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Where Can I Get Counselling For Depression

Depression As A Vicious Cycle

Depression Treatment Options: A Quick-Start Guide: What to Do If You’re Diagnosed With Depression

Depression affects people physically, emotionally and cognitively. All three of these are linked, and thus it can be hard to separate one from the other, and they fuel each other in an exhausting circle that can cause you to feel more trapped and hopeless. For example, if you are feeling low in mood, sad, a sense of hopelessness, you may not want to get out of bed or to move much . . . this then causes a sense of lethargy, heaviness and slow movement. These physical symptoms can cause feelings of low mood, sadness and tiredness and therefore you feel you cant get out of bed, go outside, etc. and so the cycle continues. . .. viciously.

Psychotherapy For Depression Treatment

If there is no underlying medical cause for your symptoms of depression, talk therapy can be an extremely effective treatment. What you learn in therapy gives you skills and insight to feel better and help prevent depression from coming back.

There are many types of therapy available. Three of the more common methods used in depression treatment include cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy, and psychodynamic therapy. Often, a blended approach is used.

Some types of therapy teach you practical techniques on how to reframe negative thinking and employ behavioral skills in combating depression. Therapy can also help you work through the root of your depression, helping you understand why you feel a certain way, what your triggers are for depression, and what you can do to stay healthy.

How Effective Is Counselling For Depression

According to the American Psychiatric Association, depression is extremely treatable, with 80-90% of people eventually responding well to their treatment, which may include counselling alone or a combination of counselling and medication. There is strong evidence that counselling is at least as effective as medication in treating depression, and counselling tends to be a more effective long term strategy, because it provides you with mental tools to deploy if your depression symptoms ever return. One of counsellings most important strengths is that it helps the client develop resilience in the face of adversity or suffering, enabling you to bounce back quicker.

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Taking Care Of Yourself

Theres a natural impulse to want to fix the problems of people we care about, but you cant control someone elses depression. You can, however, control how well you take care of yourself. Its just as important for you to stay healthy as it is for the depressed person to get treatment, so make your own well-being a priority.

Remember the advice of airline flight attendants: put on your own oxygen mask before you assist anyone else. In other words, make sure your own health and happiness are solid before you try to help someone who is depressed. You wont do your friend or family member any good if you collapse under the pressure of trying to help. When your own needs are taken care of, youll have the energy you need to lend a helping hand.

Speak up for yourself. You may be hesitant to speak out when the depressed person in your life upsets you or lets you down. However, honest communication will actually help the relationship in the long run. If youre suffering in silence and letting resentment build, your loved one will pick up on these negative emotions and feel even worse. Gently talk about how youre feeling before pent-up emotions make it too hard to communicate with sensitivity.

What Is A Reasonable Cost For Therapy

The Benefits of Counseling for Depression

The cost of therapy will vary from person to person based on their means and the necessity of the treatment, says Howes. Wealthy people with plenty of savings and disposable income will find that therapy for hundreds of dollars per session is reasonable, she says. Someone who is out of work and in debt may find any fee to be excessive.

You could say that a reasonable cost for therapy is an amount that represents a fair fee for the service the therapist provides. Howes says. And the cost is reasonable when it is an amount that the clients can pay without negative consequences to their lives. How much you may need therapy also comes into play. If someone is experiencing such debilitating symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome that they cannot hold a job, they may place a high value on therapy that could potentially help them regain the ability to function, Howes says. On the other hand, a student coming to therapy to decide whether or not to take a semester abroad may find therapy expendable, she explains.

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What Are General Methods Used To Treat Depression

Treatments that have a proven track record in the context of depression include, but are not limited to:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

CBT is an extremely effective method for altering the beliefs, ideas and behaviours that might be holding you back or triggering your depression. It focuses particularly on addressing and fixing the types of thought distortions that might lead you to believe or feel negative things, whether about yourself or about life in general.

Acceptance and commitment therapy

Encourages people to embrace their thoughts and accept them rather than struggling to resist them. It involves accepting the bad with the good, and while it can seem strange to start with it helps to build that ever-important resilience.

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

DBT is actually a form, or offshoot, of CBT, which involves developing healthy ways to cope with and regulate intense emotions, as well as improving interpersonal relationships.


Schematherapy involves identifying your schemas, which are essentially your ways of viewing the world. Another way to think of a schema is as a lens through which you view yourself, your life or events, that tints or affects how you see things. By identifying schemas, you can understand more about yourself and recognise how your perspective on certain issues may be contributing to your depression.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing


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Practice Good Sleep Hygiene

Depression often affects sleep in many ways. People with depression may sleep too little or too much. To minimize the effect of depression on sleep, make sure you practice good sleep hygiene. Stick to the same sleep schedule. Go to bed at the same time each evening. And, wake up at the same time every morning. Avoid taking naps during the day. Stop using electronics about an hour before bed.

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What Types Of Therapy Help Relieve Depression Symptoms

Psychotherapy, or talk therapy, can be a game changer for people who struggle with depression. A therapist can work with you to identify things that contribute to your symptoms, from grief to stress to buried traumas, and help you find actionable ways to change or adapt your thoughts and behaviors around those circumstances, among other practices.

Showing up for therapy to help treat your depression is a commitment: The conversations youll have with your trusted provider can be tough, messy, uncomfortable, and very emotional. But over time, you may find that talking to your therapist becomes easier, enlightening, and extremely rewarding.

There are two major ways to approach therapy for depression: individual therapy and group therapy. Individual psychotherapy is just what it sounds like: a one-on-one session with a trained mental health professional, which can take place at a hospital, medical clinic, therapists office, or your own home via telehealth. If youre new to therapy, you might feel most comfortable with individual sessions since theyre private. Plus, your therapist can get to know you on a deeper level this way and tailor their treatment recommendations to fit your particular situation.

It can also help you feel less alone. People are often very isolated with their mental health struggles, Dr. Combs says, so seeing there are other people out there who struggle can be very empowering.

Affordable Therapy Options: 5 Things You Can Do Right Now

Your Depression Is Lying to You: Depression Treatment Options: Depression Skills #1

During the pandemic, online therapy exploded and many of us received treatment from the comfort of our own homes. Support groups, both online and in-person, and peer counseling are typically more affordable options where you work through challenges related to addiction and other mental health struggles with people who have lived through similar experiences. And you may even find free therapy services in your neighborhood.

Lets take a look at a couple of strategies for finding affordable therapy with the right therapist. Dont be discouraged if you dont find the right therapist at your first appointment. It can take a few attempts to find the right fit.

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What Are The Different Types

Cognitive therapy, behavioral therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy focus on how your own thoughts and behaviors contribute to your depression. Your therapist will help you learn ways to react to things and challenge your preconceptions. You and your therapist might come up with goals. You might also get “homework” assignments, like to keep a journal or apply problem-solving techniques in particular situations.

Interpersonal therapy focuses on how your relationships with others play a role in your depression. It focuses on practical issues. You will learn how to spot unhealthy behaviors and change them.

Psychodynamic therapyis more traditional. You and your therapist explore behavior patterns and motivations that you may not be aware of which could contribute to depression. You may focus on any traumas from your childhood.

Individual counseling is a one-on-one session with a professional therapist who might be an MD , PhD , PsyD , LCSW , or NP , with experience in treating depression and other mood disorders. Your therapist can teach you more about depression and help you understand yours. You can discuss new strategies to manage stress and to keep your depression from getting worse or coming back.

Family therapy is a great way for your relatives to learn about depression and the early warning signs. Studies suggest that family sessions might really help with treatment, too, improving lifestyle, compliance with medication, and sleep habits.

How Do I Find A Therapist

You will want to find a qualified therapist — usually a psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker, psychiatric nurse, or counselor. If possible, find one who has expertise with treatment-resistant depression. Ask your doctor for recommendations. Or get in touch with an organization like the National Alliance on Mental Illness or the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance . Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration has a treatment locator.

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Life Supports Offers Experienced Depression Counsellors To Support You

Even if you feel unsure that what youre experiencing is depression, speaking to a qualified counsellor about your concerns can clarify whats happening, give you some effective tools to manage your mood, and help you to expand your sense of purpose, joy and connectedness to life again. Contact one of our friendly intake consultants for a private consultation today.

Never Own Your Anxiety

Depression Treatment

Whatever happens to you is like a gift from God. Try to learn from them and dont own the event, person or experience in question. Thus it wont have power over you. We tend to create anxiety from these life events whether positive or negative. If you choose not to own your anxiety, it cant own you.

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How To Find Treatment Near You

The first step in getting treatment for depression is making an appointment with your general practitioner. They can recommend doctors in your area.

If youre religious, ask your religious leader if they have counselors to recommend. Some people prefer faith-based counseling, which incorporates their religion into a treatment plan.

You can also check healthcare databases for therapists, psychiatrists, and counselors. These databases can provide you with information such as certifications, accepted insurance providers, and reviews left by other people. You can start with these databases:

Depression Discord And Slack Groups

Note: Both Slack and Discord are popular apps designed to help people talk to each other in real time. You will have to download the app in order to join these chats.

17) Make New Friends Here

Make New Friends Here is a site that was born from the SubReddit r/MakeNewFriendsHere. It is a good resource to connect with others, creating more personal relationships for more engaging one on one and group conversations.

18) r/Anxietys Discord

Its not r/Depression, but r/Anxiety has an active Discord group that features people chatting at all hours of the day. They would be happy to chat with you about depression even though they are focused on anxiety they just want to help.

19) The Haven

The Haven is an 18 and over community of peers who support each other through mental illness and life. They are also an official nonprofit organization looking to help members with financial aid or access to mental health care.

20) House of Misfits

House of Misfits is a mental health discord that doesnt shy away from the uncomfortable and hard situations that arise from mental illness. They are a community designed to support you through anything.

21) Gamers Fighting Depression

Discord started primarily as a chat app built for gamers. While the app now serves all communities, they still have an active chat designed for those who love gaming that are struggling with depression.

22) Mental Warriors


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How Can Counselling Help

A counsellor will listen to you without judging you.

They can help you explore your feelings, acknowledge them and accept them.

They can also support you to find your own ways to cope with what you are going through and suggest different strategies and self-care techniques.

Jackie says: There may be a bit of challenge in there too. As a therapist, its about being mindful of the persons language and challenging their negative thoughts where appropriate.

Self-acceptance is really important. A counsellor can help you with that.

Dont be too hard on yourself. Dont feel guilty for having a pyjama day. The more you try to stop depression the more it can suffocate you.

There are different types of therapy that may help you in different ways.

  • Interpersonal therapy can help understand your relationships with different people and if they are affecting you positively or negatively.
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy can help you manage your depression by changing the way you think and behave.
  • Person-centred and psychodynamic therapies can help you discover and explore the root cause of your depression and regain your self-confidence.

Jackie says: The important thing is for you to find out what works best for you. Its best for you to come to your own conclusions. Everybody is different.

Counselling Or Talk Therapy

3 Ways I Manage Depression (not therapy or meds)

The primary treatment for depression or anxiety is psychological counseling, also called talk therapy or psychotherapy. Several types of talk therapy have been shown to be safe and effective for the treatment of depression.

  • Cognitive behaviour therapy can help us see how our thoughts and actions are connected to our feelings. CBT teaches us how to replace negative, depressive thoughts and behaviours with more positive, constructive thoughts and actions.
  • Interpersonal psychotherapy focuses on improving relationships by helping us to resolve conflicts that are contributing to the depression.
  • Solution-focused therapy focuses on personal strengths and helps us to create a positive future for ourself by finding solutions to our stresses and problems.

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What Is Online Therapy

Online therapy is an opportunity to meet with your therapist online, using a HIPAA compliant platform, says Dr. Tracy W. Lowenthal, a licensed clinical psychologist in California.

Also known as telemental healthcare, its often done over a messaging app, video chat, or even over the phone.

Because online therapy is accessible through an internet connection and a device, Marilyn Denovish, a multidisciplinary therapist, says that online therapy can be as effective, sometimes even more so, than traditional face-to-face services.

This is because people might find it easier to open up to a therapist when they can talk to them from the comfort of their home.

We selected each free or low-cost online therapy service based on key features to ensure the mental health support offered is:

  • secure
  • affordable
  • reliable

We also considered how long a patient needs to wait for an appointment, whether the service offers 24/7 support, and if the service offers video and phone chat, live chat, and text messaging.

How Effective Is Psilocybin Therapy For Depression

There is still a lot of research that needs to be done to determine just how effective psilocybin therapy is for depression. However, early studies have shown that psilocybin may be an effective treatment for depression.

For example, one study found that psilocybin therapy produced rapid antidepressant effects in patients with treatment-resistant depression. This was true even though the participants were not likely to benefit from conventional treatments for depression, such as antidepressant medications.

Psilocybin therapy could also have long-term benefits. While most therapies are typically provided on an as-needed basis, this study found that participants with depression continued to improve after their psilocybin sessions were completed.

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What Happens At Counselling For Depression

Depression is a broad term, and there are many factors that will impact the direction your counsellor chooses to take in your session. Most importantly, a good, experienced practitioner will be adept at attuning the session to your needs and allowing you to maintain a sense of control over your own treatment. Depression counselling is a bit of a journey, but will involve identifying triggers and sources in your life and developing the tools to essentially re-train your brain to cope with those issues better.

How To Find The Best Therapist For You

How Can I Become a Grief Counselor?

If youre ready to talk to a therapist about your depression, youre headed in a good directionbut its important to keep in mind that finding the best therapist for you might take some time, and thats totally normal. Lots of factors, such as insurance coverage, where you live, the hours you work, the type of therapy practiced, and your overall experience with a therapist, can contribute to finding the one.

If you dont have a physician you feel comfortable talking to about your depression and you have insurance, then you can start by contacting your insurance company to ask about mental health coverage. Once you find out what types of services are covered, you can start making a list of potential therapists to reach out to by browsing your insurance companys directory or another online directory, like this one from the Anxiety & Depression Association of America. Then, when you have some promising names, youll want to reach out to them for a preliminary call or consultation. Make sure you create a list of questions youd like answered before you commit to an appointment, including whether or not they take your insurance to verify coverage.

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