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Podcasts About Anxiety And Depression

What Is A Mental Health Podcast

Anger, Anxiety, Depression Make the Connection -Counselor Toolbox Podcast with Dr. Dawn-Elise Snipes

A mental health podcast is a series of recorded conversations covering various topics related to mental well-being. Like a radio broadcast, a podcast is usually hosted by the same person each episode. It might feature guests, an in-depth series on a particular issue, or cover current events. On a mental health podcast, these guests are often therapists, psychologists, behavioral scientists, and authors.

Help My Teen Is Struggling With Anxiety And Depression By The Crossway Podcast

Crossway podcast is a podcast that answers theology based questions and discusses different things we encounter on a daily basis as Christians.

Has your teen started acting differently lately? Do they seem on edge or closed off and your not sure what to do? Most teenagers go through this phase at some point, but sometimes these can be signs that your teen may be experiencing feelings of anxiety or depression.

This episode has guest David Murray talk about what to do as a parent when your teen seems to be experiencing these feelings, discusses different topics from his book, and helps you be able to not feel alone in this as well as come up with ways to help your teen.

To listen click here.

Podcasts To Help With Depression

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The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that 17.3 million adults in the United States deal with depression. While depression can seem isolating, many resources and treatments are available to help you manage depressive episodes.

Therapy, medication, and natural or alternative remedies like exercising, self-care, and vitamins are some of the most helpful ways to improve your depression symptoms. Listening to a self-help podcast is another great way to process feelings of sadness, depression, and anxiety.

Adding one of these podcasts to your routine can have many benefits, including:

  • providing you with additional support when youre not at therapy
  • helping you find creative solutions to deal with negative thoughts and emotions between sessions
  • teaching you to better understand your depression and anxiety

Although self-help podcasts are not a substitute for professional help, they can be a very helpful tool to use alongside seeing someone regularly. If you think you might have depression, please make sure to consult a mental health professional.

  • inability to concentrate
  • insomnia

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Feeling Anxious Or Worried Listen To These 8 Podcasts For Anxiety

Jun 27, 2018 | Anxiety, Blog

Have you ever considered turning to Podcasts for anxiety support you when you feel anxious or worried?

With anxiety affecting such a large portion of the population, its so important to be able to identify symptoms of anxiety and have an effective coping strategy in place. In the U.S, anxiety disorders are now the most common mental illness, affecting 40 million adults every year. Despite anxiety disorders being highly treatable, only 36.8% of those suffering receive treatment, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America.

Although anxiety and worry are terms used to explain similar feelings, there is a difference between the two. Psychology Today defines worry as something we experience in our heads and anxiety in the body. With worry being much more specific to a situation or activity. This can help us understand more the effects that the two have on our health.

Coping with anxiety and feelings of worry is a completely personal journey. What works for one person may not work for another. Its important to try and figure out what calms you down and how you can achieve a better sense of self, whether thats going for a run, taking a yoga class or meditating before bed.

The Spiritual Component Of Mental Illness

12 Podcasts To Help Anxiety Depression Whether You Want To

Matt TullyYou mentioned the spiritual side of this that isnt part of the conversation for non-Christians. Thats one thing that parents might wrestle with or not fully know where they stand on the issue of how do we integrate our understanding of these mental health issues with what the Bible says about us and the reality of sin and our faith and the call to believe the gospel and how that impacts how we view ourselves and view others. It seems like sometimes those can be placed at odds with one another, or not fit together well. What would you say to that?

David MurrayYouve got your two extremes: youve got the all-spiritual approach to this where theres no recognition of any physical, social, mental element. And then youve got the all-physical approach where they say, They just need meds and theyll be fine. I think we have to recognize there are spiritual causes, there are relational causes, that are mental causes, there are physical causes, and take a holistic approach to it.

Matt TullyFor things that they had done?

David MurrayYes. Some of that was false guilt, but a lot of it true guilt. What pill can you get for that? You cant. He was despairing. In fact, heres the sad thing, he took his own life. But in a sense, who wouldnt when you see such misery and despair theres nothing you can do?

Matt TullyYeah, when theres no solution.

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The Self Work Podcast

Dr. Margaret Rutherford has been studying for years what she calls perfectionism depression. Im passionate about the message that although depression can be heavily masked by perfectionism, its damage can still be devastating to that someone whos trying so hard to smile their way through growing loneliness and despair, she shares on her site.

This podcast is for those who struggle to feel enough, whether in work, in life, or in relationships. It offers compassionate advice and can be used alongside therapy for those looking to make a change in their life.

Listen to the SelfWork Podcast on Apple Podcasts and Stitcher.

Best Depression Podcast For When You Need A Laugh

Hosted by public radio host John Moe, The Hilarious World of Depression brings on special guests who share their stories about dealing with depression and managing to laugh along the way.

The weekly episodes run from 40 to 50 minutes. In each episode, youll hear from comedians, actors, and public figures such as Maria Bamford, Paul F. Tompkins, Andy Richter, and Jen Kirkman. They discuss how theyve faced their darkest fears and put their mental health first.

The podcast is loved by over 4,000 listeners. One reviewer says that the show is a refreshing look at depression that humanizes and normalizes the experience.

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Best Depression Podcasts For 2021

Naveed Saleh


Depression is very common, but it also covers a wide range of behaviors and emotions, making everyones experience with it different. With that in mind, many people have started talking more about mental health and how to address it. Whether youre looking for others who feel the same way as you do or advice on how to deal with depression, here are a few helpful podcasts covering this topic.

BetterHelp has over 20,000 licensed therapists who provide convenient and affordable online therapy. BetterHelp starts at $60 per week. Complete a brief questionnaire and get matched with the right therapist for you.

Choosing Therapy partners with leading mental health companies and is compensated for referrals by BetterHelp

I Weigh With Jameela Jamil

A Neuroscientist on Unwinding Anxiety | Rich Roll Podcast

More than a podcast, I Weigh is anchored in a dynamic community that prides itself on radical inclusivity. Actress and influencer Jameela Jamil leads weekly conversations with fascinating individuals. These guests share their personal experiences on everything under the sun. Topics include trauma, race, sexuality, parenting, living with mental illness, and social justice.

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Best Anxiety Podcast With Guided Meditation

Meditation Minis with Chel Hamilton

Meditation can provide you with an anxiety-reducing pause at any point in your day. This podcast series comprises short, guided meditations led by host and hypnotherapist, Chel Hamilton.

Each 10-minute episode is geared towards eliminating negative thinking and reducing anxious feelings. A wide variety of meditation techniques are explored.

Best Anxiety Podcasts For General Mental Health

Happy Place

While not specifically about anxiety, the Happy Place podcast is a great reprieve from the daily grind many people face.

It features been-there-done-that-and-survived stories from inspirational guests, as well as interviews with people who are unique and interesting to listen to.

Host Fearne Cotton is hell-bent on sharing the happiness secrets of the entire universe with her listeners. Youâll be so enraptured while listening, youâll forget to feel stressed.

Inside Mental Health

Inside Mental Health is a Psych Central podcast hosted by Gabe Howard, where he discusses mental health with experts in the field.

Although Inside Mental Health isnât specifically about anxiety, the podcast features episodes that focus on a range of subjects that can affect anxiety including stress, worry, trauma, and general mental wellness.

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Will Podcasts Alone Help Me Battle My Anxiety

The answer to this question is no, while listening to podcasts about anxiety is a great action step towards coping with our anxiety if this is the only step you take towards battling your anxiety you will fail.

I say that not to be pessimistic, but to be honest. If we just listen to podcasts without application the methods we are learning will not stick, and we will stay stagnant in our battle.

To ensure that you move forward in your battle you must apply what youve learned about how important our faith is when we are battling anxiety and keep your eyes on him. Part of this is ensuring that you are having your quiet with your heavenly father and going to his Word that hes created just for you so that the problems you face are not able to defeat you.

You might not be sure where exactly to start with the applications or what to do, and thats ok because you still have options. If you are feeling this way I highly encourage you to seek a mentor to alongside you in this battle.

Talk to someone you trust who is strong in their faith to be your mentor or talk to your pastor at your church and see if they can connect you with a mentor.

This is not an easy battle you are facing, but know when you keep your eyes on Him you will not sink.

If you are having any suicidal thoughts please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK . You can reach out at any time for free and confidential support.

For Changing Your Outlook On Life: The Happiness Lab

Special Podcast : Depression, Anxiety and Suicide with Dr Audrey and ...

Available on: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and Radio Public

Hosted by: Dr Laurie Santos

Duration: 30-50 minutes each

The Happiness Lab is considered the best feel-good podcast that can change your outlook on life. It is hosted by the Yale professor, Dr Laurie, who shares with the audience the latest scientific research and surprising stories about what happiness is and what is its trustworthy source.

Laurie has changed the lives of thousands of people through her stories and altered how they think about happiness. She also teaches us self-compassion and how to process grief.

This podcast helps us feel and confront our emotions and realize that happiness is often found in the most unexpected places. There are about 50 episodes, including some special editions and bonus episodes.

Available on: iTunes and Spotify

Hosted by: Guy Macpherson

Duration: About 30 minutes each

With a Doctorate in clinical psychology, the host has put together resources and other information for future therapists and prepared this podcast.

The guests on this show are leading experts in the field of stress disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder , and other complex traumas, who share their experiences of exploring their fear and what they learned from their mistakes, and advise aspiring trauma therapists.

There are over 500 episodes that take you on a journey of mental health, disorders, trauma, and self-identity.

You can also visit our yourmentalhealthpal.

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Cleaning Up The Mental Mess

Mental illness can feel a lot like a mess you constantly have to pick up. Dr. Caroline Leaf, cognitive neuroscience and author, is here to help you clean up that mess. Her podcast is full of practical advice to help you master your emotional, physical, and mental health, from checking your stress levels to protecting your mental health when fighting injustice.

Her advice seems to stick. One reviewer writes: Im already so much happier and better equipped to deal with mental health struggles! This is more progress than I have ever made before when paying for therapy sessions. I feel more responsible for and in control of my mental health and behaviors.

Therapy For Black Girls

Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, a licensed psychologist in Atlanta, Georgia who specializes in mental health and personal development. She created this podcast so black women, who often face incredible stigma, seek the care they deserve.

Listeners appreciate her compassionate tone and occasional pop culture references. Dr. Joy is soft-spoken, informative, intelligent and a breath of fresh air, one listener writes. This podcast is very much needed for everyone but especially black women of all ages.

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Defeat Postpartum Depression With Arielle Wozniak

Are you struggling with postpartum depression? If so, you may be interested in the Defeat Postpartum Depression podcast. This podcast is dedicated solely to the topic of postpartum depression and/or postpartum anxiety, and it is a good choice for new mothers who are struggling to get their footing with their mood after having a baby.

Best Anxiety Podcast For Moms

How to cope with anxiety | Olivia Remes | TEDxUHasselt

The Motherkind Podcast with Zoe Blasky

In case you didnât get the memo, motherhood is stressful. UK-based mum Zoe Blasky started this podcast to help mothers of all stripes â from stay-at-homers to corporate executives â live their best, whole lives.

Podcast episodes focus on all aspects of self-care from health to relationships to career.

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Give God Everything By More To Be

More to be is a website created by Elise Pulliam where she and others provide Christian based coaching to help you take personalized steps towards growing your relationship with Christ and discovering your purpose.

More To Be also posts podcasts focused on how to improve your life in a way that is pleasing to our creator.

From talking to my friends who have kids Ive noticed that having to take care of yourself, working a job, having a healthy marriage, and raising tiny little humans can be a lot at times. It puts a lot on your plate and there are so many worries as a parent that it sometimes causes anxiety when you start to think of everything that could happen to your kiddos.

In this episode of her podcast Elise Pulliam and special guest, Jessica Smart discuss coping with anxiety from a moms point of view, as well as how we should face our anxiety as Christians by sharing their personal stories.

To listen click here.

The Importance Of Parental Empathy

Matt TullyHave you ever heard someone describe what its like? Im thinking of those parents who are listening who maybe dont struggle with anxiety or depression and would love to better understand what it is their teen is is actually feeling. How would you describe what that might be like?

David MurrayIf youve ever been in a car accident, or youve come very close to a disasterfalling off a ladder or something like thatyour fight or flight system kicks in. As you see a car spinning towards you, or a tree coming towards you, youve got that adrenaline cortisol rush. Its just the most horrifying feeling. Or when somebody jumps up from behind and scares you.

Well, imagine that all the time. Not just you have a bad accident and twenty minutes later youre beginning to calm down, or a few seconds later after the scare from your sister or your brother. But this just keeps going and youre living in that state. Or if you think of the saddest time ever in your lifewhether its a bereavement or a great loss of some kindand again, just think of living like that. Hopefully these images can begin to help people understand and sympathize.

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The Trauma Therapist Project Podcast

Trauma-informed therapy is a growing field of psychology that requires a more thorough understanding of how trauma impacts a patient. Guy Macpherson, Ph.D., is a trauma therapist expert using his podcast to help more therapists apply trauma-informed care in their work.

Episodes are about thirty minutes and usually feature expert guests, like Doreen Hills, MS, NCC, LPC, the founder, and director at the Center for Healing Trauma & Attachment. In that episode, Hills and Macpherson discussed treatment options in healing traumatic distress and what it takes from therapists and healthcare providers.

Listen to The Trauma Therapist on Apple Podcasts.

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