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I M Really Depressed And I Don T Know Why

Do Something You Enjoy

The 6 Signs of High Functioning Depression | Kati Morton

Your favorite hobbies may seem less enjoyable when you feel sad or down, but giving them a try anyway can sometimes offer mood-boosting benefits.

If youre struggling to muster up any energy, try low-key activities instead of ones that you feel exhausted just thinking about.

A few possibilities:

  • cuddling your pet

Antenatal And Postnatal Depression

Women are at an increased risk of depression during pregnancy and in the year following childbirth . This time frame may also be referred to as the perinatal period.

The causes of depression at this time can be complex and are often the result of a combination of factors. In the days immediately following birth, many women experience the baby blues, which is a common condition related to hormonal changes, affecting up to 80 per cent of women who have given birth.

The baby blues, or the general stress of adjusting to pregnancy or a new baby, are common experiences, but are different from depression.

Depression is longer lasting and can affect not only the mother, but her relationship with her baby, the childs development, the mothers relationship with her partner and with other members of the family.

Up to one in 10 women will experience depression during pregnancy. This increases to 16 per cent in the first three months after having a baby.

How Do You Do Things You Don’t Want To Do

Everyone finds it difficult to step out of his or her comfort zone, and you may find yourself saying, “I do not want to do anything” often. At times like that, you sometimes have to permit yourself to step out of your comfort zone. However, some people are more used to it because of the necessity, even young adults. Besides, adult mental health is also very crucial. Hence, if you find yourself struggling to do things that are important to your behavioral health, you may need some medically reviewed support.

There is a probability that what you feel is closely linked to depression due to traumatic stress, which is a mental illness or substance abuse that requires mental health treatment. Mental health and substance abuse conditions may cause very depressed feelings. Substance abuse and mental health conditions are unsafe. Abuse problems or drug addiction can make you lose interest in lots of things. Abuse and mental health problems are critical, and it’s important to pay attention to therapy. However, you may find it easy to stay up on social media. If you’re feeling depressed about any situation, please ensure that you take a step to mental health treatment. You may choose to see a therapist to help feel better, especially if it is diagnosed with mental illness or substance abuse. You can take some basic steps to see the result in your behavioral health wellbeing.

Start by processing your reason for completing that task or doing what you do not feel like doing.

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Mild And Moderate Depression

These are the most common types. More than simply feeling blue, the symptoms of mild depression can interfere with your daily life, robbing you of joy and motivation. Those symptoms become amplified in moderate depression and can lead to a decline in confidence and self-esteem.

Recurrent, mild depression

Dysthymia is a type of chronic low-grade depression. More days than not, you feel mildly or moderately depressed, although you may have brief periods of normal mood.

  • The symptoms of dysthymia are not as strong as the symptoms of major depression, but they last a long time .
  • Some people also experience major depressive episodes on top of dysthymia, a condition known as double depression.
  • If you suffer from dysthymia, you may feel like youve always been depressed. Or you may think that your continuous low mood is just the way you are.

Seek Support For Symptoms Of Depression

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Depression is often not recognised and can go on for months or even years if left untreated. Its important to seek support as early as possible, as the sooner a person gets treatment, the sooner they can recover.

Untreated depression can have many negative effects on a persons life, including serious relationship and family problems, difficulty finding and holding down a job, and drug and alcohol problems.

There is no one proven way that people recover from depression. However, there is a range of effective treatments and health professionals who can help people on the road to recovery.

There are also many things that people with depression can do for themselves to help them recover and stay well. The important thing is to find the right treatment and the right health professional for a persons needs.

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How Do You Motivate Yourself To Do Something You Don’t Want To Do

Self-will is strong, and sometimes it may be weak when you don’t feel like doing something. For this reason, you may have found it difficult to motivate yourself to do certain crucial things. In some cases, your lack of self-will may result from substance abuse, which is detrimental to one’s behavioral health. For instance, if you need to go to a close friend’s birthday party, but you don’t want to, that may need some extra motivation. Sometimes, it may be as little as getting house chores done. No matter what it is that you’re having a hard time with, you can motivate yourself. So, when you find yourself saying, “I do not want to do anything,” it’s crucial that you try to think differently.

In most cases, self-motivation is effective when the root cause of your feeling isn’t a medically reviewed mental illness like depression. In simple terms, depression is a mental illness characterized by persistently depressed feelings, mood, or loss of interest. Depression may also be due to traumatic stress or substance abuse that affects one’s behavioral health. You may need to consult a therapist first to diagnose any mental illness and provide mental health treatment. A good idea of helpful tools for self-motivation is reading a book. It doesn’t have to be one with long stories you may go through a short one.

What Are The Symptoms Of Depression And How Is It Diagnosed

The NHS recommends that you should see your GP if you experience symptoms of depression for most of the day, every day, for more than 2 weeks.

Doctors make decisions about diagnosis based on manuals. The manual used by NHS doctors is the International Classification of Diseases .

When you see a doctor they will look for the symptoms that are set out in the ICD-10 guidance. You do not have to have all of these to be diagnosed with depression. You might have just experience some of them.

Some symptoms of depression are:

  • low mood, feeling sad, irritable or angry,
  • having less energy to do certain things,
  • losing interest or enjoyment in activities you used to enjoy,
  • reduced concentration,

You may also find that with low mood you:

  • feel less pleasure from things,
  • feel more agitated,
  • find your thoughts and movements slow down, and
  • have thoughts of self-harm or suicide.

Your doctor should also ask about any possible causes of depression. For example, they may want to find out if youve experienced anything traumatic recently which could be making you feel this way.

There are no physical tests for depression. But the doctors may do some tests to check if you have any physical problems. For example, an underactive thyroid can cause depression.

On the NHS website, they have a self-assessment test which can help you to assess whether you are living with depression:

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They Have Become A Workaholic

You might not think of overworking as a symptom of depression, but some people use work to cover up their emotions. They see work as an excuse to escape how they feel, a distraction for the torment that their mind causes them. If you notice someone staying late at work most nights of the week, they might actually be silently depressed and not just a workaholic. Final thoughts

Depression seems like a monster in the minds of those who suffer from it, which makes it critical for them to get the help they need. If you notice someone showing any of the abovementioned signs, dont hesitate to offer them a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen. If we all look out for one another, we might just put the stigma surrounding depression to rest and make people feel more comfortable and willing to get the treatment they need. From the Power of Positivity.

The Risk Of Isolation

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It can sometimes be hard to explain your thoughts and feelings to others. You might find it difficult to talk about your depression and instead you might cut yourself off from other people. The more overwhelming your symptoms, the more isolated and lonely you might become.

Without treatment and support, depression can have an impact on your relationships, work, finances and overall health, so it’s important to get help as early as possible. See our pages on treatment and support for more information.

“It feels like I’m stuck under a huge grey-black cloud. It’s dark and isolating, smothering me at every opportunity.”

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Withdrawal From Activities Work Or School

Withdrawal from activities is one of the key signs of depression this occurs because the disorder takes up all of the persons time and energy. Depression makes it very difficult to carry on with daily life, aside from what is absolutely necessary, because the pain becomes too great. Those who suffer silently might start dropping one or two activities from their schedule in hopes that no one will notice. Many who suffer dont want to admit they have a problem and dont want others to know about it.

If you notice that a loved one is starting to miss out on life, then this is a sign of silent depression.

If You Are Having Mild To Moderate Depression That Lasts More Than A Few Weeks Its A Good Idea To Seek More Formal Help From A Professional Even If Its Been A Short Time More Serious Depression Is Dangerous And You Shouldnt Go It Alone Signs Of More Serious Depression Include:

  • CHANGE IN APPETITE: More common is a loss of appetite, but not always. This is related to a lack of concern or care for oneself.

  • LOSS OF INTEREST IN FAVORITE ACTIVITIES OR HOBBIES Rather than engaging in things that typically make us feel better, when we are severely depressed, we tend to avoid those things.

  • TROUBLE SLEEPING People who are severely depressed may feel tired all the time, but are also often unable to sleep well at night.

  • IRRITABILITY Feeling impatient and easily angered is difficult to tolerate. It can also lead to conflict in relationships, which can in turn worsen feelings of depression.

  • THOUGHTS OF SUICIDE This can be very specific, but it can also be a more general preoccupation with death and dying. Sometimes this is acted out through increased impulsivity and risk taking behavior.

  • CHANGE IN ENERGY LEVEL Depression often includes a profound feeling of exhaustion and lack of motivation. But it can also include a marked increase in energy level, especially when there is a significant amount of anxiety or when a person has committed to a suicide plan.

If you or a loved one are having thoughts of suicide, it is critical that you access treatment immediately. Go to your nearest emergency room or contact your local community mental health center. You may also contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255. Severe depression is serious, and difficult to manage on our own, but it is also extremely treatable.

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We Dont Have To Feel This Way

Learning I wasnt alone in my depression was the first step in a long process of discovery. The second revelation I had was that I didnt have to feel that way.

I dont have to be stuck. I dont have to feel consumed by despair or indifference.

I can feel better.

Theres nothing stopping me other than the voice in my head telling me that its pointless to try. Once I realize I dont have to feel bad all the time, I can start actively looking down that road of recovery.

What If I Am Not Happy With My Treatment

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If you are not happy with your treatment you can:

  • talk to your doctor to see if they can suggest changes,
  • get an advocate to help you speak your doctor,
  • ask for a second opinion if you feel it would help,
  • contact Patient Advice and Liaison Service and see whether they can help, or
  • make a complaint.

There is more information about these options below.


An advocate is independent from the NHS. They are free to use. They can be useful if you find it difficult to get your views heard.

There are different types of advocates available. Community advocates can support you to get a health professional to listen to your concerns. And help you to get the treatment that you would like. They arent available in all areas.

You can ask an advocate to help you make a complaint. Advocates that do this are called NHS complaints advocates. They are free to use and don t work for the NHS. They re available in all areas.

You can search online to search for a local advocacy service. If you cant find a service you can call our advice service 0808 801 0525 . You can email us too at . We will look for you.

Second opinion

Talk to your doctor about your treatment to see if you can resolve the problem with them first. If you dont agree with their decisions about diagnosis or treatment, you could ask for a second opinion. You are not legally entitled to a second opinion, but your doctor might agree to it if it would help with treatment options.



  • Advocacy by clicking here.

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Signs You Could Be Depressed Without Knowing It

01 – Dec – 2020 Navarro Medical

Did you know you could be suffering from depression without feeling sad? Mental health is a concern anytime, but especially during an isolating pandemic like COVID-19. Be sure to speak with your physician right away if you have any of these warning signs.

  • Are You Overly Anxious?We all have moments of excitement or nervous energy. The key is to pay attention to the duration and frequency as well as related events that may be the source of your anxiety. For example, extra stress at work or in a relationship, even if it is a good kind of stress, can cause anxiety. However, if the anxiety is ongoing and you cannot point to a specific stressor in your life or pattern, it could be a sign of depression.
  • Have People Noticed a Significant Shift in Your Attitude or Mood Lately?When doctors say a shift in mood, they mean something persistent that is not how you typically act or feel and is not tied to any known changes.
  • Did You Recently Lose Interest in Your Favorite Activities?Skipping your workouts or meet-ups with friends on occasion because you dont feel up to it is expected. A sign of depression would be experiencing a reduced interest in the activities you usually love on a regular basis.
  • Have You Been Focusing on Death or Suicide-Related Thoughts?Although death is a part of life, continually thinking about the idea of death or how to bring about the end of your life is a warning sign of depression that should not be ignored.
  • What If I Don’t Know What To Say

    Don’t wait to talk just because you’re not sure what to say. You can keep it simple. You can start just by saying, “Got a minute? I need to talk.” Then say what’s on your mind. For example, “I’ve been feeling down a lot lately. I think I should talk to you about it.” The person you’re talking to might ask you to tell them more. Sometimes, that’s all it takes to get started talking.

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    Overeating And Weight Gain

    Conversely, some people with depression may eat more than usual. For some individuals, food can be a comfort mechanism for negative feelings and a way to deal with boredom or loneliness.

    Depression can make it difficult for people to feel motivated to get outside or exercise. Combined with an increase in food intake, this can cause weight gain.

    Take Deep And Conscious Breaths

    Why Don’t You Enjoy Anything? (anhedonia)

    Deep breathing is a simple and efficient way to reduce your stress levels and regain control in your mind. When you start feeling overwhelmed at work or in any other environment, sit down and take a few deep and conscious breaths. Breath in until you feel your diaphragm expand and then slowly let out your breath. You can focus on breathing by slowly counting to five or ten while you take a breath in and then counting to five or ten while you exhale.

    Make sure you focus on breathing your with diaphragm. You should feel your stomach move rather than your shoulders to take in a deep breath. Try to take in five to ten deep breaths before you return to the task that feels overwhelming. You will find that the slight interruption and focus on breathing actually gives you the chance to step away from the project or task for a moment and regain a feeling of balance. You can then focus on the task without feeling overwhelmed.

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    Outline A Survival Routine For Depression

    The word routine is interesting. It denotes what we do because thats just what we do. This is an incredibly helpful thing when you have depression because youre not relying on your emotions or motivation to get things done. You do the thing because its what you do. Even if its just going through the motions, youre still getting it done, and that is something that will help you keep your life from completely spinning out into chaos.

    So, Ill eat one meal a day, even if its just a sandwich or a piece of fruit, or one time a can of corn because for some reason I wanted a can of corn? I dont know. The brains weird. Either way, the point is that you dont have to feel like doing it to do it. And if you really cant force yourself to get that one meal a day, my go-to is a spoonful of peanut butter. Requires little to no effort, high in protein, fats, and calories. Only one dish to wash too.

    Ask yourself, what do I need to do? Some suggestions: take your meds , eat at least one meal, and brush your teeth. Dont allow yourself to view them as optional. Just do them whenever you can find the energy to do them.

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