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How To Deal With Post Concert Depression

Do You Feel It Experts Say Post


So you just saw your favorite band live in concert, or you just got home from an amazing festival… and you’re feeling a bit down? It’s not just you.

Experts say, “Post-Concert Depression” is a real thing.

It make sense to me, and I’m no expert. You get all hyped to see that band you’ve been waiting so long for. You get prepped. Your adrenaline is flowing and so are the $12 drinks while you sing along to every word and let people get into your personal space like your significant other never does… and then what happens when it’s all over?

Post Christmas Depression: How To Beat The After Holiday Blues

December 21, 2020 By Jonathan Bennett

Christmas and the holidays can be amazing: parties, beautiful lights, music, great food, seeing loved ones, gifts, and the general feeling of generosity and good will. Many people find meaning and happiness around the holiday season.

However, once December 25th turns into December 26th, post-Christmas depression sets in. Youre back to work, everyone is grumpy, the tree goes down, the light displays are turned off, and you wonder how you managed to put on fifteen pounds!

Do You Have Post Concert Depression

Have you ever seen a hot stranger in the street before? Have you ever had a moment with them and by moment, I mean eye contact or a shared a smile? Did you briefly picture what life would be like with them? Suddenly, your dreams get crushed when you both go your separate ways and now all you can think about is the hottie? You feel a little sad and empty inside. This feeling is similar to post concert depression, or PCD.

In July, I attended Bruno Mars 24K Magic World Tour in San Jose. As dramatic as this sounds, I was forming PCD before the concert even started. Bruno Mars is one of todays top singers and performers. He was ranked number one on StubHubs most in demand concerts for fall before that, he was ranked number three in the summer edition of the most in demand concerts. He put on such a great show, my PCD likes to sneak up on me sometimes.

Im not a certified psychologist, but heres how you know you have PCD.

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Go Outside In The Sunlight

The human body needs sunlight in order to produce Vitamin D, to nourish and energize the body, and to ward off depression, seasonal affective disorder , and many other physical ailments. Aim for 1 to 2 hours per day. Exposure to sunlight also helps promote natural body clock and the ability to sleep.

Did It Really Happen


Its so tempting to fall into denial and question whether the whole experience really happened in the first place. Looking back at the concert, everything starts to get blurry and surreal, and you wonder if it was just your mind playing with you or if you just woke up from a very detailed and long dream. We all know its sometimes hard to accept, but it HAPPENED. Its all true, and these memories will forever stay with you!

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Mentioning That You Went To The Concert And Saw Your Favorite Artist/band In Every Conversation

You dont realize youre doing this until someone mentions it to you. After the concert, you end up talking non stop about it and the performer. You always try to incorporate the concert into a conversation. You cant help it. Its part of your PCD. If you have spoken to me between July and now, Id like to apologize for name dropping Bruno Mars into our conversation. Not promising that Im gonna stop doing that though.

Plan Something To Look Forward To After Your Trip

One of the best ways to keep your mood in check is to spend time with people you love or do something else you enjoy. For us, that means planning a dinner date with our neighbors for lyfe who now live 10 minutes away, going to a concert in Dallas, golfing or grabbing drinks with my best friend, Meredith.

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The Most Precious At Life

Hey World,

I want to bring up something that im dealing with so often in the past 3 Years. Im talking about a Post Concer Depression, might some of you know what im talking about, but for thoose who not know heres some information and the feeling i get over and over again

For many people like me a Concert is not just a concert where we go to and have some time together, might dancing around and something, for me a Concert is always something to look forward to , to be happy about just something to keep me alive and dont let me getting insane in this whole World. A Concert is for me something magical that no one could ever gave me, this feeling i get when i wait in the line before the show 2,4 or maybe even 10 hours, yeah for some of you this sounds crazy or something but for me its something i wanna do to might have the chance to meet one of the people who helped and saved my life so many times.

The moment when the Show is over, the Bands leaves the stage, you cant really realise what happend, how can be 2 hours so short, its all surreal and you are just there and dont know what to do, to think or you dont even know wheres the exit, you waited for this moment might weeks or Month sometimes also years for this special moment and then its over.

Thats my Story

If You want you can write me yours x

Why Do I Feel Like This

HOW TO: Dealing with the “Post Show Blues” | Depression after the bodybuilding event? [4K]

Before you can tackle it like a boss, first we have to talk about why it happens, and for that we have to turn to science. Our brains have three chemicals that I have lovingly dubbed our Happy Chemicals. They are serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin. Each chemical is released for a different reason. However, the one we are going to talk about is dopamine. Dopamine is released when we take steps to do things that we need or desire. So when we book the tickets to see our favorite group, our brains reward us with more dopamine. We book our flights or apply for the time off work…more dopamine. Finally, the day we see our favorite stars, our brains give us a constant stream of dopamine, making us feel amazing. But once the concert is over, our bodies run on that dopamine, and that is what leads to the depression. What is really happening is we have a dopamine hangover. Our bodies were so used to receiving all the happy chemicals in such a short of time that no longer being in that moment leaves us feeling what can only be described as bleh.

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Does Depression Change Personality

Psychoanalysts today normally look at depression in bio-psycho-social terms, meaning that they see it as an intricate problem more than likely caused by overlapping organic, psychological, and also social factors. Of course, its regular to have any type of or all of these signs temporarily once in a while. The distinction with depression is that the signs and symptoms persist as well as make it tough to function typically how to deal with opiate withdrawal depression. Attempt to get 7-8 hours of sleep each evening to provide your body time to restore itself. Going to bed and awakening around the same time daily can aid your body better control itself. When we are well relaxed, we have a lot more physical as well as emotional energy to cope with the day ahead. It is very important to note that depression feeds on a scale from mild to severe, but even in light cases it need to be taken seriously.

Research Finds Serotonin Increase After Three Month Depression Treatment Open Access Government

Research finds serotonin increase after three month depression treatment.

Posted: Mon, 10 May 2021 07:00:00 GMT

If you have physical signs and symptoms like these and also find on your own feeling depressed much of the time for days or weeks, see your physician. Its a typical reaction to loss, lifes struggles, or injured self-worth. But when these sensations become frustrating, create physical signs, and last for extended periods of time, they can keep how to deal with depression at home you from leading a regular, active life. They can assess your signs and symptoms and also aid establish a scientific treatment plan tailored to your requirements. This might include conventional alternatives, such as medication as well as treatment, or alternative procedures, such as acupuncture.

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How Quickly Does Cbd Work For Depression

It has very few side effects, and results can be felt in just two weeks.

Some people think that depression is normal in individuals that are elderly, have other health problems, have setbacks or other catastrophes, or have bad life situations. On the contrary, clinical depression is always uncommon and constantly requires interest from a medical or mental health professional. The good news is that depression can be detected and also treated properly in lots of how to deal with post election depression people. The greatest barriers to getting over depression are acknowledgment of the condition and seeking suitable treatment. It is estimated to occur in as much as one-third of patients dealt with for significant depressive problem. However brand-new therapies are supplying them effective and also longer enduring results. One of the most powerful therapies for depression is electroconvulsive treatment.

Experts Weigh In On The Legitimacy Of A Popular Phrase In The Concert Community

How To Recover From Post Concert Depression: Coming Back ...

After a lengthy hiatus, live music events are finally ringing in their grand return.

From the big leagues like Bonnaroo to Gainesvilles very own The Fest, some of the first music festivals to be held in over a year are selling out within weeks of releasing lineups.

Before live shows were put on pause, concert-goers frequently used the expression post-concert depression to describe the melancholy experienced after the thrill of a concert.

Pre-pandemic shows had such an energy, Emma DellaVecchia, a 24-year-old UF alumna and frequent High Dive attendee said. Having to return to the reality of the world while still having the adrenaline of a concert, trying to hold onto those moments, it hurts.

Home to musicians like Tom Petty and Stephen Stills, Gainesville is more than well-known for its music scene. When unforeseen closures of venues and tour date postponements took place in March 2020, the live-music world was left in shambles.

This summer, local venues like High Dive and Heartwood Soundstage began holding socially distanced in-person shows with masks and temperature checks required at the door. Music festivals like Tampas Sunset Music Festival have also returned this season.

DellaVecchia said she is excited for live venues to come back to the community.

Yap, a registered psychometrician at Ateneo de Davao University in Davao, Philippines, used a quantitative and qualitative survey to put PCD to the test.

Contact Brenna at

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Antidepressants As Well As Pregnancy

Regardless of increased recognition of depression, caretaker depression is still flying under the radar. Specialists state prioritizing sleep and making a few other lifestyle changes can aid how to deal with opiate withdrawal depression you really feel warm all season long. Exercise can launch mood-enhancing chemicals as well as improve mind function. Some widely used antidepressants, such as Wellbutrin, do not come under the above classifications.

In a lot of cases, our idea patterns are partially an outcome of our core beliefs. Specialists that use CBT help patients determine their core ideas how to deal with opiate withdrawal depression, resolve the unfavorable thoughts that emerge from them, and readjust their actions appropriately.

How To Handle Post

2018 has been shaping up to be the year of K-Pop concert tours, with a handful of concerts and KCON NY already finished, leaving K-Pop fans feeling the pain in their schedules and in their wallets. It seems like a new concert is announced every week, making it hard to find time to see all of our favorites. After we see our favorite group, it feels as if we are on cloud nine, a high that we ride on for days until we hit the wallthe gloomy feeling that makes you seriously consider turning your car around to drive right back to the venue in the hopes you might see a glimpse of them again. That gloomy feeling is called Post-Concert Depression . The thing about this pesky little phenomenon is that, you are not alone!

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How To Deal With Pcd

Courtney Gould ConcertCourtney GouldMatty HealyThe 1975

Fan-girl confession: although concerts tend to always wind up being the highlight of my year, they also ruin me a little inside. Im sure many of you can relate. The anticipation leading up to the show nearly kills me. Generally, I buy tickets up to 6 months in advance. From that point on, I find myself admiring all of the posters on my wall and impatiently counting down the days. Fast forward to the day of the show and Im an emotional rollercoaster. I dont even think I could try to articulate the feeling of watching your favorite band/artist take the stage. On rare occasions, I might even get some one-on-one eye contact with the artists . It seems that right as I begin having the time of my life, the show reaches its end. As the artists give their final goodbyes, I snap back to reality and realize what just happened. My magical night has came to a close and Im suddenly way too emo to even think about sleeping. This is the bittersweet feeling known as Post-Concert Depression.

Have A Realistic Mindset

dealing with post-concert depression, trying to get twice tickets, bts holiday box

First of all, have a realistic mindset about your vacation. Make sure that you are not looking to this vacation to cure your depression, or even alleviate it temporarily while youre traveling. Theres definitely a chance you will feel better when youre on vacation. Most people, depressed or not, feel better when theyre away from the usual obligations and stressors.

However, if youre counting on this happening and it doesnt, youll be disappointed, and possibly on a vacation thats not a good fit for a person with depression. You need to plan for the mood you might have, not the one that you hope youll have.

Spend a lot of time thinking about your vacation and how you might feel when youre away. Dont think of it in terms of colorful travel brochures or the great time you had on a vacation when you werent depressed. Think about what will be enjoyable and not overly stressful for you.

Do you feel wonderful just lounging in the sun by a pool? Or does another country, with new foods, culture, and history to absorb make you feel more alive?

Dont go with what you think you should want. Dont say to yourself, Well, Ive spent the last few vacations lying on a beach, so I really should go somewhere new. When youre depressed, you need to be true to yourself and to what makes you happy.

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Top 5 Ways To Get Over Post

Have you ever gone to a concert or show, and you are on such a high and then the next day or two, you just feel so sad, like youll never be as happy as you were at that concert? Thats post-concert depression.

Its a real thing. You just saw your idol in the same room as you are playing your favorite songs and you think you might never see them again. Its ok to feel a bit sad afterwards, especially if the show was really good.

With concerts coming back now, post-concert depression is also returning and there are true ways to get over it relatively quickly. Here are 5 ways to do that.

Going Back To Reality

Its the day after the concert. Youre either slightly deaf from the music, hoarse from singing along, or hungover from it. Its time to go back to reality. Youre either going to school or to work and all you can think about is the concert. You look back at your pictures and videos. You cringe at your videos because only you can be heard in the background with your screams and terrible singing. Those pictures and crappy videos are all you have as a memory of a fun night.

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Looking At Concert Tickets

Experts say best cure for PCD is going to another concert. After Bruno Mars, I went to Kings of Leon. It was a good concert, however, I only knew two songs. That concert didnt have the same feeling as the concert before. In October, Im going to see Bad Suns. Again, a band I only know two songs from. November is going to be the month where my PCD will go away only to come back and haunt me. The 24k Magic World Tour is coming to Oakland.

Stay tuned for an update.

Patient Family Members & Visitor Guide

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Individuals with coronary artery condition ought to not take tricyclic antidepressants. Some scientists believe that mindfulness meditation may avoid depression from returning. People treated with CBT had just as good, or much better, results as those treated with tricyclic antidepressants. They also had reduced relapse rates than those taking antidepressants. Household how to deal with opiate withdrawal depression therapy might avoid youngsters or teenagers of clinically depressed parents from ending up being clinically depressed later in life. This may be due to the fact that ladies tell their medical professionals about their signs and symptoms more often than males.

In pain, ideas of death may appear when thinking of or daydreaming regarding signing up with the dead loved one. In major depression, ideas are concentrated on finishing ones life because of really feeling useless or unworthy of living or being not able to manage the pain of depression. In major depression, sensations how to deal with opiate withdrawal depression of unimportance and self-loathing prevail. Acupuncture, the technique of using fine needles on certain factors on the body for healing purposes, is increasingly being examined as a therapy for depression, with some research study studies showing encouraging results.

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