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Amino Acids For Anxiety And Depression

Amino Acids Mood Questionnaire

Amino Acids can help Brain Chemistry, Depression and Anxiety Problems

Check off the symptoms below that best describe your struggles with mood. Worry and anxiety can be a result of low GABA and also low serotonin, so you may check off anxiety in both sections. Low GABA tends to result in a more physical anxiety, while low serotonin tends to result in more anxiety in the head, ruminating thoughts etc.


    • Glutamine for low blood sugar

Here is a common question I get:

My husband answered Yes to a lot of these questions from each category some more, and some less. Heres to give you an idea: GABA , Serotonin , Catecholamines , Endorphins , Sugar . Would you say that the best way to supplement would be to start with the highest ranking one, and then work on each area one at a time? Or an integrated approach to address all at the same time would make more sense? I would love to hear your thoughts on it.

I like to deal with one area at a time so you can feel and observe the effects. I have my clients pick the area that is most bothersome and start there, typically working on calming and sleep first before boosting catecholamines which may increase anxiety. That being said, one of my clients felt much calmer once we addressed her low catecholamines . So it really is individualized.

Using targeted individual amino acid supplements is the most effective approach I use with my anxious clients. I love that the effects are so quick and that they feel hope from the first session.

Amino Acid Therapy For Depression: Can Amino Acids Help Beat This Scourge Of Modern Life

Everyone can feel depressed at times. Bad weather, bad news, or just the blahs can make you feel down and diminish your desire to engage in fun and productive activitiesor do just about anything at all. But when these feelings persist and are accompanied by loss of appetite, weight loss, social isolation, or suicidal thoughts, its very likely animbalance in brain chemistry is part of the problem. Yet while there are many pharmaceuticals on the market designed to treat depression, many studies have found theyre not effective in a significant number of people. So in this article, were going to discuss how amino acid therapy for depression can help bring the brain back into balance and offer many depressed patients the chance for relief.

Class : Introduction To The Amino Acids And Low Blood Sugar

  • Overview of the 6 weeks
  • Review amino acid guidelines: when to take them what to do if you have a bad reaction to one of them how much to start with if you are very sensitive to supplements
  • Review of the amino acid precautions for glutamine and when you should not take this amino acid
  • Review the Low Blood Sugar section of the Amino acid questionnaire – is low blood sugar an issue for you? For example: Are you irritable and anxious and shaky between meals ?
  • How to figure out if glutamine is for you? I’ll walk you through the questions I ask my one-on-one clients
  • Overview of glutamine and how take and when to take it, plus how to do a trial
  • Review of the food changes that are key for blood sugar control
  • Review of other nutrients that are helpful for blood sugar control
  • Discuss the importance of a food mood log and guidelines for doing this for the rest of the program
  • Hear the questions participants from the live program asked and learn from the answers – youll find many of these great questions and my answers very applicable

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Why Amino Acids Are So Important To You

Your body cannot store amino acids in the same way that fat and starch are stored. The body is constantly using amino acids to build, replace, and maintain your vital functions, so it is important that you obtain them from your diet or supplementation.If you are deficient in one or several amino acids, you may have adverse health effects and symptoms of disease can appear.

For example if you are deficient in tryptophan you are unable to make serotonin. Serotonin helps maintain a state of well-being, happiness, sleep and has numerous benefits to the mechanics of your digestive tract. Even just one amino acid has numerous effects to maintain optimal health.

How You Can Use Amino Acids To Improve Your Mental Health

Pin on Amino Acids

Providing our brains with a steady supply of the nutrients it needs to maintain balanced levels of neurotransmitters can help to prevent as well as to treat a number of mental health disorders.

Theres no longer any doubt that nutrition and mental health are intimately linked: our diets can have a strong influence on our brain chemistry. In some cases, eating a wealth of protein-rich, amino-acid rich foods will be the only step you need to take to use amino acids to improve your mental health. In other cases, it can be helpful to take a high-quality essential amino acid supplement to fill in any gaps left by our diets.

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What Are The Possible Side Effects Of Taking Amino Acids

Some side effects can result by taking amino acids, such as the loss of coordination and fatigue.

Fatigue is an undesirable condition for many people, especially for working professionals. Thus, these people need to have maximum awareness about the fatigue factor before the consumption of amino acids.

It is important for the people to consume amino acids cautiously, whether it is before or during the activities where the performance is very much dependent on the coordination such as driving.

Driving requires high concentration, and people involved in this activity should remain careful before consuming the amino acid supplement. It is indeed one of the severe side effects.

Some other serious problems that amino acids can cause are stomach issues, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, and even stomach bloating. The intensity of these side effects may not be high, but it does require significant attention.

Lastly, amino acids can also cause severe headaches, skin whitening, and high blood pressure. All the side effects discussed are serious, and people must know about them and consult their doctors before they consume amino acid supplements.

Tip: Having a massage can help you to relieve depression and anxiety. Human Touch Foot and Calf Massager, OSITO Foot Massager, Thumper Massager and a few of Best Massagers to consider for home use.


Testing 2 Gut Bacteria

To test their theory, the researchers transplanted fecal samples from participants in the study into mice. The mice that received microbiota from more depressed participants with high proline levels showed behaviors associated with depression.

To further test the effect of proline, the researchers isolated the gut bacteria they thought might be making the difference.

They found higher levels of Bifidobacterium in participants with fewer depressive symptoms along with some strains of Lactobacillus. Another gut bacterium, Enterobacter , was associated with more severe depression.

They gave food containing Lactobacillus or Enterobacter to fruit flies . The flies given the Lactobacillus were much more motivated to eat and climb than those given the Enterobacter.

In their final experiment, the researchers genetically modified the flies so that proline could not be transported to the brain these flies proved highly resilient to depression.

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Support Addiction Recovery With Amino Acids

  • Support Addiction Recovery With Amino
  • Food should do more than just taste good. Choosing a diet rich in amino acids gives your body the nourishment it needs to repair damage caused by drug or alcohol abuse. Think of proper nutrition as a key part of your recovery toolbox: working in tandem with counseling and other treatments to help you begin a life free from the burden of substance use.

    Amino Acids And Addiction Recovery

    Amino Acid Therapy for Stress, Anxiety & Depression

    Between 40 to 60% of people who are treated for an addiction or alcoholism relapse within a year. By choosing the right addiction therapy, you could reduce your chances of a relapse.

    What is the connection between amino acids and addiction therapy? How can it benefit you during your road to recovery?

    In this guide, well cover the basics about the relationship between amino acids and addiction recovery so that you can make an informed decision before seeking addiction treatment. You might find the integration of amino acids in your addiction treatment is exactly what youve been searching for.

    Read on to learn more!

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    Amino Acid Therapy For Depression

    As stated earlier, antidepressants arent effective in a large percentage of people. The reason for this is most likely multifactorial, as ingredients as diverse as genetics, hormones, brain structure, oxidative stress, and inflammation have also been implicated in the development of depression.

    However, evidence suggests that natural methods of treating depression can often work where prescription antidepressants have failed, and some of the most effective natural treatments for depression involve the use of amino acid supplements.

    Amino acids that have been identified as being effective for depression include:

    As previously discussed, L-tryptophan and 5-HTP promote the synthesis of serotonin. However, L-tyrosine and phenylalanine stimulate the synthesis of norepinephrine and dopamine, while GABA is the major inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain and has been implicated in both anxiety and major depression.

    In addition, L-theanine is a precursor of GABA and helps balance the effects of glutamatean excitatory neurotransmitter that plays a part in a number of central nervous system disorders, including depression.

    There are several books available on amino acid therapy for depression. In The Mood Cure, for example, author Julia Ross describes how certain amino acids can boost deficient brain chemicals.

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    Nutrition And Mental Health: What Nutrients Do You Need

    Ever wondered about a link between nutrition and mental health? Wonder no more, thanks to nutritional neuroscience an emerging discipline opening doors and shedding light on how nutrition relates to human cognition, behavior and emotions.

    This may sound complex, but hear us out.

    Changes in brain signal transmission at the level of chemical synapse are essential in the development of mental disorders. When there is an imbalance at any point in this process, our emotions, moods, thoughts and behaviors can be affected.

    Our mental health is affected when factors interact, causing a malfunction of certain brain chemicals and neurotransmitters. In fact, this is what leads some people to develop mental illness. Specifically, deficiencies in neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine, noradrenaline and gamma amino butyric acid are often associated with depression.

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    A Note On Supplements

    Before trying any new supplements for depression, its important to ask a trusted healthcare professional about potential medication interactions or safety concerns.

    While supplements may be helpful in managing depression, they are not a cure for the condition. Therefore, when selecting supplements, be wary of products that claim to treat or cure depression.

    There are a ton of dietary supplements on the market, but not all of them are safe and effective.

    For this article, we chose supplements based on the following criteria:

    • Evidence-based: The supplements on this list have research supporting their use in depression.
    • Testing: We chose brands whose products are tested regularly throughout the manufacturing process, ideally by a third-party organization.
    • Ingredients: We selected products from brands that prioritize the use of high quality ingredients and easily absorbed forms of vitamins and minerals. The brands below also avoid or limit the use of artificial flavors, fillers, and preservatives.
    • Price: While the supplements included vary in price, they provide a good value.
    • Vetting: All brands and products listed below have been vetted and approved by our team of experts, who evaluate companies based on medical credibility and business practices.

    Class : Stiff And Tense Anxious Panic Attacks Crave To Relax And Low Gaba

    Cerveau Supplement for Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Mood Booster ...
    • Review of the amino acid precautions for GABA and when you should not take this amino acid
    • Review the Low GABA section of the Amino acid questionnaire – is this an issue for you? For example: Are stiff and tense, experience physical anxiety, have panic attacks, drink wine or eat sugar when you’re stressed?
    • Overview of GABA and how take and when to take them, plus guidelines on dosages
    • What are my go-to brands of GABA and which ones do not work as well
    • How to figure out if GABA is for you? I’ll walk you through the questions I ask my one-on-one clients, plus how to do a trial
    • Review of the other changes that are key for low GABA – we’ll have the wine/alcohol/cigarette discussion here!
    • Special section on benzodiazepines and precautions if you are taking one of these meds
    • Review of a type of social anxiety called pyroluria and what nutrients help, plus how to test your zinc status
    • Continue to discuss the importance of a food mood log
    • Hear the questions participants from the live program asked and learn from the answers – youll find many of these great questions and my answers very applicable

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    Can Amino Acids Improve Mental Health

    Many of the neurotransmitters inside us are made of various amino acids. Our protein intake affects the production and activity of neurotransmitters, which act like a messenger system in our body.

    These neurochemical reactions have a direct impact on our brain functioning and mental health. The right balance of these neurotransmitters is fundamental for good mental health.

    Sometimes, genetic or environmental causes disturb this balance making one more susceptible to mental illnesses. Incorporating the right amino acids in our diet can restore this balance and reduce the intensity of the illness.

    Amino Acid Therapy Research

    Amino acids are nutrients used at optimal levels to achieve biochemical changes in the nervous system. These amino acids are used in the treatment of substance abuse, trauma, compulsive and impulsive disorders. In specific combinations, these nutrients have been found to be effective in the treatment of all disorders, anxiety, depression and cravings. They work by increasing the levels of chemicals necessary to make specific neurotransmitters, such as dopamine, that provide the body with a sense of peace and well-being. The same neurotransmitters are also deficient in food disorders, ADHD, Autism and other compulsive and behavioral disorders. Research suggests that with a specific combination of amino acids and a balanced nutritional lifestyle, an optimal state of well-being can be achieved specific to addiction treatment.

    An important part of what makes our overall success rates so much higher than other programs is the combination of amino acid therapy used along with our other medical, holistic and family therapy approaches. We are very proud to be a leader in using, testing and developing new and innovative therapies to treat clients addictions.

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    Amino Acid Therapy For Depression Anxiety Adhd Addiction And More printable articleOriginally published November 2 2011Amino acid therapy for depression, anxiety, ADHD, addiction and moreby Mike Bundrant

    Ive recently learned a lot about amino acid therapy from the medical director of Ranch Creek Recovery, a holistic drug and alcohol recovery facility located near San Diego, CA. Ranch Creek Recovery offers long-term residential treatment for severe addictions and amino acid therapy plays an important role in their success with patients.

    Michael Orian, N.D., heads up the medical team at RCC. Its refreshing to see an N.D. in charge of treatment, when typical drug rehabs only offer conventional approaches to treatment. Moreover, amino acid therapy may very well represent a breakthrough in the treatment for neurotransmitter imbalance. In a recent interview with him, he revealed the following.

    Neurotransmitter imbalances have been linked to several diseases including Parkinsons, depression, insomnia, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, anxiety, memory loss, weight gain, and addictive disorders. These neurotransmitters are formed in our bodies from amino acid precursors. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. Without the proper levels of these amino acids, we cannot survive, as proteins are responsible for the structure of our cells in addition to their function.

    Mike Bundrant is co-founder of the iNLP Center and host of Mental Health Exposed, a Natural News Radio program.

    Substance Use Disorders And Drug Addiction

    Amino Acid Therapy for Mental Health Addictions

    A substance use disorder is a mental disorder that affects an individuals brain and behavior. This results in their inability to control their use of certain substances such as alcohol, marijuana, or medications.

    Individuals with substance use disorders struggle with dopaminergic function. Drug use alters many functions of the body including brain chemistry. A core part of addictive behaviors is reinforced by the release of dopamine in the brain.

    Substance use disorders usually result in addiction through improper methods of coping. Dopamine release is the main factor reinforcing the addiction behavior as it is labeled as the pleasure molecule.

    The forced release of dopamine leads to a dopamine-deficient body making regular everyday tasks appear less satisfactory or rewarding than substance use.

    Individuals may find trouble going about their days without the help of drugs. Without the substance, individuals may experience withdrawal leading them back to the substance.

    As drawbacks of substance use disorders vary from drug to drug, amino acid therapy helps the body naturally provide amino acid deficiencies.

    The natural production of brain chemicals makes for healthy brain chemistry and helps individuals lead a satisfying life.

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    The Two Fastest Steps To Address Serotonin Deficiency

    If you identify with three or more of the Serotonin symptoms listed above you might want to consider these steps.

    1) Make sure you are getting enough protein.

    When protein is digested, its broken down into 20 different amino acids to be used in the body. Nine of these amino acids are called essential because they are needed, but cant be made by the body.

    One of the these is L-Tryptophan but its also in many other foods with protein.)

    L-Tryptophan and its derivative, 5HTP , are the only two things on the planet that Serotonin can be made from!

    Since L-Tryptophan is only available from food with protein its essential to be eating enough protein if you are depressed.

    I suggest that people with mental health issues shoot to get between 70-75 gram a day. To keep track use a protein counter like this one.

    Also, it can be helpful to focus on foods high in Tryptophan, because not all foods containing protein have the same amino acid compositions. Heres a list of foods to focus on.

    2) Supplement with L-Tryptophan or 5HTP

    The easiest and fastest way of building up levels of these Serotonin precursors is to take them as nutritional supplements. These are very common supplements that can be purchased at Whole Foods or any health food store.

    In my practice I have found them to be the MOST POWERFUL treatment for depression by far.

    When they are the right supplement, at the right dose, they are like magic!

    Which do you start with?

    How do you know how much to take?

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