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Depression Support Groups Savannah Ga

Depression Treatment Center In Savannah Georgia

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  • Title: Depression Treatment Center in Savannah, Georgia
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    The doctor, the therapist, and medicine are not enough in learning how to live life in spite of having a mental health challenge.

    And those with lived experience can model and empower one another.

    As peers, we believe there is hope, and it is possible to live well because we have been there.

    We guide and support those with a mental illness, along with their loved ones, to find hope that is based on research so that they and their loved ones can have hope and dreams again, and live a faith-filled, full, and vibrant life.

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    Depressionsbehandlingscenter I Savannah Georgia

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    Hello I’m Hunter Bickers

    I work with adults and adolescents and focus mainly on substance abuse, anxiety, depression, and trauma. I strive to encourage clients and help them overcome obstacles in their lives while aiding them develop lasting coping skills to do so. I believe that everyone has the answers within them. Sometimes we just need a little help finding them. I team up with clients to create a positive relationship that can help them overcome issues and reach their goals.

    I received a Bachelor of History from the University of Georgia. I then obtained a Masters in Counseling and Development from Lamar University. I am a Certified Master Addiction Counselor with the Georgia Addiction Counselors Association. I am currently under supervision as I work toward becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor. I have worked with clients in a variety of settings, including providing individual, group, and family therapies. My therapeutic approach comes from cognitive-behavioral therapy, person-centered therapy, solution focused therapy, and reality therapy.

    I most recently served as a Substance Abuse Counselor with Penfield Addiction Ministries for over three years. Helping people is my passion, and I look forward to hearing about how I can work with you. Click here to make an appointment with Hunter.

    Pros & Cons Of Depression Treatment Centers In Savannah Georgia

    Southern Mamas » Postpartum Depression Support

    Pros of Depression Treatment Centers in Savannah, Georgia

    • Seamless transition- because you are located in one place in Savannah, Georgia and receiving treatment there, part of their job when it comes time for you to leave the premises is to make sure it is safe for you to do so. These centers ensure that patients have a seamless transition back into normal life and that they are already set up for therapy and support groups before they exit the program
    • Community. When you are a part of these programs, you live with people in Savannah, Georgia who are on the same uphill battle that you are on. This kind of support cannot be imitated anywhere else and it is often vital to positive outcomes for those dealing with severe depression and mental health conditions.

    Do I Need a Depression Treatment Center near Savannah, Georgia?

    Despite the potential cost, these treatments in Savannah, Georgia are often vital to your healing and recovery. They are not likely a perfect cure for your depression, but they have a lot of what you may need to heal all in one place. And you cannot beat the support. The cost may seem hefty but is often well worth the price. If you are wondering whether you need to begin seeking out depression treatment centers in Savannah, Georgia, here are a few key signs you may need residential depression rehab:

    All types of Rehab in Savannah, Georgia

    Eating Disorder Treatment Centers in Savannah, Georgia

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    Syndie Wallace Lapc Ncc

    Licensed Associated Professional Counselor | Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor

    Life is a gift that is beautiful and wonderful, but often unpredictable and messy too. Sometimes we find ourselves in need of help to gain perspective and insight, or to establish and work towards goals in order to live a life purpose and joy. I believe people have incredible resilience and great capacity to make changes that will help them create the life they want. I count it a privilege to offer assistance on this journey.

    My diverse career history includes working as Creative Arts Director at several non-profit organizations, personal experience with disordered eating and recovery, and more than a decade of working in hospice and end-of-life care. In this role I provided support, guidance, and direction for terminal patients and their families along with teaching educational classes. My love for therapeutic counseling blossomed in this environment, prompting a return to school to earn a Masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

    Depression Rehabs In Savannah Georgia

    Mental health disorders, such as depression, can have an extremely adverse effect on the quality of your life. Occasional therapy sessions and medication may not completely resolve the issue for you. You may need a little extra attention and that is nothing to be ashamed about. Everyone is different, has a different lifestyle, and a different amount of support available to them. One Depression Treatment Centers in Savannah, Georgia, may be the key to your healing.

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    Jenna Koellner Rd Ceds

    Registered Dietitian | Certified Eating Disorder Specialist

    I like to think of myself as a non-diet dietitian. I am a firm believer in all foods fit! A healthy relationship with food is just the beginning. Food nourishes the soul. When your soul is healthy and strong, so is your body and heart. We are here to help clients find their balance. I am passionate about helping clients work toward their goals and putting a plan in place to not only achieve their goals, but maintain them throughout life.

    I am licensed as a Registered Dietitian in Georgia and South Carolina. I received my Bachelor of Science degree from The University of Akron and then went on to complete my dietetic internship with Priority Nutrition Care. Most of my recent work has been in the clinical setting. I plan to further my education and receive a Masters Degree in Nutrition and specialize in nutrition counseling.

    To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.

    La Rochefoucald

    Hello Im Camie Goodes

    Free support groups for mental health

    I am passionate about helping individuals and families struggling in the trenches of lifes issues. I have experience working with individuals, couples, and families. I help clients dealing with trauma anxiety, depression, behavioral problems, and angry outbursts. I enjoy working with clients suffering from a variety of personality disorders such as Borderline Personality Disorder. I work with couples by providing a variety of techniques to decrease destructive patterns. Partners learn tools to build and rebuild their relationship.

    Although I have experience with an array of issues, I am most passionate about couples in conflict, disengaged families, individuals with substance abuse, and those healing from sexual infidelity and addiction. I provide a wide variety of counseling techniques, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Solution-Focused Therapy, Family Systems Approach, Psychoeducation, and meditation. I also offer Christian counseling to those that are wanting a faith-based perspective in their healing.

    I am honored to be a part of The Waters Edge Team, and I look forward to working with you!!

    Click here to make an appointment with Camie.

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    Mieke Kramer Lpc Ceds Ceds

    Clinical Director & Psychotherapist

    I have a private practice in downtown Savannah, Georgia. I am a licensed professional counselor in the State of Georgia, earning my Bachelor of Science in Biology at Emory University, Atlanta, GA and my Master of Arts in professional counseling at Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA.

    My career path began in health care as I worked as an Exercise Physiologist and Nutritional coach at the Candler/St. Joseph Hospital Wellness Clinic. Working with clients from specialized populations to athletes, it was here that I recognized how the physical and emotional identities exist in tandem to each other. I find that I am constantly learning from the best experts in the field of change and transformation, my clients. And thus a journey from wellness counseling to professional counseling began.

    Ive worked in both residential, inpatient, and partial hospitalization levels of care. Ive learned from and worked with some of the countrys top experts in the field of eating disorders including Dine Monte Nido and the Riley Wellness Group.

    Over the years, Ive facilitated a number of different groups including womens trauma informed care groups, addiction groups, meal support groups, body esteem for teens groups and family/parent skills groups.

    Virtual And In Person Connection And Family Support Groups

    While many of our support groups are meeting virtually by remote connection, there are affiliates that have resumed in-person meetings. Please check each affiliate support group listing for more details.

    • NAMI Connection Recovery Support Groups offer respect, understanding, encouragement and hope for those living in recovery.
    • NAMI Family Support Groups are for families, caregivers and loved ones of those who live with mental health challenges

    NAMI Albany

    2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month7:00 pmTo attend virtually, email for details:

    Connection Recovery Support Group

    2nd and 4th Thursday of each month6:30 – 7:30 pmTo attend virtually, email for details:

    2nd Tuesday of each month6:00 pmTo attend virtually, email for details:

    2nd Monday of each month7:00 pmTo attend virtually, email for details:

    Family Support Group

    3rd Monday of each month6:00 – 7:30 pm

    Email for details:

    Mondays, weekly 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. except for holidays*

    In-Person Location: First Presbyterian Church Downstairs in room 049 189 Church Street Marietta, GA 30060

    To attend in-person peer support meetings, email for details: namicobb1gmail.comor Paul Miner at

    Family Support Group

    Mondays, weekly 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. except for holidays*

    In-Person Location: First Presbyterian Church Downstairs in room 053 189 Church Street Marietta, GA 30060

    To attend in-person family support group meetings, email for details: or Neill at .

    Groups do not meet on the following holidays because the church is closed:

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    Hello I’m Lisa Gardner

    I am in the business of helping people. In my role as Director of Operations for Waters Edge Counseling, I can do just that. As a former Dental Assistant, school Administrative Assistant and Front Desk Manager, I have a vast amount of experience in talking with people from all walks of life. And, being a people person, I have found a great spot with Waters Edge Counseling.

    Originally from Brentwood, Tennessee, I eventually made my way down south to Savannah and have enjoyed building a life here with my husband, Kip, and our two children, Olivia and Kade. I am passionate about family life but also like a good work-life balance.

    When you call Waters Edge Counseling, I will most likely be your first point-of-contact. I strive to make everyone feel at ease and help you find what you’re looking for in a counselor. I am so happy to have joined the Waters Edge Counseling team and look forward to talking with you.

    In 2022 Psychcentral Ranked Dbsa Support Groups Best Overall

    Savannah (2)

    Read the full article here.

    During the COVID-19 health crisis, DBSA support groups are not meeting in person. Many groups are using online meeting tools, social media, email, and other channels to keep people and families connected to the resources they need.

    DBSA offers both in-person and online support groups to help you find support near you. Take the next step toward wellness for yourself or someone you love.

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    Rehab Fr Depression I Savannah Georgia

    Psykiska störningar, såsom depression, kan ha en extremt negativ effekt på din livskvalitet. Enstaka terapisessioner och medicinering kanske inte helt löser problemet för dig. Du kan behöva lite extra uppmärksamhet och det är inget att skämmas över. Alla är olika, har en annan livsstil och olika mängd stöd tillgängligt för dem. Ett depressionsbehandlingscenter i Savannah, Georgia, kan vara nyckeln till din läkning.

    Hello I’m Leigh Serroka

    I enjoy working with children, adolescents, and college students in therapy. I believe therapy is a safe space where we can discuss current issues and practice different strategies and develop healthy habits and relationships.

    I received a Bachelor of Human Development in Childhood and Adolescence from Virginia Tech and a Masters in Social Work from George Mason University. I have over five years of experience working with children and teens in multiple settings including schools, residential centers and in client’s homes. I am currently working toward my Licensed Clinical Social Worker certification.

    Click here to make an appointment with Leigh.

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    What Are Depression Treatment Centers In Savannah Georgia

    Depression Treatment Centers in Savannah, Georgia come in many shapes and sizes, but the approach to treatment and healing is often similar. Usually, patients receive some sort of regular individual therapy, guided community time, and other activities that help alleviate and heal symptoms. After spending time in a Savannah, Georgia depression center, you are often released and it is recommended that you continue to attend outpatient group therapy and individual therapy sessionsto round out your experience.

    Hello I’m Devin Philbeck

    It Takes a Village: Local mom support group aims to help with postpartum depression

    I love working with adolescents, adults, couples and families. I want to create a space where clients feel safe so we can work together towards their goals.

    I graduated from Georgia Southern University with a Bachelor of Psychology and a Minor in Child Health & Family Development and received my Masters of Art degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Liberty University. I am currently under supervision as I work towards receiving my Licensure as a Professional Counselor. I am trained in Level 1 Gottman Method Couples Therapy and am a SYMBIS certified pre-marital therapist.

    I am originally from Peachtree Corners, GA, and moved to Savannah with my husband. I am grateful to get to work at Waters Edge Counseling and look forward to working with you.

    Appointments are limited – please call for availability. 912.319.5552

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    Hello I’m Amanda Baskin

    I love working with children, adolescents, adults, and families in therapy. I aim to encourage and empower each and every one of my clients to achieve their goals. I advocate for therapy being a collaborative effort between the therapist and client, regardless of the clients age.

    I received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology at Georgia College and State University. I then obtained a Masters in Social Work and a Marriage and Family Therapy Certificate from the University of Georgia. I am a Licensed Master Social Worker in the state of Georgia. I am currently under supervision as I work toward becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker . I have worked with clients in a variety of outpatient settings, including providing individual, group, and family therapies.

    In my practice, I apply a strengths-based approach for all my clients, as I have found that each client I have worked with has more to offer than they realize. I apply a variety of therapeutic techniques, such as Play Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy , Psychoeducation, and Solution-Focused Therapy. In the past, I also provided social skills-based therapy for children and adolescents. Appointments are limited – please call for availability. 912.319.5552

    Hello Im Gamu Postell

    I love to help children, teenagers, and college students work through lifes challenges and struggles. Anxiety and depression are real issues that young people face, especially during major life events and transitions. I enjoy providing the tools and support they need to work through their emotions in order to help them succeed in all areas of their lives. In addition, I know that oftentimes parents need extra support and direction as their children and loved ones sort through their struggles. I not only treat the client but also help the family to find resources and skills to assist their child.

    Based on the clients presenting concern, I create a specific plan to address each problem. I give treatment based on the needs and age of the client. For example, I use play therapy techniques to help children resolve internal conflicts that create unwanted symptoms. I find that children and adolescents enjoy art therapy and storytelling to help accomplish treatment goals. I have been known to pull out the sand tray with younger children. With college students, I focus more on talk therapy and give specific skills to help face challenges. My goal in therapy is to create a safe space that enables clients to explore difficult feelings and help increase their resilience and sense of self.

    Click here to make an appointment with Gamu.

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