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How To Stop Feeling Depressed For No Reason

What Morning Depression Feels Like

How To STOP Feeling Depressed For No Reason (3 Steps)

Depression upon waking described by sufferers as deep sadness, a lack of desire starting the morning, a lack of motivation, feeling of emptiness, unexplained unhappiness, heaviness, and a desire to sleep as much as possible.

They also say that when the alarm buzzing, their brains look for excuses as to why they should not wake.

These excuses, when remembered, later on, do not make sense to the depression sufferers. When completely immersed with their daily routine, a few hours later, they regret that they did not wake earlier. They also realize that staying asleep was sort of surrendering to the depression and excuses their minds created.

According to research, this morning depression phenomenon is called Diurnal Mood Variation.

This includes people who suffer from symptoms of depression during certain hours of the day, usually in the morning, while being emotionally balanced and grounded later on.

What causes this specific morning depression condition and how can you avoid it, or at least reduce it significantly so that it will not hit you with intensity in the mornings?

Social Isolation And Depression In Older Adults

Everyone needs social connections to survive and thrive. But as people age, they often find themselves spending more time alone. Studies show that loneliness and social isolation are associated with higher rates of depression.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought new attention to this issue however, many Americans felt socially isolated and lonely before the pandemic. If youre feeling socially isolated or lonely, and you cannot see your friends and family in person for any reason, try reaching out over the phone or joining a virtual club. Find tips to help you stay more connected.

Know That The Morning Will Come

An important part of how to stop feeling depressed at night is to keep in mind that, no matter what, the morning and the sunshine will come.

Sometimes, that nighttime depression makes us think that we will never get through the night, that we will never see the light of day. That our depression will overwhelm us and the night will never end.

But night has never not turned to day. And with day, comes work and friends and activities and sunshine. Even if it continues, depression can seem not so heavy during the light of day.

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Focus On What Makes You Happy

The mind is everything. What you think, you become.~ Buddha

Shift your focus towards things that make you feel good. What memories or thoughts make you smile, or feel good when you think about them? Use this memory as an anchor to shift your focus towards something more positive when you need it.

As you go about your day, regularly ask yourself, What would I be happy doing?, What would make me happy right now?, and then do those things.

Consciously doing things that make you feel good, not only shifts your thought pattern to a more positive one, thus attracting better feeling thoughts and experiences, it also makes you less susceptible to the emotional dips that come the with challenges that life presents us with.

Other Reasons People Hide What They Are Feeling

How To STOP Feeling Depressed For No Reason (3 Steps)

Parents who are experiencing depression may worry about how their children or family could be affected. They may even fear that they will be seen as unfit parents if they admit to having feelings of depression.

The pressure to justify depression can be overwhelming, but remember the old saying that you cant judge a book by its cover. The way someone elses life appears to be may not show the whole truth.

People who are depressed may work very hard to try to hide how they really feel. On the outside, they may look and even act as though they feel OK and that everything is fine.

Whether youre experiencing depression yourself or you care about someone who is, it can be helpful to reframe how you think about the condition. Start by focusing on the causes of depression rather than focusing on reasons .

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Reach Out To Your Peopleespecially If You’re Feeling Lonely

Having a support network is key, especially if youre going through a difficult timeso consider this permission to invite your girlfriends over for even more wine and cheese .

Need some help expanding your social circle? “Do things outside the home that include other people, says Borten. For example, pick something that generally interests you, like a book club. Youll be surprised how quickly a community forms. And while its great to have friends IRL, even an online community can offer kindness and accountability. Try searching Facebook for groups that may be able to offer supportfor example, a bereavement/grieving support group. Or, search groups by interests to find like-minded people who can lift your spirits with a common passion. Just make sure the online group is a loving place, involving people with a common goal, says Borten.

Social Media And Stress

So, if youre feeling stressed without any apparent reason, you can see there are plenty of opportunities for you to make life more difficult than it perhaps already is.

The good news, therefore, is that you can at the very least provide your body/mind with some stress relief by tackling the above issues.

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How To Stop Feeling Guilty For No Reason

This article was co-authored by Catherine Boswell, PhD. Dr. Catherine Boswell is a Licensed Psychologist and a Co-Founder of Psynergy Psychological Associates, a private therapy practice based in Houston, Texas. With over 15 years of experience, Dr. Boswell specializes in treating individuals, groups, couples, and families struggling with trauma, relationships, grief, and chronic pain. She holds a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Houston. Dr. Bowell has taught courses to Masters level students at the University of Houston. She is also an author, speaker, and coach.There are 13 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 85,300 times.

Guilt is an emotion that compels humans to make peace with other people, fix a mistake, or change bad behavior. Usually guilt helps us to maintain a happy life.XResearch source However, when guilt sticks around for no obvious reason, this is a problem. Find out why you feel guilty and then take steps to get rid of it.

What If My Symptoms Dont Improve

Why Am I Depressed for No Reason?

If youre not responding to treatment, you may live with treatment resistant depression. This is when your symptoms have not improved after at least 2 standard treatments. This can also be known as treatment-refractory depression.

There is currently no official criteria used to diagnose treatment resistant depression.

What treatment is available for treatment-resistant depression?There are treatment options for treatment resistant depression. Even if antidepressants have not worked already for you, your doctor may suggest a different antidepressant from a different class.

The new antidepressant you are offered will depend on the first antidepressant you were given.

Sometimes your doctor can prescribe a second type of medication to go with your antidepressant. This can sometimes help the antidepressant work better than it does by itself.

Where antidepressants have not worked, your doctor may suggest talking therapies, ECT or brain stimulation treatments. See the previous section for more information on these.

What is an implanted vagus nerve stimulator, and how is it used in treatment resistant depression?If you live with treatment resistant depression, and youve not responded to other treatments, you may be able ask for an implanted vagus nerve stimulator.

Please speak to your doctor if youre interested in this treatment and for more information. You may be able to get this treatment funded through an Individual Funding Request.

  • NHS – Your Rights by clicking here.

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Medication And Older Adults

As you get older, body changes can affect the way medicines are absorbed and used. Because of these changes, there can be a larger risk of drug interactions among older adults. Share information about all medications and supplements youre taking with your doctor or pharmacist.

Use this worksheet to help track your medications.

Treatment, particularly a combination of psychotherapy and medications, has been shown to be effective for older adults. However, not all medications or therapies will be right for everyone. Treatment choices differ for each person, and sometimes multiple treatments must be tried in order to find one that works. It is important to tell your doctor if your current treatment plan isnt working and to keep trying to find something that does.

Some people may try complementary health approaches, like yoga, to improve well-being and cope with stress. However, there is little evidence to suggest that these approaches, on their own, can successfully treat depression. While they can be used in combination with other treatments prescribed by a persons doctor, they should not replace medical treatment. Talk with your doctor about what treatment might be good to try.

Dont avoid getting help because you dont know how much treatment will cost. Treatment for depression is usually covered by private insurance and Medicare. Also, some community mental health centers may offer treatment based on a persons ability to pay.

Why Do I Get Depressed At Night And What Can I Do About It

Feeling depressed at night is no fun. Youre trying to go to sleep, but your sad or negative feelings get in the way. Or, you cant sleep at all and spend your time trying to occupy yourself so you can make it through the night without getting too distressed. It can be miserable. So what is it that causes this phenomenon? Beyond that, what can you do about it once it starts? The following are some of the reasons it might happen to you and a few tips for dealing with it if it does.

Is Night Time Depression Real?

Many people feel theyre only depressed at night and fine during the day. The thing about depression, though, is that it isnt something that happens to you just at night. Your feelings of depression might be worse at night but if you have depression, its probably affecting you in some way during daytime hours, too. Here are some of the symptoms that could indicate that your feelings of depression may actually be clinical depression.

  • Feelings of sadness
  • Changes in weight or appetite
  • Changes in sleep patterns
  • Loss of pleasure in things once enjoyed
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Fatigue

Why You Might Feel Depressed at Night

There are many reasons you might feel depressed during the nighttime hours. Often, addressing these issues can help you avoid clinical depression or overcome it more quickly if you already have it. Here are some of the problems behind nighttime depression and some suggestions for how to resolve them.

Problem #1: Exposure to Light at Night


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Meet Yourself Where You Are

Depression is common. It affects millions of people, including some in your life. You may not realize they face similar challenges, emotions, and obstacles.

Every day with this disorder is different. Its important to take your mental health seriously and accept that where you are right now isnt where youll always be.

The key to self-treatment for depression is to be open, accepting, and loving toward yourself and what youre going through.

The Lived Experience Of Depression

Are you DEPRESSED for no Reason? WATCH THIS.

A person who is in good physical health, is employed, has a safe home to live in, enough money to care for themselves and their family, supportive friends, and hobbies may struggle to comprehend why they feel persistently sad, angry, or irritable.

In the absence of a clear trigger such as the death of a loved one, a divorce, or the loss of a job, they may feel that it doesnt make sense for them to feel depressed.

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Why Am I Getting Sad For No Reason Do I Have Depression

Are you feeling sad for no apparent reason? Having heightened emotions can come down to environmental factors, lifestyle choices, hormones, or underlying mental health conditions like depression or adjustment disorders. Is it normal to be depressed without even knowing it? You may be unaware that youre feeling sad or not your usual self, but it may already be depression.

The truth is, it is difficult to recognize the presence of depression, as for some, it may simply appear as sadness or common grief. After all, depression is not just a feeling that passes it is a serious clinical diagnosis that needs to be addressed. Sadness is a symptom of depression and maybe a gradual occurrence.

Lack Of Desire To Deal With Your Reality

We covered the common scientific reasons that might make you depressed in the morning. However, after talking to many people who are fighting morning despair , I have another, probable explanation that does not involve physical aspects.

Starting your morning is more than just opening your eyes, and get on with your day. It involves an entire process of gathering together the pieces of your sense of self who am I, and where am I type of questions.

You are coming back from a world of dreams, tucked in comfortable sheets to reality. Often times, a reality that you do not want to be in, and that you dont enjoy.

The depression that surfaces in the morning also occurs because you may not be happy and satisfied with your life in certain areas.

Here is the thing coming back to reality in the morning is difficult because all of the things you are not pleased about are popping up rapidly all at once!

Your brain can barely function rationally and cannot fully address all of the fear that is emerging. It is the fear of how will I start off when I have all these problems? Youre facing life feeling like youre trapped.

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Take It One Step At A Time In The Mornings

If you wake up depressed, the idea of working your way through the day can feel like a real struggle. Rather than thinking about the day in its entirety, focus on the first thing that you need to do, which could be making a cup of tea, feeding your pet or taking a shower. Whatever it is, keep it simple.

Once you have finished the task, take a minute to recognise the big step that you have taken and use this to motivate yourself to do another simple task, which could be pouring yourself a bowl of cereal, brushing your teeth, or opening the curtains. Breaking the morning down into easy-to-manage steps can stop it from becoming overwhelming.

Can You Prevent Depression From Happening

How To Stop Feeling DEPRESSED | 5 Steps to STOP Depression in its tracks

While theres no surefire way to prevent depression, one of the greatest protective factors for depression is social connection and social support, says Jessica Stern, Ph.D., clinical assistant professor in the Department of Psychiatry at NYU Langone Health. Maintaining healthy friendships and relationships, she says, can potentially significantly decrease the likelihood or severity of depression. Whats more, the chance that an individual will receive care for symptoms of depression is often based on their social situation, Dr. Murrough says. Friends or family notice that someones not themselves, having trouble getting out of bed, and missing activities and appointments, and will help them seek care. Someone whos relatively isolated may be at risk for not getting treatment, and in turn, fall into deeper depression. The key? Nurture your relationships and encourage each other to talk openly about your feelings, without judgment. The more we can de-stigmatize emotions, the more we can help prevent or slow down the progression of negative emotions to depressive symptoms, says Dr. Stern.

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Aspenridge Recovery Dual Diagnosis Care

AspenRidge Recovery offers dual diagnosis care for individuals suffering from substance use disorder and clinical depression. The Joint Commission accredits our treatment facility, and our licensed clinicians are experienced in addressing co-occurring disorders. Our programs offer evidence-based care, and we provide various levels of care.

Treatment Programs For Depression

If you or someone you love is living with depression, we strongly recommend you seek professional care. Building health habits and dealing with stress may also aid in combating depression symptoms. Taking care of your physical body can drastically improve mental health. For example, exercise is one of the best things to consider, as it releases endorphins and improves self-esteem and body impact.

Ongoing therapy can also help strengthen and improve your outlook. However, when facing the question, why am I depressed for no reason, it may be probable that an imbalance in brain chemicals may need to be addressed by a licensed physician.

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You May Be Depressed You Just Dont Know It

There are many reasons why you may feel sad and just dont know it. You may be unaware of the symptoms, in denial, or you may have mistaken the symptoms for something else. Others may be aware of the symptoms but just dont realize its happening.

Reasons Why Dont Realize That Youre Depressed

  • Youve been depressed for some time now, and it seems like these feelings are normal to you. This is especially true for people who have been depressed since childhood.
  • Not everyone with depression may have sad emotions. Some may just feel tired, experience loss of interest in activities, low energy, and poor concentration.
  • The symptoms of depression may develop slowly, and you may not recognize them.
  • Youre dismissive about what you feel because you dont want to admit youre depressed, as you may perceive it as a sign of weakness.

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