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Myth And Facts About Depression

It Happens Because Of A Sad Situation

Depression | Myths and Facts

Everyone experiences sad thoughts or unhappiness sometimes. For example, you may feel upset following the death of a loved one or the end of a relationship. Events like these can raise your risk of depression. But depression isnt always caused by a negative incident.

Depression can cause unexplained periods of hopelessness, sadness, and lethargy. You may also experience suicidal tendencies. These episodes can last for prolonged periods. They may arise suddenly and inexplicably, even when things in your life seems to be going well.

Myth: Someone Who Has Their Act Together Isnt At Risk Of Suicide

On the outside, someone can appear to have it all: a great job, a healthy family, an active social life, a beautiful home. “We look at the outside veneer and say, ‘They’re doing great. Life is wonderful. How could they even contemplate suicide?’ But you really don’t know what’s going on inside of someone,” Wagner says. While the deaths of Robin Williams, Chester Bennington, Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade are high-profile examples of prominent people dying by suicide, seemingly happy people in your own life might be at risk, too. The takeaway? When you see someone exhibit warning signs for suicide, don’t brush it off. Reach out to them instead. Have an honest conversation. Learn how to talk to someone who may be struggling.

“Many times, what people want to do is make that social connection with someone and be heard and listened to.”

Myth #: Depression Only Impacts Women

According to Harvard Health, approximately one or two out of every ten men will develop major depression sometime in their life. Whats worse, depression is a major contributor to suicide, and four times as many men die from suicide compared to women.

In our society, theres an unfortunate stigma around men discussing their feelings. Perhaps this is because, historically, men have been made to feel less masculine if they show weakness in this way. Talking about depression is a sign of strength, and talking about it just might save your life.

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Fact: Antidepressants Have No Impact On Personality

Targeting specific brain chemicals, medication like antidepressants do not alter anything thats linked to personality. Though everyone may have different reactions to antidepressants, such medication cant do any real or permanent change to ones personality. Taking antidepressants is very important for specific cases.

Myth: Depression Can Always Be Cured


Fact: Sometimes depression is situational and goes away with time and proper treatment . But sometimes, its a lifelong condition. It depends on the person.

For many, there is no cure for depression, but it can become manageable with time and effort. The key is learning to manage your depression so the natural highs and lows dont take over your life.

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Fact: It Can Sneak Up Slowly

Depression can creep up gradually, which makes it harder to identify than a sudden illness. A bad day turns into a rut and you start skipping work, school, or social occasions. One type, called dysthymia, can last for years as a chronic, low-level illness â a malaise that silently undermines your career and relationships. Or depression can become a severe, disabling condition. With treatment, many feel substantial relief in 4-6 weeks.

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Taking Antidepressants Is A Lifetime Commitment

It is true that some people with depression will take antidepressants for many years in order to manage their symptoms, but doctors very rarely prescribe antidepressants for life.

It typically takes around 2â4 weeks for antidepressants to begin to work. It is important to point out that it is not safe for people taking antidepressants to suddenly stop taking them. This is due to the risk of withdrawal side effects associated with certain medications.

Most people make a plan with their doctor or mental health professional to slowly start reducing their dosage. This tapering off method is common practice once a personâs symptoms have resolved.

Usually, this would be after taking the medication for around 6â12 months.

People used to define depression with a few specific symptoms. These included a pervasive depressed mood, oversleeping, and reduced interest or pleasure in everyday activities.

However, that people can experience a wide range of psychological, emotional, and physical symptoms during depressive episodes. This means that not everyone with depression experiences every symptom associated with it.

People may also experience or express depression differently based on factors such as age and sex.

This can also affect which treatment is the best option. It usually takes someone a while to figure out which medication or other treatment options work best for them.

Myth: Hard Work Beats Depression

Mental Health Explained: Myths And Facts About The Treatment Of Depression

Depression affects nearly one in six people at some point in their lives, so folk remedies and half-truths about this common illness abound. One such idea: throw yourself into work and you’ll feel better. For a mild case of the blues, this may indeed help, but depression is a different animal. Overworking can actually be a sign of clinical depression, especially in men.

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Myth: People Are Born With A Mental Illness

Fact: A vulnerability to some mental illnesses, such as bipolar mood disorder, can run in families. But other people develop mental illness with no family history.

Many factors contribute to the onset of a mental illness. These may include stress, bereavement, relationship breakdown, unemployment, social isolation, a major physical illness, physical and sexual abuse, or disability. Our understanding of the causes of mental illness is growing.

Myth: Its Not A Real Illness

Depression is a serious medical condition and the top cause of disability in American adults. But its still confused with ordinary sadness. Biological evidence of the illness comes from studies of genetics, hormones, nerve cell receptors, and brain functioning. Nerve circuits in brain areas that regulate mood appear to function abnormally in depression.

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Myth: Depression Isnt A Real Illness

Fact: Depression is an actual illness with very real symptoms and impact.

Depression is not just a temporary bout of sadness, but an actual mental illness. Myths stating that depression is not a real illness contend that depression is just a simple case of the blues. However, depression is a multifaceted condition that is caused by a combination of biological, environmental and social factors. Depression is a mood disorder that impacts a persons thoughts, emotions and actions.

Depression causes a significant amount of distress and impairment in an individuals day-to-day functioning, leading to a considerable amount of emotional, social, academic and occupational difficulties. Depression may require long-term treatment and is not always easy to overcome.

Myth: Its All In Your Head

What Are Depression Myths And Taboos In India?

Fact: Depression is a legitimate mental health condition.

Depression is a real mental health disorder stemming from biological, emotional and environmental factors. There are many physical symptoms of depression, including disrupted sleeping patterns, fatigue, aches and pains. Someone who is depressed isnt simply imagining their symptoms and cannot quickly resolve them.

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Here Are Some Common Myths And Facts About Depression

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Myth- depression isnt real, its something in your head, its being lazy Fact- Depression is a disease of brain. Experts believe that it is caused by the imbalance in the brain chemicals. No one thing causes it, but many things including ones genes, stressful events, illness, medicines, etc that cause the imbalance.Myth: depression will get better eventually, treatment usually dont work, you usually can wait it outFact- A few people get over depression on their own, but most people need treatment to get better otherwise depression can last for months or even years.Myth- depression only happens when something really bad happens to you Fact- Its right to say that depression may start from something bad but other things like medicines, hormone problems, childbirth, using alcohol and drugs can also trigger depression.Myth- children cannot get depressionFact-Depression can develop in any age group, ethnic or economic group or gender. Infact, any person with any kind of trauma that they are not able to deal with properly can get depression.Myth-if you cant get over depression, youre weakFact- depression is a disease in which something chemically is wrong with your brain, not your character. You cant force yourself to get over it any more than you can make asthma and heart attack go away.

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Myth: People With Mental Health Needs Even Those Who Are Managing Their Mental Illness Cannot Tolerate The Stress Of Holding Down A Job

Fact: People with mental health problems are just as productive as other employees. Employers who hire people with mental health problems report good attendance and punctuality as well as motivation, good work, and job tenure on par with or greater than other employees.

When employees with mental health problems receive effective treatment, it can result in:

  • Lower total medical costs

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Myth #: Once You Start Using Antidepressants Youll Need Them Forever

The duration of time in which you use antidepressants is decided by your doctor. Most people dont need depression medication forever because they couple it with therapy, which teaches them new ways to deal with the disorder long term. In learning these skills, a person may find they need less of their medication or dont require it anymore. In severe cases, however, some physicians may recommend staying on it for long periods of time.

Fact: Genetic Predisposition Doesnt Always Determine Depression

10 Myths and 10 Facts About Depression

Its true that physical and psychological conditions can be inherited. However, genetic predisposition is not always enough to determine if youll develop the condition as well. While awareness of family history is good, one shouldnt dwell on it. Having a history of depression doesnt make recovery more difficult as long as proper treatment is received.

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Getting Help For Depression

If you believe you could be suffering from depression, it is essential to seek help. A trained therapist can help you address your feelings and guide you toward the right approach to treating your depression.

There are lots of options when it comes to getting help for depression, but they all begin with proper counseling. These days, online therapy is a great way to get immediate help from the comfort of your home from a qualified mental health professional. At Calmerry, you can schedule sessions around your work and life commitments so you can get on the path toward healing quickly and conveniently.

Which Of These Symptoms Is More Likely For Women

Anyone can do any of those things when theyâre depressed. But women are more likely than men to have symptoms such as feeling sad, worthless, or guilty.

Depressed men are more likely to be irritable and to lose interest in work or hobbies. Theyâre also more likely to turn to alcohol or other drugs when they feel depressed, which doesnât help.

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Myth: Men Cannot Develop Depression

Some cultural stereotypes have perpetuated the myth that men cannot develop depression, causing the condition to be overlooked in men in many cases.

Fact: Although depression appears to affect more women than men, neither sex is immune to it. Depression in men may manifest itself differently than it does in women. For example, some men might display anger and aggressiveness instead of sadness.

Because men often tend to be less open when it comes to discussing their feelings, they are less likely to ask for help. Unfortunately, men have a greater likelihood than women of dying by suicide related to depression, so it is essential to seek help if you believe you are depressed.

Fact: Family History Is Not Destiny

Myth 29: Depression Is Not An Actual Illness

If depression appears in your family tree, you’re more likely to experience it, too. But chances are you won’t. People with a family history can watch for early symptoms of depression and take positive action promptly — whether that means reducing stress, getting more exercise, counseling, or other professional treatment.

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Depression And Sadness Or Self

Some people used to view depression as a type of extreme sadness or self-pity. This is not the case.

Depression is a diagnosable condition, not a specific emotion or feeling. Unlike sadness or self-pity, depressive episodes cause symptoms that continue for at least 2 weeks and can significantly change how a person thinks, feels, and acts.

Depression Myths And Facts You Need To Know

byNovember 13, 2020, 3:25 am73 Views

Mental health used to be a taboo subject. Not many people were open to the idea that sickness can be more than physical. In old times, those with a psychological condition experienced suffering for being mistaken as demonically possessed. Mental health is now more embraced by society, but there still are individuals who doubt its existence. The following are 10 depression myths and facts everyone needs to know about.

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Depression Is A Natural Part Of Aging

In older adults, serious medical conditions such as cancer, heart conditions, and Parkinsonâs disease can give rise to depression. Some medications for serious health conditions can also cause side effects that increase the risk of depression.

However, depression is not a natural part of aging. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , only around 1â5% of older adults living outside of care homes and hospitals experience depression.

Still, older adults with chronic health conditions or signs of depression should speak to their doctor about how to reduce their risk of depression or treat it. Doctors can sometimes miss the symptoms of depression by mistaking them for a natural response to severe illness.

Depression Isnt A Real Illness

5 Myths About Depression Treatment

Many people mistakenly believe that depression is mere sadness or even a weakness of character. But in fact, depression is a complex mental health disorder. It has social, psychological, and biological origins, and it can be treated in a variety of ways.

If you think you may be experiencing depression, dont write it off as normal. Instead, talk to your doctor. They can help you get the support you need to manage your condition.

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Myth: Depression Is Forever

Its true that some people have very bad depression that resists treatment. Others might experience several episodes of depression brought on by life stress such as divorce, layoff, or the death of a loved one. After two or three episodes of depression, it can become cyclical, so that you may start getting depressed for no reason. However, even for these people there is hope.

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Myth: People Take Their Own Life Out Of The Blue

Through their words or actions, most people who take their own lives really have communicated their intent beforehand to other people, Wagner says. There are almost always warning signs, including telling others they want their lives to end, giving away possessions, behaving more aggressively or recklessly, experiencing dramatic mood swings, abusing substances and withdrawing socially. Witnessing such behavior can be distressing, but it also presents you with a chance to intervene and get them critical help before it’s too late.

A Person Will Develop Depression If A Family Member Has It

10 Popular Myths About Depression BUSTED

Having a family history of depression is a risk factor for the condition, but it is not a guarantee that someone will develop it.

Genetics certainly play a role in the development of depression, but usually alongside a combination of other environmental, psychological, and biological factors. Therefore, just because a personâs relatives may have experienced depression, it is not a sure sign that they will develop it themselves.

People who do develop depression, however, may find extra comfort and guidance from talking with family members who personally understand the condition.

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Fact: Men Fly Under The Radar

A depressed man, their loved ones, and even their doctor may not recognize depression. That’s because men are less likely than women to talk about their feelings — and some depressed men don’t appear sad or down. Instead, men may be irritable, angry, or restless. They may even lash out at others. Some men try to cope with depression through reckless behavior, drinking, or drugs.

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