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How To Get Out Of My Depression Funk

Accept That Relationships Change & Embrace The Progress

How To Get Out of a Depression Funk

All relationships, romantic or otherwise, are exciting when theyre new. Eventually, though, the newness wears off. Rather than seeing this as a bad thing and a warning of impending boredom or doom, recognize that this is a healthy and normal progression of a relationship.

Accepting that newness wears off can allow you to experience your relationship mindfully, being in each moment without judging it. Then, with this perspective, you can implement the other tips to avoid feeling like youre in a funk from which the only way out is to end the relationship.

Being in a funk is a normal part of life, but you can use the strategies here to get out of your funk. Remember that everyone experiences a funk from time to time, so know that youre not alone and that theres nothing wrong with you. You can take action, such as using the tips mentioned above, to more quickly get out of a funk. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to funk-busting, however. The best way to feel better and move forward is to personalize your plan. Find ideas that resonate with you, and focus on those.

Write A Recovery Diary

Try writing down how your recovery is going and the achievements you’ve made along the way, both big and small. It can be helpful to look back on the positive progress you’ve made.

It can also be helpful to write down any difficult thoughts and feelings you’ve been experiencing, in order to help you to step back from them.

Oxytocin: The Feeling Of Love

Oxytocin is a little hormone nicknamed the cuddle hormone because it makes us feel loved and connected. It plays a major role in childbirth and childcare, helping mothers and fathers feel connected . But it also affects an incredible amount of behavioral tendencies. Specifically, researcher Inga Neumann found that oxytocin changes pro-social behaviors and emotional responses for relaxation, trust between people, and psychological stability.

Ding, ding, ding!

Oxytocin is crucial to understanding our moods. Oxytocin primarily is produced and affected by the people around us. Interestingly, one study found that new lovers have higher oxytocin levels than single people for the first six months of their relationship. Oxytocin is high because our mind and body are working together to make a connection. This is why other people can change our moods so greatlyeither flipping us into a happy state or spreading toxicity to our mental state.

Oxytocin Boost: The best way to tap into your oxytocin is by tapping into your support system. The moment you are in a bad mood, think about the person who can boost your oxytocin. Specifically, whos the person who makes you laugh? Whos the best listener? Call in the team! Not only are moods contagious , but they also can produce that warm and fuzzy feeling of belonging in you!

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Write Down All The Things You Are Grateful For In Life

Imagine youre in a dark, lonely place. You cant see the light of day or anything that makes life feel worth living for any of us who suffer from depression its just endless darkness with no end in sight that is until we take time to think about all the good things happening around us on this earth:

Think of your amazing friends that listen when you talk about how depressed you feel at night. If your parents are still alive which means every day is a new adventure in this world where people die every second of cancer or old age- theyre not going anywhere just like true love cant disappear on its own accord either no matter what anyone says.

Urgent Advice: Phone 111 If:

5 Ways to Get out of a Depression Funk
  • you’re feeling distressed, in a state of despair, suicidal or in need of emotional support

Being unwell can have an impact on your mental health. Its not unusual to experience lower mood after being through a significant event such as coronavirus . It can take a while to process what you’ve been through and the impact this has had and may still be having on your life. If you haven’t been able to do the activities you would usually do, this can have a big impact on your mood as well.

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Am I Depressed Or Am I Just In A Funk

One of the reasons depression remained underdiagnosed and undertreated is that sadness is a normal human emotion, so how do we know when we are sad vs depression? Perhaps the easiest way to understand the difference is to look at the criteria researchers use to diagnose depression.

To meet criteria for a major depressive disorder you must have:

Five or more of the following during a 2-week period:1) depressed mood most of the day, nearly every day2) diminished interest in pleasure in all or almost all activities most of the day, nearly every day3) significant weight loss or weight gain, or a decrease or increase in appetite nearly every day4) insomnia or too much sleep nearly every day5) feeling physically agitated or slowed down nearly every day6) fatigue or loss of energy nearly every day7) feelings of worthlessness or too much guilt nearly every day8) trouble thinking or concentrating or having trouble making decisions nearly every day9) thinking about death over and over again

Your symptoms must cause significant distress or problems functioning socially or at work.The symptoms are not due to a drug or medical condition.

So if you are in a funk you may feel sad or down but typically you dont have physical symptoms of weight/appetite change, sleep change, and concentration changes. A funk doesnt typically last most of the day nearly every day for 2 weeks.

Live Mentally Healthy,

Dopamine: The Feeling Of Pleasure

After a long day at work or really tough meetings, I can feel drained. But mostly, I sometimes feel bored, understimulated, and blah. That blah mood is a lack of dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is released when we feel pleasure, get a reward, or receive a gift. Its the chemical that makes you feel like its your birthday every day! Whats even more important is that dopamine helps us regulate our emotional responses. This is super important:

When we are in a bad mood, we often have trouble controlling our reactions.

This is where dopamine comes to the rescue! It is also the basis for hope. Dopamine engages our brain to spot potential rewards, and to take action to move toward them. In other words, dopamine is our biggest motivator for fighting bad moods. Research has found that dopamine deficiency results in Parkinsons Disease, and people with low dopamine activity may be more prone to addiction. This is a serious little chemical!

Dopamine Boost: There are lots of ways to create pleasure for your mind and body. My favorite PG one is creating a bucket list! I LOVE bucket lists, because they harness the best side of human behaviorhope, curiosity and pleasure. Check out our Ultimate Bucket List Guide, or if you already have one, dust it off and start planning how to complete your first item.

Can I just make a special note here stop waiting! You have so many amazing things left to do in your life. Your time is NOW.

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Gaining Control Of The Funk

I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety at age 14. I ended up seeing a psychiatrist, was put on medicine, and thought BOOM! Im healed.boy was I WRONG!

Around age 21 I noticed I was going through this pattern...where one week I was:

  • full of energy
  • accomplishing goals
  • checking things off my to-do list

and then the next week I wake up and my energy feels like its been drained from my body, I lack motivation, I begin procrastinating, and my to-do list doesnt get done

These slumps would last anywhere from days to months. This continued and grew worse as the years went by. It grew to the point it was affecting every aspect of my life my relationships. motherhood, social life, and work-life.

I didnt want my depression controlling me any longer, I wanted to get my depression under control.


To be completely honest, there are stilldays where I struggle to get out of bed, I struggle to open my laptop and write on the blog, I struggle to take care of my basic needs, and I struggle to find motivation

BUT I am now able to recognize when I am heading into a depression funk, and I can quickly pull myself out of the funk because of implementing these practices, that Im about to share with you, into my daily life.

These tips Im sharing with you have really helped me cope with depression and overcome depression funks, and I know they can help you do the same!

Testosterone: The Feeling Of Power

How To Get Out Of A Funk | In a Funk Or Depression? WATCH THIS!

Testosterone is the hormone of power, strength and capability. For both men and women, testosterone can completely change the way you feel. Now, testosterone is a tricky onetoo much and it can make you feel aggressive . Too little, and you feel powerless, lethargic, and limp . Some crazy facts about testosterone:

  • Men given testosterone lost belly fat.
  • Stock traders get a testosterone spike on days when they make an above-average profit.
  • When playing sports, a winners testosterone levels increaseand fans hormone levels also get a boost! In a small group of 21 men watching a Brazil versus Italy World Cup match, the Brazil fans testosterone levels increased after their team won, but the Italy fans testosterone levels fell.
  • Males have longer right pointer fingers than women. This has been found even in other five-fingered creatures, such as rats. Scientists have found that this is correlated to fetal exposure to testosterone. The higher your testosterone level before birth, the lower your pointer-finger-to-ring-finger ratio.
  • Basically, I want to know

    How long is your finger?

    Sounds dirty, doesnt it? Now, now, get your mind out of the gutter. Im talking about moods here! Heres a photo of my hand. For some reason, it feels weirdly intimate posting a picture of my hand. Oh well!

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    Symptoms Of Low Mood And Depression

    Signs and symptoms of low mood can include:

    • sadness
    • anger
    • feelings of hopelessness

    A low mood usually lifts after a few days or weeks. However, a low mood that doesn’t go away can be a sign of depression.

    In addition to the symptoms above, depression can include:

    • low mood lasting 2 weeks or more
    • not getting any enjoyment out of life
    • feeling hopeless
    • feeling tired or lacking energy
    • not being able to concentrate on everyday things, like reading the paper or watching television
    • comfort eating or losing your appetite
    • sleeping more than usual, or being unable to sleep
    • having suicidal thoughts or thoughts about harming yourself

    If negative feelings don’t go away, are too much for you to cope with, or are stopping you from carrying on with your normal life, you may need to make some changes and get some extra support.

    If you experience depression symptoms most of the day, every day, for more than two weeks, you should visit your GP.

    These are some things you can do to manage your mood.

    Try It: Make A What To Do When Sh*t Goes Wrong List

    This is a strategy I learned from journalist and author Steven Kotler. He calls it your What to do when sh*t goes wrong list, a name that makes me smile every time I read it.

    The idea is to make a list of every single thing you can think of to do when something goes wrong in your life. You can create these lists for anything, from how to motivate yourself to work out to what to do when youre in a fight with your significant other. Theyre also ideal for helping get you out of a funk.

    When you make the list, write down any strategy thats ever helped you or could possibly help you get out of your funk. Then, put your list where you can easily see them on sticky notes around your house, on notes on your phone, or on the screensaver of your computer.

    Next time youre in a funk, youll have a list of pre-thought-out strategies to help you escape it sooner.

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    Talk To Your Doctor About Medications Youre Taking

    Its possible that side effects of your medications may be causing your funk. Consult with your doctor to rule this out. Mood alteration can be the result of sudden changes in medications regimen. Ask yourself: Have I been on anti-depressants but now take them inconsistently or have just stopped? Is this event the result of withdrawal? Do I need to consult my medical provider to revisit my dosage and consider an increase or a change of medications?

    Getting Out Of A Depression Funk: Advice And Techniques That Can Help

    The best way to get out of a funk (depression or simply a bad attitude ...

    It’s normal to feel a little low occasionally. You might feel flat, grumpy, or worn out. Sometimes you can identify what’s causing the feeling, like being passed over for a promotion at work or having a fight with a friend. Other times, though, the depression funk takes hold without an identifiable reason.

    Those feelings of “blah-ness” are still valid, even if you don’t know why they are happening.

    Depression funks typically go away on their own after a few days. But that low, empty feeling might be your body’s way of telling you that it needs a break or a change.

    Here are some techniques that could help you pull yourself out of the funk and get back to the brighter side of life.

    Have you considered clinical trials for Depression?

    We make it easy for you to participate in a clinical trial for Depression, and get access to the latest treatments not yet widely available – and be a part of finding a cure.

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    Ways To Get Yourself Out Of A Funk

    On Monday of last week, I woke up in a bad mood. I just felt bleh . Maybe the stress of the current state of the world was getting to me , or maybe loosing my daily routine was a hard thing to shake but I was having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day that lasted a lot longer than just one day. I was in a funk .

    No, this is not the good kind of funk thats in the title of a catchy AF Bruno Mars song or the word your dad uses when he tries to be cool. No, this is the kind of funk that feels like burnout, boredom, anxiousness, self-consciousness, purposelessness, disconnection, or sadness. Its something weve all probably experienced in one way or another.

    But heres the good news: happiness is not a circumstance or a reaction to the environment its a skill. A bad day is only bad if you decide to stay in that state of mind. Heres how I got out of my funk, and how you can too. .

    Hone A Sense Of Gratitude & Express It

    When were in a funk, not only is everything dull and lifeless, but life can seem pretty awful. Its hard to see the good in our lives when were encased in the nutshell of funk. Peer through the crack of your shell and find the good, even if you have to look really hard.

    Studies indicate that seeking things for which we are grateful boosts happiness and decreases depression.16 Expressing gratitude in writing or with words can make the experience even more powerful and meaningful. You might try writing in a gratitude journal once per day .

    You can simply jot down a few things for which you are grateful are the stuff of life and what makes us truly grateful and funk-free.

    Sometimes, the feeling of funk is vague and seeps to permeate all areas of our lives. The above six tips can work well when that happens. They also can apply to specific situations, such as a funk at work or in relationships. Its important, for example, to have a sense of meaning in all that you do, and seeking things that make us grateful is important in all realms of our lives.

    When it comes to being in a funk in a specific area of your life, you can also tailor your actions and perspectives to meet the given situation. In addition to applying the six main tips for getting out of a funk, here are some more quick tips for dealing with a funk at work or in relationships.

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    Take A Nap Or Go To Bed Early

    I cannot tell how many times a simple nap or getting an extra hour of sleep has changed my entire perspective when I wake back up.

    Sleep and mood are closely connected poor or inadequate sleep can cause irritability and stress, while healthy sleep can enhance well-being. So if you are feeling stressed out and want to lift your mood, get some extra sleep with either a nap or retiring to bed an hour or so earlier.

    Take Care Of Yourself:

    How To Get Out Of Feeling Anxiety, Depression (Funk)| Candace iKandiie

    Get enough sleep every night and eat healthy foods regularly. You deserve to enjoy life, and you can do that by taking care of your mental health. When we are in a healthy state with good sleep patterns or eating clean food regularly, the brain can function optimally!

    Healthy living will not only put more sparkle into every day it also helps fight against depression particularly well research has found two out five patients who improved had gone off their prescribed medication entirely because they felt better mentally than ever before from just making changes at home alone such as getting enough restful hours each night.

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