activities to break the cycle.
  • Dance any type of dance
  • Music therapy watch the inspiring talk by violinist Robert Gupta from the LA Philharmonic. Robert has a special interest in music and mental health. Enjoy this wonderful treat.
  • Drumming , in particular, is very effective.
  • Oh, and I forgot HEALTHY eating feeding your mind and body! See my Pinterest board: Easy Healthy Desserts & Sweet Treats and further down.

    Ive also developed a free printable worksheet for you to help you take the best care of yourself

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    Dig Out The Underlying Cause

    Even though were talking about beating depression without medication, I urge you to try and figure out if there could be any underlying cause for your depression.

    Without knowing whats wrong, youre unlikely to find the right way to beat your depression without meds.

    So, whats going on for you?

    What has happened in the past, and whats happening to you now?

  • Are you bored with life?
  • Anything else?
  • If you can identify the root cause of your worries and troubles, you can start taking practical steps to address them. That is the most direct and effective way to beat depression without medication!

    Cant seem to put your finger on whats making you feel depressed? Think most of your life is fine?

    In that case, too, I recommend you talk to a therapist or even a trusted friend. An outside perspective can really help you to figure out whats going on for you right now.

    Cant seem to put your finger on whats making you feel depressed? Think most of your life is fine?

    In that case, too, I can really recommend you talk to a therapist or even a trusted friend. An outside perspective can really help you to figure out whats going on for you right now.

    Your next step is making sure you witness youre making progress in beating your depression without medication.

    Heres how to do that

    Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors

    How to Cope With Depression Without Medication

    If a GP thinks you’d benefit from taking an antidepressant, you’ll usually be prescribed a modern type called a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor .

    Examples of commonly used SSRI antidepressants are paroxetine , fluoxetine and citalopram .

    They help increase the level of a natural chemical in your brain called serotonin, which is thought to be a “good mood” chemical.

    SSRIs work just as well as older antidepressants and have fewer side effects, although they can cause nausea, headaches, a dry mouth and problems having sex. But these side effects usually improve over time.

    Some SSRIs are not suitable for children and young people under 18 years of age. Research shows that the risk of self-harm and suicidal behaviour may increase if they’re taken by under-18s.

    Fluoxetine is the only SSRI that can be prescribed for under-18s and, even then, only when a specialist has given the go-ahead.

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    Get Details About How To Deal With Depression Without Medication

    How To Deal With Depression Without Medication Well, youve decided to improve your life and treat your depression. Good for you! However, there is so much information that you may not have a clue where to begin. Dont worry. Tips on treating depression are here! Listed below are some tips that will help you get started to become a mentally healthy individual.

    It is wise for those who suffer from depression to find a hobby. By getting involved in a sport or other activity, you will help keep your mind off of your negative feelings. Try to get a friend or family member to join you in this activity.

    How To Deal With Depression Without Medication Go back to activities you used to enjoy, even if you dont feel like it. Going through the motions of a fun activity, such as painting or playing a sport, can help you feel more energetic. You might find that you are genuinely enjoying the activity after all, once you get started.

    For those suffering from depression, try to practice relaxation techniques. If you use these techniques every day, you may find your depression symptoms reduced, and in general, you will feel more relaxed. You could practice yoga, meditation, deep breathing, or progressive muscle relaxation. Have a friend do these things with you.

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    Standard Depression Plans And Treatments

    Well, standard treatment plans for depression depend on the severity and pattern of depression cycles. The first step in getting standard treatment is usually a mental examination by a doctor to assess the severity and the subtype of your depression. Basic investigations like blood sugar tests, lipid levels, and hemograms will also be conducted. Once all this information is medically reviewed, a comprehensive treatment plan is formed.

    Very often, psychological treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy, behavioral activation, and interpersonal psychotherapy will be a primary part of the treatment plan. In many cases antidepressant medications are also prescribed. These medications are designed to treat depression by changing the flow of brain chemicals. Some of the common meds include

    • Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors
    • Serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors
    • Atypical antidepressants
    • Tricyclic antidepressants

    Although antidepressants can be effective, these medications can also have adverse side effects. While symptoms such as nausea, weight gain, or sleep problems are common in the early stages, for many people these resolve within a few weeks. However, in some cases, antidepressants cause long-term side effects.

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