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Can You Get Social Security For Depression And Anxiety

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Anxiety, Depression and Social Security Disability. A Lawyer’s Advice.

While more research study is required, a current study by Dr. Sit as well as coworkers suggests light treatment might be a possible treatment for bipolar depression also. Compared to dim placebo light, day-to-day direct exposure to brilliant light at lunchtime might decrease how to get disability for depression and anxiety signs and symptoms of depression as well as enhance operating in individuals with bipolar disorder, the research study discovered. They will be able to properly diagnose and also provide treatment if required.

Ticket To Work Changed My Life

Driving back from visiting her parents, Northern Indiana resident Lori heard her phone ring. She recognized the number immediately. She pulled off into the parking lot of a small shopping center and answered, Hello?

It was a representative from Employment Options, Loris employment service provider through the Ticket to Work program. The representative was calling to set up a time to help Lori create a path back to work.

Lori was overwhelmed with emotion. But, for the first time in a long time, she didnt have a panic attack. She felt hopeful, strong and ready. However, she still had many concerns about taking the next step.

Proving You Can’t Do Work With Unique Features

Some disability applicants have done past work that includes “unique features.” Even a non-severe impairment can sometimes affect an individual’s ability to do a job with certain unique features. For example, jobs that require intense focus and concentration, such as heavy machinery operator positions, can be significantly affected by even moderate depression or anxiety. If you think your depression or anxiety interferes with key requirements of your job, you should hire a disability attorney to help you prove this.

For information on how you can prove that your depression and/or anxiety prevents you from doing a job with unique features, see our article on proving you can’t do work due to a non-severe impairment.

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Symptoms Of Ptsd Include:

  • Intrusive thoughts: flashbacks, distress when exposed to symbols of the trauma, recurrent and involuntary memories, nightmares.
  • Avoidance of stimuli associated with the event: avoiding the place where the event occurred, avoiding thoughts and feelings associated with the event.
  • A significant mood change experienced after the event: detachment from others, blaming oneself for what happened, persistent negative emotional state, decreased interest in significant activities.
  • A shift in reactivity associated with the event: increased irritability, hypervigilance, sleep disturbance, exaggerated startle response, problems with memory or concentration.

In order to meet the criteria for a PTSD diagnosis, you must experience symptoms from all of the above categories for more than one month. The above symptoms must also cause a significant disturbance or impairment in social, occupational, or other areas of daily functioning. Individuals with PTSD are also often diagnosed with other mental health conditions, such as anxiety and depression.

Rule 1# Returning To Work Along With Ssdi Benefits:

Can You Get Social Security Disability Benefits for ...

If you return to work while receiving the SSID benefits, SSA will consider your case as engaging in substantial gainful activities, but there is only one exception given the trial work period. This trial period allows a person to return to work without losing the benefits of SSDI. According to this exception, you can work up to 9 months despite how much you can earn.

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Components Of A Successful Application

Even a diagnosis of a major depressive episode from a mental health professional doesnt guarantee disability benefits. We still must provide the SSA with evidence that your mental condition is disabling. This evidence often includes:

  • Personal testimony
  • Mental status evaluation
  • Psychological testing

We understand how difficult it can be to deal with depression. Its effect on concentration often makes gathering medical records seem impossible. But you dont have to combat this mental illness alone. We can work with you and your doctor to document how this mental condition affects your ability to work.

We can help you decide whether it makes sense to apply for Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income benefits. And well be there from the time of your initial consult until you receive benefits and beyond. Give us a call today so we can help you get the help you deserve.

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What Is Mental Rfc

Describes the work youre able to perform even with the limitations your mental illness places on you.

After your application, RFC evaluates your mental capabilities and the activities required to perform. The following criteria are used.

  • Intellectual functioning
  • Social functioning

You will now be categorized under the labels: markedly limited and moderately limited. Insufficient evidence is also an option.

The SSAs satisfaction is essential otherwise, it will be difficult getting anything from your disability. SAA works on the following areas

  • Understanding and Memory

Your level of understanding and making correct decisions is assessed by SSDI, who are interested in the severity of your condition based on your capability of following instructions, remembering, and executing simple tasks. If you can follow through with simple instructions, you are marked limited and can perform unskilled labor. On the other hand, you can be marked as a misfit if your condition is affecting your memory and ability to understand simple instructions.

  • Social Interactions

How well you can focus on interests and activities is also important in determining your mental RFC. The SSA calls this concentration, persistence, and pace related to your ability to pay attention and concentrate long enough to complete everyday work or tasks.

  • Adaptation

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Anxiety Disorders That May Qualify

It’s possible to get disability benefits for mental health conditions, but getting the proper diagnosis is a crucial first step. Your doctor will have to submit medical evidence of your diagnosis, consisting of psychological tests and documentation of symptoms. Here are five ways anxiety disorders can qualify you for disability benefits:

  • generalized persistent anxiety

sleep disturbance.


A phobia is a persistent extreme or irrational fear of a situation, activity, or place, such as the fear of driving over bridges , the fear of heights , or the fear of leaving the house . A phobia causes a compelling need to avoid the feared situation or activity. Social phobia, or social anxiety disorder, an intense feeling of fear about and avoidance of interacting with others, can fall into this subcategory. To rise to the level of disability, the SSA requires that you have a disproportionate fear or anxiety about at least two different situations .

Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are characterized by sudden periods of intense fear along with physical symptoms such as sweating, increased heart rate, and shaking. Many people have experienced mild anxiety attacks in their life but take medication or therapy to manage them, but to rise to the level of disability, the SSA requires that you have severe panic attacks followed by a persistent concern or worry about having additional panic attacks in the future, or a fear of their consequences.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

What Is A Combination Of Impairments

Social Security Disability and Depression

You may suffer from a combination of severe and non-severe impairments that is, some significantly impact you, while others are less of an obstacle. Social Security can determine whether all of your impairments, when combined, prevent you from working full-time.

If you do not have a treating psychiatric or other mental health provider and your disability claim is based on anxiety or depression, you may want to ask your treating doctor to refer you for a psychological evaluation. These evaluations can be compelling evidence in a disability claim because they use standardized assessment criteria to reach a diagnosis.

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Can You Get Social Security Disability Benefits For Depression And Anxiety

If you suffer from depression or anxiety, you know just how debilitating these conditions can be. Youre not alonemillions of Americans suffer from these psychological disorders. And while individuals with milder cases may have their capacity to work largely unaffected, severe cases of depression or anxiety can make it impossible to focus, interact with people, or even leave the house. If you have depression or anxiety that prevents you from being able to work, you may qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance .

What Are Episodes Of Decompensation

Episodes of Decompensation are times when the claimant has difficulties in performing activities of daily living, maintaining social relationships, or maintaining concentration, persistence, or pace. If a claimant has frequent, sustained, or extended periods of decompensation, then he or she may qualify for disability.

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The Ssas Disability Programs

Disability benefits are available through two separate programs:

Each program requires you meet medical eligibility rules as well as program-specific technical and/or financial requirements:

  • For SSDI, you must have a work history during which you paid Social Security taxes and accumulated work credits. Most adults who worked even part-time before their depression affected their job will qualify for SSDI benefits.
  • For SSI, you must have limited income and other financial resources and assets. There is no work requirement for SSI, but an adult cannot have more than $2,000 saved in resources to qualify for SSI.

Each program pays a monthly cash benefit and offers eligibility for medical coverage through Medicare or Medicaid as well.

Applying For Ssdi/ssi Benefits For Anxiety Disorders

Just help please?

If you apply for disability benefits related to an anxiety disorder, the Social Security Administration will review your review your disorder under the Adult Listings, which is a set of criterial that measures that severity of your anxiety and may qualify you for benefits.

This is a strict test. To qualify for benefits under the Adult Listings, you must meet the conditions of either Paragraphs Aand B below,OR the conditions of Paragraphs A and C below. This is not a maybe test all the required conditions must be met to qualify for benefits.

A: You must have medical documentation ofone of the following:

  • Constant generalized anxiety, with three of the following four symptoms: motor tension, vigilance and scanning, autonomic hyperactivity, or apprehensive expectation.
  • Constant irrational fear of a situation, object, or activity that results in a significant desire to avoid the situation, object, or activity.
  • Recurring severepanic attacks that are characterized by sudden unpredictable episodes of intense fear, apprehension, terror, and a sense of impending doom that happen at least once a week.
  • Recurrent compulsions or obsessions that cause marked distress.
  • Recurring intrusive remembrances of a traumatic experience that causes marked distress.

B: The condition under Paragraph A must result in at leasttwo of the following:

  • Repeated periods of decompensation, each of extended duration.

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Starting A Disability Claim

Call the SSA at 800-772-1213 to set up an appointment to fill out an application for SSDI or SSI disability benefits. When you fill out your application, include a detailed description of how your depression affects your daily life, your social functioning, and your ability to concentrate and complete tasks quickly, follow directions, and function, and how often you have episodes of worsening symptoms. If you have both depression and a physical impairment that makes it impossible for you to work, consider hiring a disability lawyer to help you file your Social Security claim, or if your initial claim gets denied, to file an appeal with the SSA.

Take our disability quiz to help you determine whether you qualify for benefits.

Improving Your Chances For Obtaining Benefits

Its particularly important to see a psychologist or psychiatrist who can document the progression of your illness, because this can sometimes be the only official record of your PTSD. If you live with or frequently see family members or friends, ask them to document your behavior over time as well. Since severity is the key to determining whether or not your PTSD disorder qualifies you for benefits, tracking the frequency and nature of your symptoms can help your case.

  • Keep a detailed journal, including a calendar of notes about how you feel each day
  • Record any unusual activities you could not do on any given day
  • Keep a detailed history of your current and past medications, as well as any side effects that you experience
  • See a health care professional regularly and take the medication that he/she gives you so that he/she can support your application for benefits
  • Ask your doctor or other health care professional to track the course of your symptoms and to keep a record of any evidence of fatigue, irritability, forgetfulness, unusual behavior, or other hard-to-document symptoms
  • Keep records of how your illness affected you on the job.

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Can You Claim Disability If You Have Depression

This is not the case. If you suffer from a mental health condition such as depression, and your claim is handled properly, you should be well-positioned to obtain the benefits you have earned and deserve. In this sense, depression is not unlike any other condition that may prompt a worker to seek federal disability retirement benefits.

When Do Symptoms Of A Generalized Anxiety Disorder Develop

Can I apply for Social Security Disability Benefits because of my anxiety?

Generalized anxiety disorders do not always develop in adulthood. The symptoms can start when youre a child, during teen years, or even in young adulthood. It may take a significant amount of time for a doctor or mental health professional to properly diagnose a generalized anxiety disorder. At times, medical providers may be more focused on the individual symptoms related to the generalized anxiety disorder, such as difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, stomach upset or headaches but they dont always make the connection to a generalized anxiety disorder and the initial diagnosis might be delayed.

Medical professionals are not sure what causes a person to suffer from a generalized anxiety disorder. In some cases, other family members may suffer from the same type of anxiety disorder. In other cases, it may be an individual diagnosis.

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    Financial Ssa Programs For Depression Disability

    The benefits program that works best for you will depend on your symptoms of depression and your current financial needs.

    The SSI program is there to help you if your income isnt enough to meet necessities. Its a monthly payment program determined by your current income and assets.

    Theres no set amount of help you may receive on SSI. If your state offers similar disability programs, you may receive less money from federal aid.

    Most adults under the age of 65 who qualify for SSI have resources that total less than $2,000.

    SSDI benefits are payments available if depression prevents you from working. To receive SSDI, your disability must be expected to last at least 12 months or result in death.

    You cant receive SSDI benefits for a short-term disability or a partial disability. If you live with seasonal affective disorder, for example, you may not meet the long-term requirements of diagnosis.

    You must also be younger than your full retirement age when you apply.

    In some cases, your family members may be eligible for SSDI payments while you live with a depression disability.

    SSDI is a calculated number based on your employment history. In 2021, the average payment was approximately $1,200 monthly.

    Its not uncommon to receive a rejection letter from SSDI. This is likely due to some details needed in your application. However, you can re-apply as many times as needed until you get approved.

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    Can I Get Ssi For Bipolar Depression And Anxiety

    One of the common questions those with severe bipolar have is can I get SSI for Bipolar Depression and Anxiety?

    Bipolar disorder is considered a disability. Both by the Social Security Administration and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

    So yes, you can get SSI for bipolar depression and anxiety. However, you must qualify and provide facts about your condition before getting your SSI approved.

    Lets dig in a little deeper so you know what to expect.

    How Can I Prove That I Qualify For Disability

    10 Best Jobs For People With Social Anxiety Disorder

    If you apply for disability benefits under Anxiety-Related Disorders, you can prove your case through medical records, letters and reports from your doctor, and your own testimony.

    Typically, there are two approaches to proving you qualify for disability:1. Using Social Securitys list of medical conditions and the criteria that prove them .2. Showing that you experience a severe impairment or a combination of impairments that prevent you from working a full-time job.

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    Denied Bipolar Disorder Disability Claims For Ltd Insurance

    Marc Whitehead & Associates aggressively represents insurance policyholders that have had bipolar disability claims unfairly denied. We can help you fight the insurance companys denial whether you personally bought the policy, or the policy was issued through your employer.

    Many disability insurance policies contain language that classifies mental impairments such as bipolar disorder, as a mental nervous condition. Defined as such, typically only 24 months compensation is allowed. However, this may not be accurate if the bipolar disorder is a biologically based illness. This then becomes an argument of an unacceptable assignment of the disorder in the policy language.

    Insurance companies will use many other tactics to defend their decision to deny your award of disability benefits. Common tactics include:

    • Claims of misdiagnosis
    • Lack of medical evidence
    • Pre-existing condition clauses in the policy language

    Strategies to overturn denied claims for bipolar disorder disability will vary greatly depending upon which type of long-term disability policy you are fighting.

    We understand the reasons and excuses that insurance companies use to deny claims for mental disorders. Let us fight to hold your insurance company accountable, so you may recover the benefits you are due.

    As Board Certified Social Security Disability attorneys, we want you to know that we will personally work with you to provide the help you need to appeal the denial. No matter where you live, we can help.

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