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What To Do When You Feel Depressed And Unmotivated

Strategies For Boosting Motivation When Youre Depressed

What to Do When You Feel Depressed, Lonely or Unmotivated

Anyone with depression can tell you how hard productivity is when youre fighting this debilitating mental illness. Having no motivation to do anything is one of depressions many honorable qualities. In order to do anything, you have to fight really and I mean really hard to be productive. Some days might come harder than others, and thats totally okay. Take every day as it comes and try your hardest to focus on the here and now. Fortunately, there are mental techniques and strategies you can employ to gradually regain the motivation needed to live a full life.

See A Health Professional If A Depressed Mood Persists

If youve tried to gain momentum and are struggling with how to do it, what direction to go, or your thoughts are just too loud to dismiss, it may be time to seek the help of a therapist. Mental health treatment can help you make progress in the direction you wish and overcome negative thinking. If you have insurance, there may be some degree of mental health treatment coverage and is often the best place to start when trying to find a therapist.

Its important to know when treating depression, that not every therapist is a good match for every patient. So, if you are not happy with your treatment, a different therapist with a different approach may give you what you need. Medications, such as antidepressants, are also an option. These can help you gain and maintain Momentum. However, antidepressants by themselves are not as effective, especially in the long term, when used in the absence of therapy.

Set Your Messages Aside

A common symptom of depression is difficulty concentrating. If a constant flow of e-mails and phone calls is interrupting your train of thought, you may be diverted from the more important tasks you need to accomplish. If this is a challenge for you, resist the urge to constantly check your e-mail, and allow your phone calls to be handled by voicemail. Set aside several times throughout the day to respond to these messages.

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Depression Can Be Treated

Even the most severe cases of depression can be treated. Depression is commonly treated with medication, psychotherapy , or a combination of the two.

Antidepressants are medications commonly used to treat depression. People respond differently to antidepressants, and you may need to try different medicines to find the one that works best. Researchers also are studying and developing other medications for depression, such as brexanolone for postpartum depression, and esketamine. You can learn about recent developments on these and other medications at NIMH’s Science News webpage under the topic Treatments.

There are many different types of psychotherapy, such as cognitive behavioral therapy or interpersonal therapy. The particular approach a therapist uses depends on the condition being treated and the training and experience of the therapist. Therapists also may combine and adapt elements of different approaches.

Depression affects each individual differently. There is no one-size-fits-all for treatment. It may take some trial and error to find the treatment that works best. You can learn more about the different types of depression treatment, including psychotherapy, medication, and brain stimulation therapies, on the NIMHs webpage about depression. Visit the Food and Drug Administration website for the latest information on warnings, patient medication guides, and newly approved medications.

What to Consider When Looking for a Therapist

Benefits From Finding Yourself

What to do when you feel depressed? # ...

It can be quite difficult to comprehend how your journey will look like. However, you can try figuring out how you want it to feel. How do you want to feel regularly?

You need to identify all the positive emotions that you want to feel and because theyll help in guiding you to achieve your goal. Having such a goal in mind will motivate you during the days when you dont feel like working towards your objective. Keep on keeping on because every day, you are closer to reaching your goals and dreams.

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Write Down 3 Things You Are Grateful For Each Day

Building off of the previous point, one such way to make the present more enjoyable is to start discovering what you are more grateful for in your life.

One study conducted by Dr. Michael E. McCullough from the University of Miami and Dr. Robert A. Emmons from the University of California, Davis studied the effects of gratitude by separating the participants in the study into three different groups.

The first group was instructed to write about events that took place during the week that they were grateful for while the second and third group were instructed to write about things that irritated them during the week and things that had happened during the week and how it affected them, respectively.

After the study concluded, it was shown that those who wrote about the events they were grateful for were more optimistic about their lives and also engaged in better life choices.

While you could certainly follow this model, you could also do something as simple as writing down three things youre grateful for every day, which is a popular method for most people these days. Over time, you will begin to notice the change and it will greatly help you while you seek to make change in your life.

More To Boost Your Motivation

Confidence is essential to survival. If youre a man, you cant even attract a mate without it, as women are attracted to tenacity. There are times, however, when a devastating or unexpected loss can sap you of your poise. If youre down, heres how to get confidence back into your system so youre ready to take on the world again.

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Relying On Social Media

Research on students use of social media has pointed out that there is a reduction in creativity, less practice in writing skills and an increase in multi-tasking for these students. All these factors have contributed to lower grades and poor academic performance. This may be one reason why many become demotivated.

Everybody is prone to being less motivated by the appearance or success of others, flaunting their status on Facebook. As the image so vividly illustrates, maturity comes when you stop posting every detail of your life on Facebook or Instagram.

What to do?

Take a break with social media. Learn how to break the habit of endlessly sticking to social media here:

Another great way to stay in the motivated fast lane is to prepare for obstacles and setbacks before they even occur. This is one of the best ways of fighting back the demotivation inferno.

Depression In Women: 5 Things You Should Know

What I do when Iâm feeling unmotivated, depressed, tired etc.

Being sad is a normal reaction to difficult times in life. But usually, the sadness goes away with a little time. Depression is differentit is a mood disorder that may cause severe symptoms that can affect how you feel, think, and handle daily activities such as sleeping, eating, or working. Depression is more common among women than men, likely due to certain biological, hormonal, and social factors that are unique to women.

This brochure contains an overview of five things that everyone should know about depression in women.

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Find What Works For You

If these ideas arent working for you, start looking for something that is right for your situation and what you are feeling. Some strategies that might help inspire you on those days where you don’t feel like doing anything include:

  • Listing steps needed to achieve a goal
  • Feelings of worthlessness
  • Persistent low mood

Reach out to your doctor or therapist for help, which might involve therapy, medication, lifestyle changes, or a combination of these approaches.

If you or a loved one are struggling with depression, contact the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration National Helpline at 1-800-662-4357 for information on support and treatment facilities in your area.

For more mental health resources, see our National Helpline Database.

Create Daily Routines And Rituals

Routines and rituals lead to habits, and once you have a habit solidly established, its almost impossible to get stuck in an unmotivated loop for long.

Think about habits that you already have in your life. If you jog every morning, you probably always wear the same pair of shoes. Putting those shoes on signals to your mind that its time to go for a run.

People who constantly lose their keys often find that forcing themselves to get in the habit of placing the keys in the exact same spot each day becomes a strong habit that helps them never lose their keys again.

The point is: Make habits using routines and rituals to help push you through the unmotivated times. Creative people are well-known for using this technique successfully. Some may sit down at a computer with their favorite cup of tea while others write with a pen in a gratitude journal.

Since motivation comes from action, building habits will continuously keep you moving forward through specific actions.

Since motivation comes from action, building habits will continuously keep you moving forward through specific actions.

Start with baby steps and build from there. Putting too much expectation on yourself at once is simply setting yourself up for failure, much like people do with New Years resolutions. Nothing happens instantly. You need to establish routines and rituals that build you towards what youre reaching for.

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Your Personal Life Is Off Its Rails

Life is a mess. Your love life is non-existent, and you just canât get your sh*t together. Start de-cluttering your life. Begin by cleaning out your room and then get rid of the junk food.

Get into nature. Walk the dog. Wake up with a rejuvenating swim in the ocean, go for a walk with a friend, drink more water. Sweat it out. A little bit of exercise can actually be refreshing.

Read more inspiring blogs avoid toxic, negative relationships and focus on companies that inspire you, lift you up, and bring out the best in you. When the environment around us is positive and motivating, we begin to feel inspired and motivated, too.

Additionally, when we get rid of external and internal baggage, there’s more room for positive things to come into our lives so we can begin to feel better again. We feel more clear and motivated to achieve the things we want.

How To Eat Well When Youre Unmotivated

You are not lazy. Your feelings are valid and your ...

Health reporter Catherine Milford talks to mental health dietitians Brad Brosnan and Moyra Benson about easy ways to optimise nutrition when youre feeling low.

It can be much easier to eat well when everythings going right. But what about those days when things arent looking so rosy? When we are depressed, anxious or our mood is low, preparing and even eating healthy food can seem like too much of a challenge.

Some of the common symptoms of depression are strong feelings of tiredness, fatigue or a lack of energy, which can make it really hard for people in the grips of the illness to make sure theyre getting proper nutrition. And feelings of shame or worthlessness can compound the problem when people dont feel they deserve to take good care of themselves.

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Seek Out People You Can Grow With

Negativity breeds negativity and who you choose to hang out with could be the reason why you are feeling uninspired and stuck.

Are your friends generally unhappy and passing that attitude onto you? Are they seeking growth and change or are they complaining about where they are and then not taking the necessary action to cultivate the change they are craving?

More importantly, are you following this behavior?

If you are or even if you arent, and attempting to create change in this environment, you are fighting a losing battle.

You are going to have a much easier time growing and evolving if you are around people who are trying to do the same and who encourage you along the way.

Dont worry if your friends react poorly when you make the decision to change your life. It will quickly reveal who was there for you all along and those who want to keep you down.

With Hardship Comes Ease

Allah promises His believer that For indeed, with hardship ease . Trust His word. Even if the suffering feels endless and you feel yourself getting exhausted from the weight of it all, do not lose hope- for there is ease and something even better waiting for you right around the corner. Nothing remains forever, not even hardships. And those believers who hold on to hope and faith in Allah and adopt patience amidst their difficult times are then rewarded in ways human beings cannot even imagine. So remember, this too, shall pass.

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You Have A Critical Inner Voice

Imagine how worthless you’d feel if you had a verbally abusive friend, partner, or parent beside you at all times. Well, this is how it is for many people who are highly self-critical. Pay attention to your internal voice. What’s its flavor? If you find you’re saying things to yourself that you would never say to a friend, it’s time to make a change. Studies have shown that self-compassion can be an effective intervention in treating depression. Therapy can be a wonderful place to learn the language of self-talk.

Easy Ways To Find Yourself

6 Signs You’re Depressed, Not Lazy

More than a million people across the world think that finding themselves is a self-centered goal. However, its one of the most unselfish processes that will help you become a better person.

Finding yourself is not difficult as long you know what you need to do and take action. Most people across the world tend to procrastinate when it comes to finding themselves. Yet, this is one of the key determinants of the quality of their lives.

You need to start by making sense of your past. To understand yourself and how you behave the way you do, you need to know your unique story. Being willing to explore your past is one of the best paths to take if you want to understand yourself and the person you want to be.

The attitude and environment that you grew up in greatly affect how you think and behave as an adult.

Early life experiences determine how you see and defend yourself. For instance, being raised by a harsh parent could be making you feel guarded. And this will stop you from trying new challenges as youll fear being ridiculed by others.

To break away from this behavioral pattern, you should always be ready to look for self-destructive or self-limiting tendencies.

Another easy way to find yourself is by silencing your critical inner voice and negative thoughts. This destructive process can be a judgmental attitude that tells you how you are not the ideal person to succeed or you dont deserve the good things in life.

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Counter Depression With Exercise

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , getting regular physical activity can make you less likely to develop depression. Exercising three to five times weekly for 30 to 60 minutes can provide mental health benefits because exercise is a good way to get “out of your head” and focus on moment-to-moment sensations, such as your breathing and movements.

Medical Treatments For Depression

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence recommends SSRI-type antidepressant medication for depression. If a person does not respond to SSRIs, other drug classes including tricyclic antidepressants can be considered, and antidepressant treatment can be augmented with lithium or antipsychotic drugs.

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Find A Way To Be Content With Your Current Situation

Feeling uninspired and stuck in your current situation isnt only an indication that things need to change. Its also an indication that you need to start finding the good in the situation that you are already in.

While setting goals is important in order to move forward with your life, the unfortunate aspect of change is that it takes time. That means that those who are unhappy in the position that they are in are going to remain unhappy until change occurs.

Luckily, you dont have to remain unhappy. All you have to do is readjust your mindset and find ways to make your day more enjoyable. Enjoy more of what makes you happy and squeeze in time for yourself while you are working towards your goals and living the life that you are now.

It is not going to be easy but you can at least enjoy the ride until you get to your destination.

The Best Cure For Moving Sideways

I FEEL unmotivated exhausted tired

One of the best cures for breaking free is to clear the assorted cruft from your mind and physical space, and make a discernable step forward on a task or project that’s been left outstanding.

Like most leaders, I have a massive list of tasks and projects, but I try to create a sub-list only of activities I want to complete that day. When stuck, I’ll winnow that list down further, and whether it’s taking a tiny, discrete step on a long-term project, or stopping the litany of excuses and spending 30 minutes working out, merely moving forward can often shift your mental state. Simply taking a half day and cleaning your desk and office can reinvigorate productivity, just as a 15-minute walk or a chat with a loved one can begin clearing the mental detritus that keeps us firmly stuck in place.

If you’re unable to push yourself forward, there’s no shame in seeking outside help. I’ll often speak with my wife, who works in a completely unrelated field but usually provides pointed advice and suggestions she’s also not afraid to tell me to stop moping and get on with things when necessary.

If you suspect you’re struggling with depression, and you’re unable to identify and mitigate the cause, seek professional help. Most of us have no hesitation going to a doctor for a broken bone, but apply an unreasonable stigma to seeing a doctor for a wounded psyche.

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