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Why Do I Feel So Depressed In The Morning

Appreciate The Little Things In Life

WAKING UP DEPRESSED AND ANXIOUS? Here’s The Solution | Wu Wei Wisdom

Youd be astonished to know how something as not worrying too much can make a big difference in your life. Youd be amazed at how little things in life can make you happy. A little sunlight, playing with your pet, smelling the fresh air, star gazing, or listening to birds sings can make you instantly happy. These are all free but are all proven effective in combatting sadness.

You have more things to explore in life, and instead of focusing on the destination, enjoy the process. Enjoy the little moments in your life that lead you to bigger and better experiences. All the simple things that happen in your life can free you of your worries.

Who Is At Risk For Seasonal Affective Disorder

SAD is more common in younger people and women. Youre also at higher risk if you:

  • Have another mood disorder, such as major depressive disorder or bipolar disorder.
  • Have relatives with other mental health conditions, such as depression or schizophrenia.
  • Live at high latitudes , such as Alaska or New England.
  • Live in cloudy regions.

How Is Seasonal Affective Disorder Diagnosed

If you have symptoms of SAD, dont try to diagnose yourself. See a healthcare provider for a thorough evaluation. You may have a physical issue thats causing depression. But many times, seasonal affective disorder is part of a more complex mental health issue.

Your provider may refer you to a psychiatrist or psychologist. These mental health professionals talk to you about your symptoms. They consider the pattern of symptoms and decide if you have seasonal depression or another mood disorder. You may need to fill out a questionnaire to determine if you have SAD.

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I Also Take The Occasional Lorazepam A Sedative But My Doctor Withholds Them Most Of The Time I Am 82

Pauline Andrews, London.

‘Diurnal variation of mood’: Feeling depressed in the morning and improving as the day wears on

When I first started in general practice I was shocked to hear patients say they would rather have cancer than depression.

They felt that cancer would be something more tangible and others would understand their suffering.

As it is there is still this unfortunate attitude that people who are depressed should be able to pull themselves together and get on with life something that you will appreciate is just not possible.

Depression is not the same as feeling sad, a reaction to the pressures, tragedies, and painful dramas of life. It causes disruption to the whole body.

The skin and hair can become lank, dull, and difficult to manage the intestines stop working properly leading to bloating, constipation, halitosis, loss of appetite and nausea the immune system also doesnt work as well, so youre prone to infections many also have problems sleeping.

The symptom you describe feeling depressed in the morning, and improving as the day wears on is a classic one: we call it diurnal variation of mood.

Along with early morning waking, lack of energy, and poor memory and concentration, it is a characteristic of depression and this symptom forms part of the diagnosis.

Sometimes its just a question of trial and error.

Why Is My Anxiety And Depression Worse In The Mornings

 25+ Best Memes About Deep Breaths

Its all happened to us at one point or another your alarm goes off on the morning of a big interview or test, and your heart is already racing just thinking about the day ahead. Morning anxiety is pretty common, especially in our high-stress modern lives, but it affects some people more than others.

One of my childhood friends is the very definition of a successful woman: she has a high-paying job in a respected industry, a fun and active social life, and a loving family. I thought she had it all. But during a brunch get-together, she confided in me that she wakes up every day with terrible anxiety.

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Why Do I Feel Depressed In The Fall

The change in seasons affects everyone. The intensity and duration of light is what determines patterns for all living entities: new green leaves appear in the spring, bears go into hibernation in the winter. The privilege of being alive is dependent on sunlight.

Many people react to changes in light with shifts in energy level and mood, and for some the fall is a difficult time. Days become shorter we see the migrations of birds and reflect the leaves fall and winter is on its way. Joni Mitchell captures a doleful fall mood in the lyrics for her song Urge for Going: And all that stays is dying and all that lives is getting out.

For those experiencing depressions at any time of the year, it is wise to keep a diary, even if you only write down a single word on your calendar that captures your mood on a given day. Over time, one will be able to reflect and, in discussion with health-care providers, explore if there is a seasonal pattern. This is important, as everyone is different. The seasonal behaviors of some mammals are highly predictable, but less so for humanity.

Everyday Life Contains Happy Feelings And Sad Ones

The truth is when you allow yourself to feel your sadness in a healthy way you discover that it has a natural lifespan and will pass through you, dissipating on its own. It will surely come back but will pass through you again and you will become stronger with each passing. The act of giving yourself permission to feel what you feel helps you to understand who you are and gain trust in your own ability to take care of yourself.

If you stop running from the sad feelings you will have more energy to devote to what is important to you rather than using it up trying to fend off what you are not allowed to or afraid of feeling.

A healthy balanced life does not center around pursuing just one feelinghappy. We are at our most content and healthy when we give ourselves permission to be who we are and feel all of our feelings, the ones we like and the ones we dont like.

To learn more about how to embrace sadness or other emotions you may be uncomfortable experiencing contact me and we will work with them together.

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Eat A Nutritious Breakfast Every Day

When we wake in the morning, our blood sugar levels can be very low and by skipping breakfast, you may be more likely to feel tired and unable to function properly over your morning.

Eating a nutritious wholefood breakfast every day brings your blood sugar levels back up to a level where you can function more efficiently and helps to reduce tiredness associated with morning depression. Do your best to steer clear of heavily processed foods that are often high in sugar, as you may feel energetic in the short term and then crash later on, which can amplify any feelings of depression.

Have Something To Look Forward To

Sunday Devotion | I Am Grateful so Why Do I Feel Sad? | Morning Meditation

Whether its something you enjoy once youre out of bed, or an activity later in the day, it can be really helpful to schedule in something enjoyable you can look forward to each day when you are suffering from morning depression.

For example, you may wish to wake earlier than normal and enjoy a warm cup of tea or coffee while the sun rises or take your dog for a stroll before heading off to school/work. . Perhaps you may wish to take a little extra time to prepare a breakfast you love, such as a healthy nutrient-dense smoothie or wholefood pancakes with fresh fruit and nuts/seeds.

You may prefer to schedule in something to enjoy at lunchtime or later in your day if you find taking time out in the morning for yourself too difficult. For example, meeting up with a friend for lunch or dinner, attending a gentle PM yoga class or getting cosy on the couch with a good book later in the evening.

Whatever it is that you enjoy, be sure to make time for it so you have something to look forward to each day. Even if you can put aside only a very short amount of time, say five to ten minutes make a habit of doing something each day which makes you feel happy.

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What The Doctor Ordered

Therapy is often the best treatment for morning depression. Though it isnt perfect for everyone, discussing all your thoughts and feelings with a trained professional is a great way to understand your depression and the best ways to get through it.

Going to therapy might feel scary, but even just a couple of sessions could give you much better coping mechanisms for those days you dont want to get up. If you dont have the cash to see a therapist, there are low cost options out there. Go to for more information about the resources near you or check out this handy dandy article.

For some people, antidepressant medication is the best option, although theres no pill specifically for morning depression.

Some research shows that SSRIs might not be the most effective choice, but SNRIs may help regulate your overall mood and even out the morning-to-night fluctuations.

It can take a while to find the right medication and dosage for you. If your pills are causing side effects that are worse than the depression, be sure to talk to your healthcare provider about trying a different medication. They can make adjustments until you get the balance you need.

Some studies also suggest that light therapy, in combination with medication, may help with depression.

More research needs to be done, but there are some promising results that suggest BLT sessions in the morning may be effective in treating depression.

Why We Evolved To Dream

Dreaming takes place in the stage of sleep known as REM . All mammals and some birds show REM sleep. The other stage of sleep, non-REM slow wave sleep, is the vital recuperative period when the brain is reinvigorated and the immune system boosted so we feel refreshed when we wake up. For many years, one fact puzzled sleep scientiststhe finding that depressed people have proportionally more REM sleep than non-depressed people, and that their REM sleep was more intense. To explain this, we need a little diversion into biology.

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Become More Vibrant During Morning Hours

Imagine what it would feel to function more efficiently and leave behind tiredness associated with morning depression.

Wouldnt it be refreshing to get up full of energy, vitality, and exhilaration? Imagine what your morning would look like when you are free of depression. Once you start your morning with happiness and joy, your entire day will match to this starting point.

No more fear of dealing with reality and daily routines. No more lack of motivation to get out of bed due to draining morning depression. From now on, all of this can change for you because you will create new and healthy conditioning!

It is time to raise your energy vibration and change the way you perceive your life. As you continue practicing, you will feel safer because you will not view the world around you as threatening.

Your lack of energy and depression will be replaced with excitement as you continuously embrace positive and empowering patterns.

This is your time to say goodbye to morning depression and finally, open your eyes with a genuine passion to start your day early.

Depression Can Be Treated

Why Do I Get Depressed At Night And What Can I Do About It ...

Even the most severe cases of depression can be treated. Depression is commonly treated with medication, psychotherapy , or a combination of the two.

Antidepressants are medications commonly used to treat depression. People respond differently to antidepressants, and you may need to try different medicines to find the one that works best. Researchers also are studying and developing other medications for depression, such as brexanolone for postpartum depression, and esketamine. You can learn about recent developments on these and other medications at NIMH’s Science News webpage under the topic Treatments.

There are many different types of psychotherapy, such as cognitive behavioral therapy or interpersonal therapy. The particular approach a therapist uses depends on the condition being treated and the training and experience of the therapist. Therapists also may combine and adapt elements of different approaches.

Depression affects each individual differently. There is no one-size-fits-all for treatment. It may take some trial and error to find the treatment that works best. You can learn more about the different types of depression treatment, including psychotherapy, medication, and brain stimulation therapies, on the NIMHs webpage about depression. Visit the Food and Drug Administration website for the latest information on warnings, patient medication guides, and newly approved medications.

What to Consider When Looking for a Therapist

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Tip : Reach Out To Family And Friendsand Let Them Help

Close relationships are vital in reducing isolation and helping you manage SAD. Participate in social activities, even if you dont feel like it. It may feel more comfortable to retreat into your shell, but being around other people will boost your mood. Even if youve retreated from relationships that were once important to you, make the effort to reconnect or start new relationships.

. Or reach out to someone newa work colleague or neighbor, for example. Most of us feel awkward about reaching out, but be the one to break the ice.

Join a support group for depression. Sometimes, just talking about what youre going through can help you feel better. Being with others who are facing the same problems can help reduce your sense of isolation and provide inspiration to make positive changes.

Meet new people with a common interest by taking a class, joining a club, or enrolling in a special interest group that meets on a regular basis. Whatever you choose, make sure its something thats fun for you.

Volunteer your time. Helping others is one of the best ways to feel better about yourself, expand your social network, and overcome SAD.

You May Be Depressed You Just Dont Know It

There are many reasons why you may feel sad and just dont know it. You may be unaware of the symptoms, in denial, or you may have mistaken the symptoms for something else. Others may be aware of the symptoms but just dont realize its happening.

Reasons Why Dont Realize That Youre Depressed

  • Youve been depressed for some time now, and it seems like these feelings are normal to you. This is especially true for people who have been depressed since childhood.
  • Not everyone with depression may have sad emotions. Some may just feel tired, experience loss of interest in activities, low energy, and poor concentration.
  • The symptoms of depression may develop slowly, and you may not recognize them.
  • Youre dismissive about what you feel because you dont want to admit youre depressed, as you may perceive it as a sign of weakness.

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Low Blood Sugar Levels

There is a direct link between mood and blood glucose balance. This is part of our survival system humans and animals get very unhappy when their blood sugar is low. This mechanism is designed to make finding food a priority. While you sleep, your blood sugar progressively drops. The reason for this is that you havent eaten anything during the night and your bodys alarm system goes off as you are waking in the morning.

What Type Of Antidepressants Can Help With Seasonal Affective Disorder

If you’re feeling depressed, anxious, sad, or angry WATCH THIS!!!

Medications called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors can treat SAD. They improve mood by regulating serotonin levels in your body.

Another approved antidepressant called bupropion comes as an extended-release tablet. It can prevent seasonal depression episodes when people take it daily from fall to early spring.

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When To See A Gp

You should consider seeing a GP if you think you might have SAD and you’re struggling to cope.

The GP can carry out an assessment to check your mental health. They may ask you about your mood, lifestyle, eating habits and sleeping patterns, plus any seasonal changes in your thoughts and behaviour.

Allow Yourself To Feel It

This might sound counterintuitive, but its not healthy to push away and ignore your feelings of anxiety. Instead, take a few minutes to acknowledge and feel what youre really feeling. But you cant allow yourself to wallow in it either set a timer for 5-10 minutes, and once the time is up, go on to the next thing you have to do.

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Start Your Day By Doing Something That Makes You Feel Good

This relates to the previous tip. You do not have to start off just to get ready to go to work. Your job should NOT be the reason you wake up in the morning.

A while ago, when I experienced depression in the morning, I developed a new habit I biked to the lake every day and wrote a journal.

People dont even know how therapeutic writing can be. Every time I did it, I felt centered and balanced. Writing focused my thoughts and gave me clarity about many things. It also greatly lessened my morning depression until it vanished entirely.

Morning Depression: Why You Wake Up Feeling Depressed And How To Cope


Did you wake up depressed and tired? The good news is there are ways to help. A diurnal variation known as morning depression happens to more people than you think.

Sometimes these changes in overall mood happen rapidly and randomly. The strange thing is, people often just think its grogginess or a normal process of waking up, but its not. Morning depression is characterized by several symptoms that may differ from the normal process of waking.

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