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How To Combat Depression Naturally

Find Reasons To Laugh

How to fight depression naturally

Watch a funny TV series, go and watch a standup comedy show, hang out with funny people, dont shy away from cracking jokes. Find reasons to smile and laugh as often as you can. You do not have to put a smile on your face because others expect you to. You do not have to pretend. Find real reasons because smiling or laughing shouldnt have any pressure or stress attached to it. More often than not, itll feel like you have forgotten how to smile. It is okay. Tell yourself that it is not the end of the world. Smiling and laughing out loud are two of the most important natural remedies for depression.

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Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors

SSRIs are the most widely prescribed medications for depression. They include , , , , and . SSRIs affect levels of serotonin in the brain, a chemical responsible for improving mood. They work by stopping the bloodstream from absorbing serotonin, which leaves more serotonin available in between the neurons in the brain.

Research shows that SSRIs are effective at reducing symptoms of major depressive disorder and can help treat some anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress, and obsessive compulsive disorder. They may cause some side effects, like headaches, upset stomach, and fatigue, but in general are safe to take.

Listen To Upbeat Music

There’s no doubt that music can have an impact on how you feel, so choosing the right music when you’re feeling down might be an effective way of lifting your mood.

Research has found people who are depressed may have a tendency to choose music that intensifies rumination, sadness, and emotion-focused coping. So while you might be tempted to turn to somber tearjerkers when you’re feeling down, consider listening to more upbeat songs to boost your mood and inspire positive feelings.

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Find Ways To Manage Stress

Stress is an inevitable part of our life that we cannot avoid forever. Hence, you need to find ways to deal with stress to protect your mental and emotional health.

Whenever you have to deal with something stressful, take deep breaths to calm your mind. Once you avoid the immediate panic, you will be able to handle the situation better.

Always ask yourself Whats the worst that can happen?. This may help you realize that the situation is not that stressful at all.

Exercise and progressive muscle relaxation techniques also help reduce stress and are great ways to improve mental health.

There Are More Than One Depression Treatment

How to Fight Depression Naturally
Treat depression at home
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Is it possible to cure depression without antidepressants? There is a simple answer to this question: Yes. Yes, it is. Most people dont know that you can treat depression at home, medication-free. If they do, most people dont know how. The fact is, you dont need pills to reduce depressive symptoms or even to recover from depression. By making a few lifestyle changes at home, your symptoms may decrease significantly or disappear altogether. This text introduces five different treatments for depression and none of them includes antidepressant medication.

Treat depression at home

So, what are the five treatments for depression?

Well, similar to a car engine, the human body needs a few basic conditions to stay in a good mood. According to health research, there are at least five different ways to treat depression at home, without medication, by making lifestyle changes. Fortunately, four out of five ways are completely free. Here they are:

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How To Fight Depression And Anxiety Naturally

Thank you, Jill, for today’s guest post and for your willingness to share all you’ve been through in your own battle, and what you learned about how to fight depression and anxiety naturally, as well as chronic fatigue. Your story will be a source of hope and healing for many!

Please remember that nothing here is intended to replace professional guidance neither Jill nor I are doctors.

If at all possible, TRY to implement the below ideas EARLY before you need to go to the doctor besides helping you find counseling, which is obviously wise, usually ALL they know to do there is prescribe medication. I know the meds may sometimes be necessary, but so often they only make things worse as time goes on and it’s also VERY difficult to ever get back off of them Sadly, in most cases they are the beginning of a lifetime of ups and downs, with the continual need to tweak the meds again and again, then switch to a new one due to side effects or ineffectiveness, etc.

Can Depression Medications Help

Taking medications is one way that you can help your depression. Antidepressants are medications specifically used to treat depression. They can be prescribed by a psychiatrist, psychiatric nurse practitioner, primary care doctor, or OBGYN. In some states, such as New Mexico and Louisiana, psychologists that have received additional training can also prescribe these medications.

Medications for depression work by changing the levels of different chemicals in your brain, which can help you feel better. Some people start to notice changes within a few weeks, but for others it may take 2 to 3 months to feel the effects of the medications. Experts recommend that you stay on antidepressants for 4 to 9 months or more after your depression has resolved. Staying on these medications for a longer period of time can prevent future episodes of depression.

Antidepressants are non-addictive, but you should not stop taking them without first speaking with your provider. In some people, antidepressants can also trigger suicidal thoughts. If you experience suicidal thinking while on these medications, speak to your provider immediately.

There are several different types of antidepressants that can help with depression. If you decide to take medication, your provider will consider what type is best for you based on your own individual needs.

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The Challenge Of Getting Started

Depression manifests physically by causing disturbed sleep, reduced energy, appetite changes, body aches, and increased pain perception, all of which can result in less motivation to exercise. It’s a hard cycle to break, but Dr. Miller says getting up and moving just a little bit will help. “Start with five minutes a day of walking or any activity you enjoy. Soon, five minutes of activity will become 10, and 10 will become 15.”

How To Fight Depression Without Medication

How to Fight Depression Naturally

Verywell / Bailey Mariner

For many people living with depression, prescription medications can be life-saving drugs. Antidepressants, such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors like Prozac and Zoloft , are the most widely prescribed medication for depression, and while they are often effective, they can have side effects and be expensive depending on your health insurance coverage.

There are many ways to counter some of the symptoms of depression that don’t involve prescription medications. If you have depression, you might like to try managing it naturally without medication or supplement your antidepressant with other options. If so, check out these natural alternatives and then talk to your doctor about which might make sense as part of your treatment regimen.

This article discusses some natural treatments that may help fight depression including lifestyle changes and supplements. It also covers other strategies you might try such as practicing mindfulness or enhancing your home environment.

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Remember The Big Picture

Thats hard when youre depressed. Because your world shrinks to a tiny little black hole.

As much as possible, though, try to focus on the big picture.

  • Get outside and get sunlight. Theres a reason depression is associated with darkness.
  • Ask for help. Start to find your tribe of helpers. That may include a doctor, a therapist, close supportive friends and family members, a fitness trainer, even a pet.
  • Move. Depression is immobilizing. Do your best to act against that force by moving whatever you can move, however you can move it.
  • Express yourself. Draw, write, talk about what youre feeling, howl at the moon. Or, like me, smash a punching bag. Whatever gets the bad stuff out. Dont keep it all in there.

Depression is difficult. I know, Ive been there.

But building your personal toolbox of helpful actions can be incredibly empowering. Theres no rush. Just start adding in good things to help your body and mind.

Those positive steps truly add up over time.

Bit by bit, things can get a whole lot better.

How To Stop Depression Fast And Naturally 7 Useful Tips

Depression is an emotional disorder and its clinical manifestations are emotional states of sadness, despair, melancholy. This mental disease can occur at any age but most commonly between the ages of 18 to 45, more in women than men. Depression is a disease that is potentially harmful to humans. Therefore, preventing and treating depression is very important to implement immediately.

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Regulate Your Blood Sugar

Can regulating your blood sugar really help to prevent depression?

It might surprise you to know that there have been numerous murderers and thieves exonerated for their crimes because they were suffering from hyperglycaemia, otherwise known as low blood sugar. The body and mind are deeply connected. If one goes wrong, so does the other.

A sugar crash comes after a sugar high. So the best way to avoid low blood sugar is to avoid high blood sugar. Doing this is easy, all you need to do is spread you carbohydrates throughout the day , eat plenty of fiber and try to get some protein and fat in your diet so that it isnt predominantly carbs.

If you follow these 5 steps, not only will you be able to prevent depression naturally, youll also be even happier than people who arent depressed.

Are you a late sleeper? Do you enjoy staying longer in bed on weekends? I most certainly do. Theres nothing better than that. By the various researchers, sleep affects the quality of our lives drastically. We spend almost one-third of our lives in the bedroom sleeping, relaxing, and enjoying. It would be smart to examine this room and spend some time improving it. Even though I enjoy sleeping, I wasnt paying attention on my bedroom that much. Until recently, when I got a comment that it isnt looking as tidy as it might be.

How Eating Right May Boost Mental Health

How to Fight Depression Naturally

Your brain is greedy. It needs a lot of energy to work properly and to create neurotransmitters chemicals that send signals through the nervous system.

Without enough energy or the right nutrients, your brain wont get what it needs. In fact, one study suggests that eating a lot of nutrient-sparse processed foods could up your chances of becoming depressed by as much as 60 percent.

Other research has shown that nutrient deficiencies often look like mental health problems.

Here are some pathways by which a healthy diet might protect your brain.

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Could Meditation Be Right For You

If you suspect you have depression, see your primary care doctor to rule out other causes of your symptoms and get a treatment plan. If your doctor prescribes an antidepressant, keep taking it. Dont stop on your own, Goyal says. You can add meditation and see how you feel after a few months of regular practice. The best way to get started is by taking a class.

Though based on ancient Buddhist traditions, mindfulness meditation is secular, not religious, Goyal says. Anyone can practice it. It doesnt conflict with religious faith or spiritual beliefs.

#TomorrowsDiscoveries: How the Brain Processes Incentives and Rewards | Vikram S. Chib, Ph.D.

How Can Therapy Treat My Depression

Psychotherapy involves meeting with a trained therapist to talk about your thoughts and feelings. Your therapist will use a specific approach to help you recover from your depression, such as working with you to reframe negative thoughts or talking about your past.

You can seek therapy from a psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker, or mental health counselor. Therapy may also be done individually or in a group. Individual therapy allows you to focus on your own issues with just you and your therapist, while group therapy gives you the opportunity to connect with other people who are experiencing similar feelings.

Many people notice some improvements after 10 to 15 sessions of therapy. Once you feel better, you may decide to stop therapy at that time or continue. If you continue therapy, you are less likely to have future episodes of depression. Once you decide to stop, the effects of psychotherapy can continue well after you stop treatment.

The cost of therapy can vary considerably based on the training and experience of the provider and whether you use health insurance. Generally, the out-of-pocket cost of therapy can be between $50 and $150 per session. If youre using health insurance, you may only be responsible for a portion of the costs because your insurance will cover the rest. Some therapists and clinics offer sliding scales, which are lower fees dependent upon your income.

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Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

MBSR is a formal program that teaches you to cultivate mindfulness specificially for reducing stress.

Depressed people can learn to manage stress, anxiety, and worry through meditation, yoga, and a practice called body scanning.

MBSR training, which doesn’t involve religious teachings, is usually taught as an 8-week program.

The University of San Diego offers one, and you can check out their site and .

I know people who, after years of both pharmaceuticals and psychotherapy that brought minimal improvement, took an 8-week MBSR program that changed their life.

Guided Imagery And Music Therapy

7 Ways to Naturally Fight Depression

Guided imagery is a form of meditation in which you envision a goal in as much detail as you can. This technique uses the power of positive thinking to help attain something specific, like happiness.

Music therapy has been used to help improve the moods of people with depression. Sometimes it involves listening to music that promotes relaxation and positivity. Other times, it involves singing as a form of therapy.

One study showed that both of these therapy types could help decrease stress and improve mood.

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Natural Ways To Fight Depression

The best way to tackle depression and prevent a relapse is to make positive changes in your lifestyle. There are various natural ways to fight depression that can minimize or eliminate the symptoms of the disorder. Here are some of the proven ways to fight depression, which you can try out for yourself.

Accept And Document Your Feelings

Acceptance is often the key to healing, no matter what the disorder. This is why you should never live in denial of your symptoms.

Instead, embrace what you are going through and document your journey on the road to recovery. One of the most powerful natural ways to fight depression is to track your symptoms and progress.

Sure, some days will be awful, but when you feel better, make sure to note that down too. This will help you identify what triggers your anxiety and what makes you overcome it, which will help you in the future!

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Learn To Recognize Negative Thinking

Sometimes these thoughts can be obvious, such as times when you berate or criticize yourself. Other times, they can be more subtle. You might find yourself engaging in things like catastrophizing or all-or-nothing thinking.

Catastrophizing involves always anticipating negative outcomes. All-or-nothing thinking means that you think of things as either successes or failures with no in-between. Once you get better at recognizing these cognitive patterns, you can start working on some healthier replacements.

Take The Right Supplements

7 Tips for How to Fight Depression with Natural Remedies ...

It can be overwhelming trying to figure out which supplements may be helpful, and how to distinguish between quality brands. Consumer Lab lists third-party-tested supplements which should be safe to take. Ive done a bit of research, too, and found these manufacturers to be reputable: Prothera, Klaire Labs, Pure Encapsulations, Douglas Laboratories, Nature Made, Orthomolecular Products, Metagenics, Vital Nutrients, Truehope, OmegaBrite, and Carlson Laboratories.

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More Resources To Check Out From Jill:

  • The Bible this was and still is my anchor to reality and a constant reminder of my inexhaustible source of hope.
  • Next book on my list to read: The GAPS Diet Gut and Psychology Syndrome, by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride Update: GREAT book, and following the GAPS protocol for 1 1/2 years reversed all but one food allergies/sensitivities for my daughter and completely healed her severely acne-prone skin.

And even MORE:

  • Chemical Warfare on Humanity and the Terror it Causes in Our Families and Our Schools are antidepressants handed out too easily? Could they have anything to do with the increase in violence in our kids and in our schools? What about that person who committed suicide who had ZERO previous warning signs? Are they only an attempt at covering up a problem that could be addressed in a much more effective way without so may scary side effects?!

Major Depression Is Different From Your Everyday Bummer

Everyone has bad days, maybe even a string of bad days.

Major depression is different. Its like all color goes out of the rainbow. All oxygen goes out of the air.

Everything is just harder.

Getting through a day is like pushing through thick tar. When you try to think or remember, its like your brain is full of old rusty gears that barely turn.

Your body is heavy. Achy perhaps nonspecifically sore, painful in weird places.

You feel hopeless, guilty, worthless, and/or totally helpless. Any energy you have goes to feeling irritable, or maybe crying.

Nothing is interesting or fun, even the stuff you used to love.

Your appetite is out of whack. Perhaps youre ravenously hungry. Or the opposite chewing seems too hard.

In extreme cases, you just think Whats the point? You might even think about ways to just stop doing anything at all.

Like I said, depression sucks.

As do the side effects of the many medications used to treat depression. For many people, the drugs dont work. For some, they may even make them feel worse.

Is there another path?


Mental health disorders are complex. So is the brain. And so are the foods we eat, and the ways our bodies interact with those foods.

Were still new to this game of figuring out exactly how the brain works, and exactly how nutrients may improve brain health.

Still, there are some promising possibilities.

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