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How To Beat Your Depression

Wake Up At The Same Time Every Morning

How to Beat Your Depression.

Depression often messes with your sleep schedule. About 75 percent of depressed people have insomnia, and about 40 percent have hypersomnia .

Waking up at different times every day confuses your biology. It stops producing hormones and brain chemicals at the right daily intervals, which can lead to further depression.

Getting your body on a structured sleep schedule can make a bigger difference than you might think. One of the most effective non-pharmacological treatments to beat depression is getting patients on a consistent sleep-wake cycle. Waking up at a set time is more important than going to bed at a set time.

You dont have to wake up early if it doesnt feel right to you. Just pick a time and stick to it, whether its 6 AM or 10 AM. The first couple days will be a real challenge. Youll probably wake up feeling groggy, especially if youre dealing with insomnia, and you may be exhausted throughout the day. But if you can just set an alarm and get out of bed when it goes off, you can cause major shifts in your body that gear you toward happiness and stability.

Pro tip: if you really struggle with getting up when your alarm goes off, buy an old-fashioned alarm clock, set it, and put it in the bathroom. That way you cant stay in bed and hit the snooze button.

Dont underestimate the power of routine when youre depressed. Get on a steady sleep schedule and add some structure to your day.

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Ok Im Feeling Depressed So Now What

Now that you know the symptoms of depression, some positive coping skills can be useful. All of the following techniques are supported by scientific research and medication prescribers like psychiatrists and these skills are frequently recommended as important parts of treatment even for patients who continue to take antidepressant medications.

WARNING: Do not suddenly go off your prescribed antidepressant medications without first talking to your medical provider. Discuss any questions or concerns about the side effects of your medications with your provider.

Do The Opposite Of What The Depression Voice Suggests

The negative, irrational voice in your head may talk you out of self-help. However, if you can learn to recognize it, you can learn to replace it. Use logic as a weapon. Address each thought individually as it occurs.

If you believe an event wont be fun or worth your time, say to yourself, You might be right, but itll be better than just sitting here another night. You may soon see the negative isnt always realistic.

A lengthy to-do list may be so weighty that youd rather do nothing. Instead of compiling a long list of tasks, consider setting one or two smaller goals.

For example:

  • Dont clean the house take the trash out.
  • Dont do all the laundry thats piled up just sort the piles by color.
  • Dont clear out your entire email inbox just address any time-sensitive messages.

When youve done a small thing, set your eyes on another small thing, and then another. This way, you have a list of tangible achievements and not an untouched to-do list.

All goals are worthy of recognition, and all successes are worthy of celebration. When you achieve a goal, do your best to recognize it.

You may not feel like celebrating with a cake and confetti, but recognizing your own successes can be a very powerful weapon against depressions negative weight.

The memory of a job well-done may be especially powerful against negative talk and overgeneralization.

Focus on times when you feel the most disorganized or scattered.

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How To Reach Out For Depression Support

Look for support from people who make you feel safe and cared for. The person you talk to doesnt have to be able to fix you they just need to be a good listenersomeone wholl listen attentively and compassionately without being distracted or judging you.

Make face-time a priority. Phone calls, social media, and texting are great ways to stay in touch, but they dont replace good old-fashioned in-person quality time. The simple act of talking to someone face to face about how you feel can play a big role in relieving depression and keeping it away.

Try to keep up with social activities even if you dont feel like it. Often when youre depressed, it feels more comfortable to retreat into your shell, but being around other people will make you feel less depressed.

Find ways to support others. Its nice to receive support, but research shows you get an even bigger mood boost from providing support yourself. So find waysboth big and smallto help others: volunteer, be a listening ear for a friend, do something nice for somebody.

Care for a pet. While nothing can replace the human connection, pets can bring joy and companionship into your life and help you feel less isolated. Caring for a pet can also get you outside of yourself and give you a sense of being neededboth powerful antidotes to depression.

10 tips for staying connected

  • Talk to one person about your feelings.
  • Help someone else by volunteering.
  • Have lunch or coffee with a friend.
  • Schedule a weekly dinner date.
  • More Spirit Fillers Less Time Killers

    Babelcube  Anxiety: smart ways to beat anxiety and depression

    Very often, the cycle of depression feeds on itself. We feel depressed, so its really hard to find the motivation and energy to do the uplifting things that have the potential to feed our spirits. Then we feel even more depressed. And so it goes.

    This tip is about raising your awareness of how you fill the hours in your day. Its far too easy to spend our days doing things that fill our time, but dont necessarily fill our spirits. I know it can be hard to break out of our usual routines and do something thats new or different or that might bring up emotions. But in the end, finding activities to fill our spirits helps so much with decreasing depression and increasing peace.

    Of course, everyone needs to find what feeds their spirits. One person might love gardening and another person might find it to be a chore. One person might enjoy cooking and someone else doesnt like cooking at all. Its such an individual exploration, but the bottom line is, if we keep doing what were doing, were going to keep getting what were getting. If you have been spending a lot of time in negativity, inactivity, or isolation, in order to lift your spirits, youll need to make some changes.

    Think about the ways that you spend your time. Not just the usual things you do each day like work, school, childcare or meal preparation, but the things you do in between the things you do:

  • Expanding The HeartAndrea Wachter7:00
  • Feeling Safe In This MomentAndrea Wachter10:04
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    Strategy : Challenge Your Scripts

    People struggling with depression can often be heard saying things like Im stupid, I can never do anything right, Im a failure, etc.

    These types of thoughts run through our minds every day, all day, like a recording on a loop.

    This is what counselors often call mental scripts

    When the script is upbeat and positive, you feel great.

    But when the script is negative and dark you feel down.

    One reason depression is challenging to overcome is because you have powerful scripts that are hard to break free of.

    Many people find that their scripts sound like someone who has repeatedly told them negative things about themselves. Maybe its a parent or spouse.

    Many times we unknowingly begin to believe these messages.

    10 of the most common unhealthy thinking patterns and mental scripts include:

  • All-or-Nothing Thinking: Thinking in one extreme or the other. My days are always bad I cannever do anything right.
  • Catastrophizing: Assuming the worst possible outcomes. Things can not get any worse than this
  • Double Standard: Holding yourself to a different standard than you would those around you. It may be okay for you to flunk a test, but I have to get straight As
  • False Permanence: Believing a negative feeling or situation will never improve. Im going to feel this way for the rest of my life.
  • Magical Thinking: Believing that everything would be better if you were ___. I would be happier if I could just lose weight
  • Challenge the Script:

    How Medication May Help

    While self-help and lifestyle changes can help you beat depression, you may be too depressed to even begin. If you feel immobilized and powerless to kickstart any forward motion in spite of your efforts, medication may be a necessary stepping stone. There is no shame in using any and all tools at your disposal to get better.

    While antidepressants are not a replacement for lifestyle changes, they can be used to reduce anything from more minor symptoms all the way up to suicidal thoughts, enough that you are able to begin developing healthier habits. Find a doctor or therapist who listens to any questions and concerns you may have, and who takes the time to clearly discuss all options available in positive ways, along with possible side effects and benefits. While medication is not the best option for everyone, it may be the difference-maker for you.

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    Small Steps Big Impact

    Depression can drain your energy, leaving you feeling empty and fatigued. This can make it difficult to muster the strength or desire to seek treatment.

    However, there are small steps you can take to help you feel more in control and improve your overall sense of well-being.

    Read on to learn how to incorporate these strategies in a way that makes sense for you.

    Tip : Eat A Healthy Depression

    How to BEAT Depression and Anxiety NOW

    What you eat has a direct impact on the way you feel. Reduce your intake of foods that can adversely affect your brain and mood, such as caffeine, alcohol, trans fats, and foods with high levels of chemical preservatives or hormones .

    Dont skip meals. Going too long between meals can make you feel irritable and tired, so aim to eat something at least every three to four hours.

    Minimize sugar and refined carbs. You may crave sugary snacks, baked goods, or comfort foods such as pasta or French fries, but these feel-good foods quickly lead to a crash in mood and energy. Aim to cut out as much of these foods as possible.

    Boost your B vitamins. Deficiencies in B vitamins such as folic acid and B-12 can trigger depression. To get more, take a B-complex vitamin supplement or eat more citrus fruit, leafy greens, beans, chicken, and eggs.

    Boost your mood with foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids.Omega-3 fatty acids play an essential role in stabilizing mood. The best sources are fatty fish such as salmon, herring, mackerel, anchovies, sardines, tuna, and some cold-water fish oil supplements.

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    Why Is It That Doctors Seem To Love Prescribing Drugs To Treat Yourproblems

    The fact is, just like you and I, they are still human atthe end of the day.

    Doctors only have so many working hours where they have toget through so many patients in that giving time. Most of them rely on medicalestablishments to inform them of the required treatments for certain ailments.Generally speaking, this information mainly comes from sources such as:

    • Professional Related Associations,
    • Journals that are medical related,
    • The countries Government,
    • Doctors themselves,
    • And a host of various Drug Companies.

    We have learnt that the drug companies themselves influencemost of these sources. This comes back to the saddest part of all making moneyseems to come before improving peoples health and overall well being. Whateveryou may think, these drug companies are making millions.

    We here have concluded that these points above are part of the reason why natural non-pharmaceutical remedies get very little attention from the medical profession as a consumer reports sad lights whole.

    Its rare to be honest that you will find a doctor that isopen to natural treatments usually, you will only find a doctor who has takena personal interest in natural treatments or has been introduced to effectivenatural formulas through a family member.

    Tap Into Your Spirituality

    Religion can be an impactful source of support for many people dealing with depression, but there is no need to join a church, synagogue, or mosque unless you wish to. Simple daily practices such as meditation or adding to a list of things you’re grateful can help boost mood and overall well-being.

    Meditation can have a range of beneficial effects such as lowering stress levels and helping people to become more aware of their thoughts and reactions.

    Research indicates that an intervention called mindfulness-based cognitive therapy , which combines elements of cognitive behavioral therapy with mindfulness meditation, can be helpful in treating depression and preventing future relapses of symptoms.

    Studies also suggest that different types of mindfulness meditative practices can also be effective in the treatment of depression.

    There are many different types of meditation, but you can get started with a simple meditative exercise with these steps:

  • Sit comfortably.
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    Socialize With Positive People

    To deal with depression, you need positive people around you. People who understand your weaknesses, strengths and encourage you to move on. People who accept and value you are incredible assets when fighting depression. Theyll make you laugh, joke and forget all your depressing thoughts. You can plan a visit, hang out or talk to them via social platforms like Skype.

    Get A Good Amount Of Omega 3 In Your Diet

    15 Ways to Beat Depression Naturally With Nutrition and ...

    Omega 3 is brain food that helps create a happier brain.

    In The Depression Cure, Dr. Stephen Ilardi recommends daily taking omega 3 supplements that are molecularly distilled, combine EPA and DHA in a 2:1 ratio, and that provide enough EPA and DHA so that you can get at least 1,000 mg of EPA and 500 mg of DHA daily.

    Of course, its a good idea to be smart and consult with your doctor before taking any supplements or significantly altering your diet.

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    Strategy : Make Plans

    Sitting inside and thinking about the past is gloomy.

    People get a positive emotional boost when thinking about things they look forward to in the future.

    Make plans to do something you enjoy. The more you get out of the house and do, the better youre going to begin to feel.

    Be aware that you probably are not going to FEEL like doing anything.

    Depression creates a nasty cycle that can quickly spiral out of control. When you feel bad, you dont want to go out. When you dont go out, you feel worse. Then the cycle repeats.

    Despite how you might feel, choose to get out there and do something you love.

    Ideas: Find small ways to serve others, spend some time in nature, go mini-golfing, attend a religious service, take a painting class, or go to lunch with some friends.

    Strategy 5: Know When to Seek Help

    Sometimes you can feel completely crushed beneath the depression you are facing.

    If you feel youre not able to get any control over your situation, it may be time to reach out for professional guidance.

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and other specific therapies have been shown to have highly effective results for people struggling with depression.

    Therapists can also help you:

    • Identify beliefs and experiences that your depression may be stemming from and how to change these things.
    • See things differently.
    • Create a plan moving forward that will help you overcome depression.
    • Learn and use new skills to address depressive mental patterns.

    Your Brain Is Happy When You Exercise

    Exercise is the most important thing to do when feeling depressed. When we exercise our brain releases feel good chemicals that help with our sense of well-being. In fact, a study that compared antidepressant medication with exercise found that both therapies were equally effective after sixteen weeks, and after ten months, exercise was more effective.

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    More About How To Beat Depression

    Dealing with depression is not easy and in order to cope follow these steps:

    Understand Your Depression

    There are many symptoms including extreme sadness and unhappiness. Everyone feels unhappy sometimes but if you experience hopelessness for longer than two weeks then you are probably depressed.

    You may feel anger and stress inside too. Another major symptom is tiredness and lack of sleep.

    You can take my depression test to see if you are depressed. If so, it is time to move on to the second step.

    Talk About Your Problem with Depression

    Talking about your feelings of unhappiness, hopelessness and all the other emotions inside you will help you to understand what you need to do. Another person, especially if a friend, can offer a different perspective on your problem. They can make suggestions or encourage you to take certain action to do something that will help you to stop feeling so sad and miserable. Friends are great at motivating you.

    One of the worst problems of depression is suffering alone. When you are so miserable and hopeless everything seems negative and a waste of time. Friends can change that because they care about you. Friends give you what you most need someone listening, someone sharing your problems and the care that they show you can break the chains around you. Talk to someone who cares.

    Get Help

    Change Harsh Monologues To Compassionate Dialogues

    How To Beat Bipolar, Anxiety, and Depression

    Its so common for people to be hard on themselves when they are depressed and yet its when were depressed that we most need kindness and compassion.

    Imagine how you would speak to a child or a dear friend if they were feeling down. Hopefully, you would communicate with them in a very kind and compassionate way. Healing does not come from harshness. If it did, you would probably feel better by now because Im guessing you have not spent the majority of your time being compassionate and kind towards your depressed emotions.

    Sadly, many people with depression spend the majority of their time beating themselves up and then feeling bad about feeling bad, but fortunately, we can turn this pattern around and every moment we get another chance. Healing begins when we meet our emotions with tenderness and empathy. Lets take a brief look at how to do that.

    How To Be Kind And Compassionate To Ourselves

    If we break down the word depression, we get de-press. Pressing down. So often we are taught to depress or press down our emotions and they end up turning into a big ball of depression. So part of overcoming depression is learning how to identify and express your emotions and receive the compassion you need for them.

    You may have unresolved feelings that led to developing depression in the first place, you may have emotions about your depression and you might have feelings as a result of depression. They all need compassion and honoring.

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