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How To Fill Depressions In Asphalt Driveway

What Is Asphalt Crazing

How To Repair Driveway Depressions

Crazing is when bitumen or asphalt has a shattered appearance. It can be caused by the foundation/base level that expands and contracts, causing the top level of bitumen or asphalt to also move and therefore shatter. Crazing can also be caused by repetitive wear, such as heavy trucks turning their wheels on the asphalt surface.

Repair Your Asphalt Driveway Yourself

Asphalt is a proven, long-lasting and cost effective paving material. Regular maintenance can significantly extend the life of your driveway, but, nothing lasts forever. Eventually the the day will come that your driveway needs repair. If you catch the damage early enough, you may be able to handle those repairs yourself.

So what does asphalt deterioration look like?

Asphalt deterioration can take many forms but on a residential driveway you will most likely first notice cracks, depressions or crumbling. If you catch a problem early enough, there is a good chance that you can make the repairs yourself.

Here we provide advice for repairing common residential driveway issues yourself.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Leaning Fence

A sloped fence repair costs an average of $250 to $600. Sloping fix repairs include reinstalling or replacing posts, suspending or replacing downed fence elements, and stabilizing the ground in motion. The average cost to replace a fence post is between $120 and $400.

Driveway replacementWhen to repair or replace your driveway?Assess the damage to your driveway. Constant movement and weather conditions can put pressure on concrete, no matter how well you take care of it, butRepairing.Resurfacing.Replacing.Bottom line.Should I repair or replace my driveway?Here are some of the key signs to look for when repairing or replacing a road: cracks, potholes, and drainage issues.How much does it cost to re

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How Long Does A Tar And Chip Driveway Last

Chip sealing or asphaltic surface treatment is a solid alternative to many options known in paving. While commonly used on rural roads, it can also be applied to a driveway using layers of asphalt along with layers of aggregates. Often, it can be used in place of expensive repairs or replacements while keeping the structural integrity of the driveway intact. The application of chip and tar provides enhanced skid resistance and moisture protection while preventing deterioration from occurring further than it already has. While it cannot replace a full-on concrete or asphalt driveway, tar and chip can serve a home for several years. The general lifespan for a tar and chip can be at a minimum of 10 years with some lasting as far as 30 years, but it depends on the conditions and traffic that goes over the driveway.

While tar and chip driveways are much less expensive than concrete and pure asphalt driveways, they are better suited to repairing damages in either if a person does not desire to go with the traditional route. Its much lower cost provides itself as a solid choice because it lasts longer than expected on a general basis, but the homeowner should call into question what they want out of their driveway when considering a tar and chip driveway. Call today to schedule pavement services like tar and chip with ATX Asphalt Paving in Austin, TX.

How Long Does Decomposed Granite Last

How To Fill Depressions In An Asphalt Driveway  Upgraded Home

The lifespan of decomposed granite will vary depending on the type of granite used. Loose granite will have to be replaced fairly frequently because it erodes quickly. On the other hand, when stabilizers are mixed in with the decomposed graniteor DG in the tradeit creates a harder surface that erodes much more slowly. Stabilized DG lasts about seven to 10 years. The most durable DG is DG with resin, which, as implied, has resin added to it. In some instances, this type of granite is comparable to asphalt and has a much harder surface than the other types of DG. It tends to last anywhere from 10 to 14 years.

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What Driveway Surface Is Best

The most popular, by far, for driveways in the United States is the asphalt option. Homeowners tend to enjoy the polished appearance an asphalt driveway brings with it and takes frigid as well as sweltering climates. With that said, asphalt needs regular maintenance and needs to be set just shy of every five years. Concrete, however, is tougher and has far more capability in being decorated with colors and patterns. Bricks are very fashionable as a driveway, but this particular example does not stack up to any of the mentioned suggestions nor does it match up with the tar and chip driveway.

While a person can enjoy a more expensive driveway, homeowners in more rural settings may be interested in something that can match the land. The two best options for that are gravel as well as tar and chip. The reason being is that both options will save a person a significant amount of money when it comes to maintenance, installation, and installation if it comes down to it. That is not the case in concrete or asphalt, which can be devastated in such a setting thanks to erosion. The reason that is not the case with the prior two is that they are easily maintained and added to overtime, while a concrete and asphalt is either highly expensive to be applied in such a setting or must need a definite service applied.

How To Fix Alligator Cracking In Asphalt

  • A short term fix is to apply crack filler or sealcoating to stop water and debris from getting into the cracks and making them worse. Next, if at all possible you should restrict traffic in the affected area because vehicles driving over the weakened pavement will damage the asphalt surface further.
  • Permanent repair of an area of alligator cracking in asphalt pavement requires digging below the surface to discover the underlying problems, then strengthening the asphalts base. This requires trained experts who will remove the damaged section of asphalt and replace it with a properly installed sub-base and fresh asphalt surface.

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How Do You Fix A Broken Stamped Pattern On Concrete

Spread the mixture over the crack with a spatula. Put on a glove and press the dough into the crack. Align it to match the outline of the stamped design. Dampen a cloth and smooth it over the edges of the plaster so that it mixes better with the rest of the concrete.

How to get rid of ants in bedroom

How Thick Should A Gravel Driveway Be

How To Repair Driveway Depressions

A gravel driveway should be no less than four inches thick and no more than six inches with a middle layer of angular stones in a two three inch diameter such. The middle layer of angular stones will lock together, creating a stable foundation and driveway grading traction. A gravel driveway is inexpensive compared to other driveway materials. When it has been professionally installed and maintained, you can expect a life span up to ten years.

The process of installing a gravel driveway that has the right level of driveway grading will include the following steps:


  • Staking out the driveway area.
  • Remove grass and topsoil from the staked off area.
  • Level the area and apply a weed preventive product.
  • Calculation:

  • Determine the amount of crushed rock or recycled concrete needed for a base, with six inches as the ideal thickness.
  • Determine the amount of angular stones for the middle layer.
  • Determine the amount for the top layer with a thickness between four to six inches.
  • Compacting:

  • Compact the angular material for the middle
  • Compact the top layer.
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    Maintenance Of Asphalt Driveway

    If you follow this process step by step, you will be able to repair your driveway correctly. But you should be careful because a wrong step might put you in trouble.

    So you should maintain your driveway well from the beginning. Thats how you wont have to go through much trouble repairing it.

    Here are some tips by which you can maintain your driveway.

    • Asphalt driveways usually last for over 15 years, depending on various factors. Extreme weather can affect your driveway so you will need more care in case of too much hot or cold weather.
    • It is always a good habit to repair any crack or hole as soon as you see it.
    • If the weather is too hot, be careful. If you park your car too long in the same spot on a hot summer day, it might create a depression in the surface.
    • Dont park heavy vehicles in your driveway for too long.
    • Be careful while removing snow from the driveway. If you put too much pressure, it will damage the driveway.

    Asphalt driveways add a great look to your house. But it also requires proper maintenance and needs to repair once a while.

    Make a habit of keeping the driveway clean and maintain it regularly.

    Options For Repairing Minor To Severe Damage To Your Asphalt Driveway

    No matter how well you care for your asphalt driveway over the years, since we live in a cold-weather climate, annual freeze-thaw cycles are going to take their toll. Add to that the weight of vehicles driving over the asphalt daily, and your driveway is bound to show signs of wear and aging unless you keep it properly maintained.

    Depending on the extent of the problem, there are different repair options available to breathe new life into your worn or damaged driveway. Your job is to get the information you need to choose the appropriate fix.

    Sealcoating to Fill Small Cracks

    Minor damage that shows up as hairline cracks across the surface of an asphalt driveway is a relatively easy and inexpensive fix. Emulsified asphalt or coal-tar sealants bond with the asphalt underneath. Sealcoating holds the asphalt together and helps protect your driveway by keeping water from seeping below the surface and expanding cracks.

    Besides giving your asphalt driveway a cosmetic facelift, regular maintenance can prevent cracks from spreading. Asphalt seal coating repels water and slows fading and oxidation damage from the sun. The suns rays can dry out the asphalt binders and make the paving brittle and less flexible.

    Patching to Fill Large Cracks and Holes

    Holes and wide cracks that run deep require patching material before applying a sealer. If youre looking to extend the life of your asphalt driveway, consider hiring an asphalt paving contractor.

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    Do Weeds Grow Through Decomposed Granite

    Once youve compacted loose decomposed granite, youll have little worry about weeds growing through it. Although weeds can grow through the material, they have a tough time of it because they typically have to push through about three to four inches of material. When they do push through, you can usually get rid of them pretty easily with a garden hoe or a herbicide.

    How To Patch Potholes In Asphalt


    The most common repairs are:

  • Overlap pothole patch asphalt laid to cover worn edges.

  • Cut Out damaged area is cut out and new asphalt laid within the cut to finish level.

  • Infill pothole repair damaged area is laid with new asphalt to finish level.

  • The type of pothole repair Mr Pothole will complete will depend on the severity of damage and your budget.

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    How Do I Keep My Driveway From Flooding

    You have a beautiful driveway, but every time it rains, your drive floods. This means you dont have good driveway drainage. When your drive is continually inundated by rain, in time your drive can be subject to damage such as cracking of your asphalt or concrete. That damage often leads to expensive repairs. There are solutions, however, to your flooding problem that wont break your bank. Two popular options include either installing a channel drain or a drainage swale.

    • Channel drain: These are narrow drains and work similarly to gutters, directing water away from your drive. The channels can be open or closed, though closed models are best to keep dirt and leaves out the drain.
    • Drainage swale: Swales follow the contours of your drive and divert water from the drive in a similar way as channel drains.

    If your asphalt has been cracked because of flooding and you need asphalt repair in Austin, TX, look to the professionals at ATX Asphalt Paving for expert, effective repairs. Find out how we can repair your drive by calling .

    The Definitive Guide To Fixing A Sinking Driveway

    Are you feeling a little down at the moment? Jokes aside, a common problem for asphalt driveways is sinking spots or potholes. Properly maintained, an asphalt driveway has a lifespan of 25 to 30 years.

    Theres simple annual maintenance you can do to keep your driveway in tiptop condition. A sinking driveway can indicate real trouble or may just need a simple fix. As long as your asphalt is fairly new and in decent condition, you can often DIY a patch and seal , but if your asphalt is old, you want a professional opinion.

    Read on to learn more.

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    Identifying And Repairing Asphalt: Types Of Pavement Damage

    Your asphalt is going to see a lot of use and regular maintenance will help it last longer, make your property safer and worth more. Regularly inspecting your asphalt and identifying and repairing cracks, divots, and rutting can greatly extend your pavement’s useful life. When asphalt driveways, roads, parking lots and trails are properly maintained, they have a useful life between 15 and 20 years. When they are not properly maintained, the surface will start to deteriorate within 3 to 5 years visibly.

    The challenges your asphalt will face will vary on your location, weather, the subbase under your property, and a few other miscellaneous elements. Being able to recognize problems early and getting them fixed right away will save you a lot of time and money. So we’ve compiled a list of types of pavement damage so you can get a basic understand of what to look out for and how to fix it.

    How To Seal Your Asphalt Driveway

    Asphalt Depression Repair (4K) Residential Driveway
  • After youve repaired any cracks, potholes, and depressions you should wait between two to five days to seal your driveway.
  • To prepare your asphalts surface, make sure its clean of any oil, dirt, grease, and any other debris. Use a broom to collect as much oil and debris as possible, then use a cleaner or detergent to remove any remaining grease in the area. Rinse the area with a high-pressure hose and mop up any large puddles.
  • Its okay to begin applying the sealant if your area isnt completely dry.
  • Stir your sealant thoroughly as youll need to make sure that the ingredients are mixed together properly or it wont work correctly.
  • Then apply the sealant to each section of your asphalt and use a roller to spread the sealant around so its evenly spread. Make sure that any areas that are extremely weathered soak in the sealant. This will help prevent them from getting any worse.
  • After youre finished, block off the areas youve sealed so people dont disturb it. You need to let the sealant cure for about 24 hours before any vehicle drives over it.
  • At Murphree Paving, we provide high-quality asphalt paving, asphalt repair, and asphalt maintenance to residential, commercial, municipal, and industrial clients.

    Get in touch with us today to request your free quote.

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    Can I Reuse My Road Base To Reduce Cost

    Our qualified staff will assess the sustainability of any existing road base, re-use and re-compact where possible, before completing bitumen repair.If there is too much sand or other debris mixed in with existing road base, it will be boxed out and new road base will be added. This is to create the most solid foundation and ensure the longevity of your asphalt and bitumen driveway or repairs in Perth. If you are unsure, Mr Pothole are happy to provide a site inspected free quote to assess prior to bitumen/asphalt repairs being completed.

    How To Fix Crumbling Asphalt On Your Driveway

    Crumbling asphalt typically happens when a crack or depression isnt fixed right away and water is allowed to penetrate the asphalt.

    Repairs need to be done immediately to lengthen the life of the remaining asphalt. If the asphalt has only had cracks appearing recently, you can easily repair them with the help of a reliable contractor.

    When youre repairing cracks and potholes, its best to fill in any depressed areas and seal your driveway afterward to stop it from crumbling again any time soon.

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    Driveway Drainage On A Hill

    While you want to have a good slope for driveway drainage, when you have a drive built on a hill, you can still have problems with drainage and pooling, especially along the bottom of the drive. To alleviate some of these drainage problems you can add a swale alongside the drive. Swales follow the natural contours of the drive. They are dug shallowly enough so that they wont accumulate water.

    Other Key Things To Keep In Mind

    • How Old Is Your Blacktop? Asphalt has a limited lifespan, even with the best of maintenance. 30 years is a ripe old age, if its been properly looked after. At this age you can certainly expect to have to top asphalt with a fresh paving.
    • How Much Has It Narrowed? The edges, especially if they are not framed in concrete, are where the worst crumbling occurs. You may not notice from one year to the next, but how much narrower is your blacktop from its original layout? Here again, you may be looking at a replacement of the whole thing.
    • Whats The Estimate? Get an idea of how much it will cost to repair compared to replacement. Be sure to look at how much you can save by doing the repair work yourself. Dont forget to factor in the cost of any equipment youll need to buy or rent.

    Repaving or replacing blacktop is a tough choice when you dont know where to start, and now you do! Examine the potholes, ruts, and cracks to see if theyre easily fixed, or the damage is simply too extensive. Consider the age: is it near the end of its lifespan anyway? How much have you lost on the edges? Finally, look at the actual costs and time involved before you make a final choice as to whether or not to top asphalt.

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