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How To Motivate Someone Who Is Depressed

How To Motivate Someone Who Is Depressed

Jordan Peterson: Advice For People With Depression
  • Bring them out for a walk or exercise: Exercising is one of the best ways to combat depression. It causes the brain to release endorphin, which is a chemical that enhances your mood and relieves tension. It also allows you to take your focus off of negative thoughts and place it on something positive. It can help a person who is depressed feel better about themselves and their life overall.
  • Make them a meal: For those who are struggling with depression, simply going to the grocery store or going out to eat can be difficult because of their lack of motivation and energy levels. A great way to make them feel better about themselves and take their focus off of their depression is to make them a good meal. Reach out and ask them what types of food they like, then go pick up the ingredients or cook it for them so its ready when they get home from work.
  • Offer to give back rubs: Back rubs are great ways to help someone relax. They can also be helpful in relieving stress and pain. If you are close with the person who is depressed, offer them a back rub their back. You can also offer to give foot massages or hand massages if they prefer that type of touch over a back massage.
  • Take time each day to listen:You should always be there for your friend or family member when they are depressed. This means that on top of offering advice, you should make sure that they know they can talk to you if they need someone to listen to them.

Set Small Goals And Reward Yourself

When depression drains your motivation, you have to work to create new incentive to replace what existed naturally before your mental health deteriorated. This starts with setting small goals. For example, your goal could be cleaning out your closet. If you succeed in that, reward yourself by cooking your favorite meal or watching an episode of the latest TV show. This process of small accomplishments and rewards will help restore your motivation.

As you begin to feel better, steadily increase the difficulty of the goals. Try going on a long run, for example, and rewarding yourself with a small dessert. This makes way for accomplishment which leads to a very good feeling. If you start to feel overwhelmed, stop and re-evaluate your expectations. Eventually the goal can be something as challenging as learning a new skill or trying something youve never done. Try different options and see what works.

Learn To Work Efficiently

Jobs that can be done faster are more likely to get done when you are tired. Come up with a few tricks to cut the time you spend cleaning.

This could be as simple as taking a top-down approach to sprucing up the living room. Begin by removing clutter, then give furniture a quick dusting before getting out the vacuum.

It also helps to gather all your supplies from the start. This will erase the need to run to the cleaning closet every five minutes.

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Mental Health And Motivation: Depression And Low Moods

Mental illness can cause, or contribute to, feeling a lack of drive. Mental illness doesn’t discriminate, and mental illness is not your fault if you lack drive. However, if you lack drive, you must try to seek help.

Sometimes, mental illness makes you not stay motivated in other ways. Sometimes you are feeling okay, but then you get overstimulated and have a breakdown due to your mental illness. You were feeling motivated, but because of your mental illness or your personality disorders, it’s difficult for you to continue trying.

When Should You Speak Up And Ask A Coworker Or Employee If She Needs Help Or Should You

Inspirational Quotes For Depression

Whatley starts out with a reminder that depression is an illness, just like cancer. We don’t wait around to help someone who has cancer saying, “oh, she’ll get better on her own.” Of course, approaching a co-worker can be difficult, and many of us would opt to wait, but, she says “Waiting for the coworker to come to you would not be a good idea as it is understood that the earlier depression is addressed the better the treatment results and due to the stigma most people simply will not address this issue with a coworker. Likely, they will suffer in silence.”

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Learn About What Your Friend Is Going Through

Not totally sure what depression or anxiety are, or how to help a friend with depression or anxiety? A really great first step in helping your friend is to find out more about depression, anxiety or anything else your friend is going through this will help you to better understand whats happening and how they feel.

My friends try to learn more about what Im experiencing, especially asking for and going to sources of information I recommend. hellofriend

Substance Use And Motivation: Low Balance In Life

Another mental illness that can make you lose drive is substance abuse and mental addiction. Abusing a substance like alcohol or another drug, legal or illegal, can lead to mental illness, substance abuse and mental issues, and other health issues. If you’re addicted, it can lead to various health issues, but there are ways to overcome them. Here are some ways to overcome your addiction.

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Make The Goal To Do It Not To Enjoy It

When you’re feeling depressed, it’s natural to lose interest in things that used to make you happy. Comedy is no longer funny, sports are no longer fun, spending time with friends is no longer engaging. Anxiety, depression, and self-loathing take over, leading to feelings of detachment and defeat. So, when doing something “fun” or “active,” do it with the goal to do it, not to enjoy it.

Supporting Your Loved Ones Treatment

How to Help Someone Who is Depressed

One of the most important things you can do to help a friend or relative with depression is to give your unconditional love and support throughout the treatment process. This involves being compassionate and patient, which is not always easy when dealing with the negativity, hostility, and moodiness that go hand in hand with depression.

Provide whatever assistance the person needs . Help your loved one make and keep appointments, research treatment options, and stay on schedule with any treatment prescribed.

Have realistic expectations. It can be frustrating to watch a depressed friend or family member struggle, especially if progress is slow or stalled. Having patience is important. Even with optimal treatment, recovery from depression doesnt happen overnight.

Lead by example. Encourage the person to lead a healthier, mood-boosting lifestyle by doing it yourself: maintain a positive outlook, eat better, avoid alcohol and drugs, exercise, and lean on others for support.

Encourage activity. Invite your loved one to join you in uplifting activities, like going to a funny movie or having dinner at a favorite restaurant. Exercise is especially helpful, so try to get your depressed loved one moving. Going on walks together is one of the easiest options. Be gently and lovingly persistentdont get discouraged or stop asking.

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Lack Of Motivation As A Symptom Of Depression

People who have been diagnosed with depression or think they may be experiencing symptoms could notice a change in their motivation to complete common tasks.

The same tasks that may have felt easy before might seem like they take too much effort now. In fact, this change might be a symptom of depression.

One of the biggest symptoms of depression is no longer finding excitement or interest in activities you used to enjoy.

If youre finding it difficult to get motivated to do a task especially one that used to make you happy it might be an indicator of depression.

Other features of depression relating to motivation can include:

  • difficulty focusing

Positive Inspirational Quotes For People With Depression

Positive inspirational quotes are good for people with depression to have on-hand. Depression can make life so gray that you arent sure where the sunshine is hiding or if it will return. Depression can bring you so low that you may wonder if positivity for depression is even possible, much less such thing as a positive depression quote that could lift you up again. But there are, and they can if only a little.

Reading some positive quotes when youre depressed might, at the very least, distract you from depressions pain . So, weve put together some positive inspirational quotes that you can read whenever youre feeling down. We hope you find some relief in these positive inspirational quotes.

*Click the images to open a larger, shareable image.

Positive depression quote: There is hope, even when your brain tells you there isnt.John Green

See “Examples of Negative Thoughts in People with Mental Illness

Sometimes you get better, regress, then get better again as this positive depression quote points out: Healing is not linear. Never underestimate the power of positivity when living with a mental illness.

Positive depression quotes remind you of your strengths: Sometimes, life will kick you around, but sooner or later, you realize youre not just a survivor. Youre a warrior, and youre stronger than anything life throws your way.”Brooke Davis

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How To Motivate A Dear One Who Is In Depression

Dealing with the person who is in depression is not a simple task always. Its become more difficult when that person is very dear to you. The state of mind they have been suffering from cant be explained in words. However, little care and attention towards them can help them a lot in overcoming this disorder. They expect you to be humble and polite with them, rather than shouting and showing anger over their behavior. There is a need to motivate the dear one to ignore such negative thoughts, which are the root cause. Or we can say that depression is a disease and motivation is medicine.

First of all, we must know what depression is? It is a thinking disorder and a serious medical issue that affects your activities and alters the normal behavior of the person. Now the question of concern is how to get rid of depression? Motivating the dear ones suffering from it could be the best choice, instead of using medicines to calm the mind. We have to understand the cause, which is making a person depressed.

Taking Care Of Yourself

25 Depression quotes to encourage and motivate you

Theres a natural impulse to want to fix the problems of people we care about, but you cant control someone elses depression. You can, however, control how well you take care of yourself. Its just as important for you to stay healthy as it is for the depressed person to get treatment, so make your own well-being a priority.

Remember the advice of airline flight attendants: put on your own oxygen mask before you assist anyone else. In other words, make sure your own health and happiness are solid before you try to help someone who is depressed. You wont do your friend or family member any good if you collapse under the pressure of trying to help. When your own needs are taken care of, youll have the energy you need to lend a helping hand.

Speak up for yourself. You may be hesitant to speak out when the depressed person in your life upsets you or lets you down. However, honest communication will actually help the relationship in the long run. If youre suffering in silence and letting resentment build, your loved one will pick up on these negative emotions and feel even worse. Gently talk about how youre feeling before pent-up emotions make it too hard to communicate with sensitivity.

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How To Help Someone With Depression

Feeling down or depressed from time to time is normal. But if these feelings last 2 weeks or more, or start to affect everyday life, this can be a sign of depression.

Depression can develop slowly. Someone who’s depressed does not always realise or acknowledge that they’re not feeling or behaving as they usually do.

Often it’s a partner, family member or carer who first realises that help’s needed. They may encourage their friend or relative to see a GP, or find some other source of support.

Reframe What You Think About Depression

Simple steps can help you overcome inertia and move forward, even when you’re down.

Depression can sap your motivation to perform even the simplest of tasks, let alone tackle bigger challenges. Research shows that depressed people have a harder time finding motivation to go to work, go out with friends, even clean the house.

One way to be productive despite depression is to see depression as a habit, says Joseph Luciani, PhD, a psychologist in New York City and the author of Self-Coaching: The Powerful Program to Beat Anxiety and Depression. Viewing depression as a tendency rather than an illness puts you behind the wheel, so to speak, and may help you change your life. Here are 10 ways to find inspiration to take on daily life… despite depression.

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Accepting Them As They Are

At the end of the day, they need to make their own decisions. Mental health treatment is usually not something you can force upon someone and expect it to have a positive effect. If someone refuses to make a change, at some point you need to be able to let it go. That doesnt mean you have to enable them by supporting them financially or by doing things for themit just means that you accept that this is their choice, and that youve done all you can.

When Good Intentions Go Wrong

10 Things Depression Makes Us Do

It’s possible that you can say all the “right” things and your friend will still become upset with you. Every person is an individual with unique thoughts and feelings, and being angry and upset is the nature of depression.

Sometimes people will lash out at those trying to help them because they are hurting and don’t know where to direct those bad feelings. Whoever is nearby becomes a convenient target.

If this happens, try not to take it personally. Stay calm and continue to do what you can to love and support your friend in whatever way they will allow.

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Strategies For Boosting Motivation When Youre Depressed

Anyone with depression can tell you how hard productivity is when youre fighting this debilitating mental illness. Having no motivation to do anything is one of depressions many honorable qualities. In order to do anything, you have to fight really and I mean really hard to be productive. Some days might come harder than others, and thats totally okay. Take every day as it comes and try your hardest to focus on the here and now. Fortunately, there are mental techniques and strategies you can employ to gradually regain the motivation needed to live a full life.

Its Ok To Not Feel Ok

Whether your friend or loved one is currently getting treatment or hasnt received a formal diagnosis, its OK if theyre not OK. Everyone has good and bad days. We all deserve some grace.

Sometimes, they might feel shame if theyre experiencing difficult feelings, so it might help to remind them that its OK to feel that way. Making it safe for them to express and sit with their real feelings in your presence can go a long way.

And just because right now is bad doesnt mean later will be.

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Depression Is A Very Common Psychological Disorder That Can Create Havoc In Anyones Life It Can Be Caused By A Traumatic Life Event Or Subsequent Happenings Which Went Unnoticed But Caused A Mark In Your Life Depression Can Lead To Various Underlying Ailments If Not Treated In Time Thus It Is Important To Bring Yourself Or A Suffering Loved One Out Before It Is Too Late

Ashima Sharda Mahindra

A friend or family member is the person who can motivate a person suffering from depression to slowly come out of it

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  • Get up and get out: The first step to motivating someone to get out of depression is to make them get out of their bed. It is very important to get up, get dressed and show up. Encourage your loved ones to dress up and compliment them accordingly.
  • Exercise : People suffering from depression would not like to exercise and work out alone. So, team up with them to motivate. Exercise helps release endorphins that would make them feel good.
  • Make a list of goals : It is very important to find a few life goals or even list our daily chores so that when completed you and the person depressed can feel happy and celebrate together.
  • Dont be negative : Run away from negative thoughts that only increase depression. Feed them positivity by watching a feel-good movie, reading a happy article, etc.
  • Socialise: Man is a social animal and not going out would increase depression and sadness. Encourage them to meet up with family and friends and let their hair down.
  • Get enough sleep : Lack of sleep can cause severe depression and so you must ensure a comfortable and good nights sleep for the person suffering. At least eight to ten hours of sleep every day helps regulate body functions properly.


How Can I Help Someone With Depression

150 Depression &  Sadness Quotes (2019 Update)

Depression is a serious but treatable disorder that affects millions of people, from young to old and from all walks of life. It gets in the way of everyday life, causing tremendous pain, hurting not just those suffering from it but also impacting everyone around them.

If someone you love is depressed, you may be experiencing any number of difficult emotions, including helplessness, frustration, anger, fear, guilt, and sadness. These feelings are all normal. Its not easy dealing with a friend or family members depression. And if you neglect your own health, it can become overwhelming.

That said, your companionship and support can be crucial to your loved ones recovery. You can help them to cope with depression symptoms, overcome negative thoughts, and regain their energy, optimism, and enjoyment of life. Start by learning all you can about depression and how to best talk about it with your friend or family member. But as you reach out, dont forget to look after your own emotional healthyoull need it to provide the full support your loved one needs.

Understanding depression in a friend or family member

Depression is a serious condition. Dont underestimate the seriousness of depression. Depression drains a persons energy, optimism, and motivation. Your depressed loved one cant just snap out of it by sheer force of will.

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