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I Feel Stressed And Depressed

Add Mindfulness To Your Day

10 Things I like to do when I feel anxious and stressed

Mindfulness is the practice of focusing your attention on the present moment and accepting it without judgment. It can prevent you from getting caught up in worries about the future or regrets about the past.

Listen to a favorite song. Sit somewhere comfortable and give your attention fully to the music, even if its a song youve heard a thousand times before.

Try a mindful chore. Complete a household chore such as washing dishes while giving your attention fully to the task. Notice how things feel, smell, or sound and whenever your mind wanders, gently bring it back to the task.

Meditate. HelpGuides Mindful Breathing Meditation can help you harness the power of your breath to ground yourself in the present moment and find inner calm.

Prevalence Of Anxiety And Depression In Men

On average, one in 8 men will have depression and one in 5 men will experience anxiety at some stage of their lives.

Men are less likely to experience anxiety and depression than women. They are also less likely to talk about it. This increases the risk of their anxiety or depression going unrecognised and untreated.

Untreated depression is a high risk factor for suicide. In Australia, there are about 3,000 suicides each year. Around 75% of people who take their lives are men, with an average of almost 7 men taking their lives every day.

Its important to remember that anxiety and depression are conditions, not weaknesses, and effective treatments are available.

and depression not only for you, but for your friends and family. Visit Beyond Blue to find out more about anxiety.

How Much Will It Cost

Family doctor

The cost of a visit to a family doctor varies. You may be asked to pay less if you have a Community Services Card.


Most medications for anxiety and depression cost five dollars per prescription.

Talking therapies

Talking therapy often costs but there are ways to get it for free:

  • Family doctors often have access to funding that will give you several talking therapy sessions for no charge.
  • Workplaces often have employee assistance programmes where you can get free, confidential counselling for problems or stresses.
  • The Accident Compensation Corporation can also fund counselling for people who have experienced sexual abuse or an accident.

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How Much Stress Is Too Much

Because of the widespread damage stress can cause, its important to know your own limit. But just how much stress is too much differs from person to person. Some people seem to be able to roll with lifes punches, while others tend to crumble in the face of small obstacles or frustrations. Some people even thrive on the excitement of a high-stress lifestyle.

Factors that influence your stress tolerance level include:

Your support network. A strong network of supportive friends and family members is an enormous buffer against stress. When you have people you can count on, lifes pressures dont seem as overwhelming. On the flip side, the lonelier and more isolated you are, the greater your risk of succumbing to stress.

Your sense of control. If you have confidence in yourself and your ability to influence events and persevere through challenges, its easier to take stress in stride. On the other hand, if you believe that you have little control over your lifethat youre at the mercy of your environment and circumstancesstress is more likely to knock you off course.

Your attitude and outlook. The way you look at life and its inevitable challenges makes a huge difference in your ability to handle stress. If youre generally hopeful and optimistic, youll be less vulnerable. Stress-hardy people tend to embrace challenges, have a stronger sense of humor, believe in a higher purpose, and accept change as an inevitable part of life.

Secondly It Would Be Silly If We Expected That We Wouldnt Pass Through Trials And Tribulations Because They Are A Major Part Of Life

Sad Depressed Man Feeling Anxious And Stressed Out Stock Photo

How we deal with these problems really shapes us eventually. Its said that what doesnt kill you makes you stronger. We know that gold is passed through fire to refine it and it comes out majestic, while paper is passed through fire and it burns.

So the question is, are you gold or paper? As children of God we are all gold and we are expected to pass through fire to be refined and made stronger and this can happen only when we arm ourselves with Gods word and His promises. The fact remains that if we intend to deal with lifes challenges all by ourselves, without the aid and guidance of God, then we would definitely fall apart.

Gods word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our heart, the Scripture is His message to us, His message of love and peace. If you are depressed and feeling overwhelmed by this chaotic world and problems, then you need to hold on to God through His word. You must always remember that within the Scriptures, there lie several promises which God has made to us, His children, and to activate these promises in our lives, we need to hold on to Gods word and decree these promises into our lives while having strong faith in Him and a solid prayer life.

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Reacting To Life Situations

Life is full of ups and downs. Stress, hassles, and setbacks happen . How we react to life’s struggles matters a lot. A person’s outlook can contribute to depression or it can help guard against it.

Research shows that a positive outlook acts as a protection against depression, even for people who have the genes, brain chemistry, or life situations that put them at risk for developing it. The opposite is also true: People who tend to think more negatively may be more at risk for developing depression.

We can’t control our genes, brain chemistry, or some of the other things that contribute to depression. But we do have control over how we see situations and how we cope.

Making an effort to think positively like believing there’s a way around any problem helps ward off depression. So does developing coping skills and a support system of positive relationships. These things help build resilience .

Here are three ways to build resilience:

  • Try thinking of change as a challenging and normal part of life. When a problem crops up, take action to solve it.
  • Remind yourself that setbacks and problems are temporary and solvable. Nothing lasts forever.
  • Build a support system. Ask friends and family for help when you need it. Offer to help when they need it. This kind of give and take creates strong relationships that help people weather life’s storms.
  • When To Seek Help For Negative Thoughts

    Once youre stuck in a cycle of negativity, changing your thought patterns can be difficult, which is why many people seek help at this stage. If you feel like your daily life is impacted by constant or reoccurring negative thoughts, it might be time to talk to your doctor.

    Remember that treatment doesn’t always mean medication. In the case of negative thinking, “getting help” can mean learning to employ cognitive behavioral therapy techniques that help you take a proactive approach toward improving your health and wellbeing.

    In the meantime, you can use the technique outlined in this article to help you spot negative thoughts, before letting them go.

    APA ReferenceSmith, E. . Why Am I So Negative and Angry and Depressed?, HealthyPlace. Retrieved on 2021, December 23 from

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    Improve Your Next Speech

    As mentioned before, practice does make perfect. If you want to improve your public speaking skills, try asking someone to film you during a speech or presentation. Afterwards, watch and observe what you can do to improve yourself next time.

    Here are some questions you can ask yourself after every speech:

    • Are there any areas for improvement?
    • Did I sound or look stressed?
    • Did I stumble on my words? Why?
    • Was I saying um too often?
    • How was the flow of the speech?

    Write everything you observed down and keep practicing and improving. In time, youll be able to better manage your fears of public speaking and appear more confident when it counts.

    If you want even more tips about public speaking or delivering a great presentation, check out these articles too:

    Introspect Yourself And Your Feelings Of Loneliness

    How to Stop Feeling Stressed, Depressed and Anxious all the Time

    No, dont hide under that blanket and hide away from your feelings of loneliness. Rather loosen up your shoulders, take threedeep breaths, and work on your feelings of loneliness. You can start by identifying the cause behind your feelings of loneliness.

    It can vary widely from situation to person, just accept it. No matter how discomforting loneliness might feel, it will shrink if you draw attention to it and uncover your expectations.

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    It Is Normal To Feel Stressed And Depressed But It Doesnt Have To Last For So Long

    No matter what you have gone through, you have a life ahead of you and you owe it to your mind and body Feeling stressed and depressed at the same time sure is challenging, but you can help yourself by taking small steps towards the real, normal, and happy you. Start practicing these tips today to fight and make yourself feel better. Remind yourself every morning you deserve to live a happy and healthy life. You deserve to get back on your feet. You deserve to thrive.

    Like these tips? Scroll down below for more!

    A Scientific Explanation Of Depression

    The chemical theory of depression is not a proven theory and can get really technical but I will give you a few words of explanation about it because it can give a clue to what is exactly happening inside of you. So, how can we give a scientific explanation of depression? I would say it is an imbalance in your body due to a too low level of serotonin.

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    Can Working From Home Cause Depression

    Working from home, either permanently or partially each week, is becoming a reality for more and more people. While the added flexibility and home comforts can be beneficial to your mental health, it is not without its drawbacks.

    Feelings of isolation can arise for those working from home especially if you also live on your own. A lack or physical communication with other human beings can quickly lead to feelings of sadness and depression. If you are working from home regularly, its really important to remain in contact with colleagues, both professionally and socially. Try to block out some time in your diary on a daily or weekly basis to have a chat over video conferencing the social aspects of human interaction can do wonders for your mental health.

    Exercise To Reduce Stress Levels And Improve Your Mood

    Young Attractive Sad And Depressed Man On Bed Suffering Anxiety Crisis ...

    It is scientifically proven that exercise relieves stress and induces hormones such as endorphins to reduce the effects of mental pressure. Therefore, exercising can be extremely helpful when youre feeling stressed and depressed just because exercise helps with both. Additionally, exercising lessens your fatigue and leaves you feeling fresher and more active.

    If you are feeling blue and you dont think you are capable of anything, do a little exercise and you might notice at least a minor change in your mindset.

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    How Agitated Depression Is Diagnosed

    A psychiatrist can diagnose agitated depression. Theyll do this through talk therapy and observing your mannerisms and mood. Your doctor may also order a blood test to rule out other potential causes of irritability, like vitamin deficiencies or hormone imbalances.

    Your doctor will also rule out other types of depression and bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder is often characterized by mood swings and sometimes irritability.

    According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders , a diagnosis of agitated depression is based on the following:

    • You have experienced at least one major depressive episode.
    • You have at least two of the following symptoms:
    • psychomotor agitation, or physical symptoms of agitation and restlessness
    • racing or crowded thoughts
    • psychic agitation, or intense inner tension

    You doctor may diagnosis you with depression first, and agitated depression later.

    Agitated depression is often treated with a combination of treatments that may include:

    There’s No One Reason For Depression

    Lots of things influence whether a person gets depressed. Some of it is biology things like our genes, brain chemistry, and hormones. Some is environment, including daylight and seasons, or social and family situations we face. And some is personality, like how we react to life events or the support systems we create for ourselves. All these things can help shape whether or not a person becomes depressed.


    Research shows that depression runs in families. Some people inherit genes that contribute to depression. But not everyone who has a family member with depression will develop it too. And many people with no family history of depression still get depressed. So genes are one factor, but they aren’t the only reason for depression.

    Brain Chemistry

    Chemicals called neurotransmitters help send messages between nerve cells in the brain. Some neurotransmitters regulate mood. When a person is depressed, these neurotransmitters might be in low supply or not effective enough.

    Genes and brain chemistry can be connected: Having the genes for depression may make a person more likely to have the neurotransmitter problem that is part of depression.

    Stress, Health, and Hormones

    Things like stress, using alcohol or drugs, and hormone changes also affect the brain’s delicate chemistry and mood.

    Getting enough sleep and regular exercise often has a positive effect on neurotransmitter activity and mood.

    Daylight and Seasons

    Life Events

    Family and Social Environment

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    How To Help Yourself

    Theres no quick fix for this complex mix of forces that are contributing to people feeling overwhelmed and stressed out, say Napper and Rao. People are trying to make their lives better, but theres no templatewe havent done this before.

    But if youre feeling stress and anxiety, there are simple ways to start reclaiming agency in your life. Consider doing one or two of the following, starting today:

    These kinds of small actions can have a big impact over time. As you find more mental space and clarity, you’ll be in a better position to design your life in a way that supports your well-being.

    The full conversation with Paul Napper and Anthony Rao is available here.

    Facebook/LinkedIn image: kittirat roekburi/Shutterstock


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    What Do I Do If Im Worried That A Relative Or Friend Has Depression Or Anxiety

    If you’re feeling depressed, anxious, sad, or angry WATCH THIS!!!

    If you think a friend or relative is experiencing symptoms of depression or anxiety, try to talk to them about it.

    You may feel uncomfortable bringing up a sensitive topic, especially if the person youre concerned about doesnt often talk about their emotions. Explain why you are concerned but avoid diagnosing their problem or forcing solutions.

    They may be unwilling to talk about it, but let them know that youre willing to listen when theyre ready.

    There are various ways you can help them, such as:

    • Offer your support, listen and reassure them that how theyre feeling can be improved.
    • Stay in touch, call or visit regularly. The risk of depression increases when people feel alone and unsupported.
    • Encourage them to make an appointment with their GP or another health professional. Offer to go with them to appointments.
    • Encourage them to keep active and healthy. Plan occasional outings to get them out of the house.

    Supporting a relative or friend with depression can be both rewarding and stressful. There is information and support for carers where you can get help for the difficulties you experience. Contact Carers Direct, Carers UK and the Carers Trust for more information.

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    Practice Mindfulness Meditation And Relaxation

    Mindfulness meditation, relaxation, and breathing exercises can help calm your mind and body, which may allow you to feel less worried. Plus, it only takes a few minutes each day to feel a difference. Use this time to be aware of whats going on in your mind and body. Start with five minutes a day and work your way up to mindful moments several times a day.

    To help you get started, listen to a guided meditation, or recorded breathing exercises. Once you feel comfortable with the practice, you will find more focus and awareness throughout the day.

    Are Feeling Lonely And Depressed Linked

    Loneliness and mental health are closely linked. When a person is lonely and doesnt take steps to address it, it can increase the likelihood of them experiencing depression and other mental health problems.

    If you’ve been feeling lonely and isolated, know that it is something you can work to minimise. With some of the tips outlined in this piece, you can break the cycle of loneliness and depression and prevent these feelings from worsening overtime.

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    When To See Your Gp About Your Stress Levels

    If you’ve tried self-help techniques and they aren’t working, you should go to see your GP. They may suggest other coping techniques for you to try or recommend some form of counselling or cognitive behavioural therapy.

    If your stress is causing serious health problems, such as high blood pressure, you may need to take medication or further tests.

    Mental health issues, including stress, anxiety and depression, are the reason for one-in-five visits to a GP.

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