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Best Mood Enhancers For Depression

Nice Views Lift Your Mood

Best Stimulants, Supplements and Mood Enhancers for Depression and Energy

If youre thinking on how to boost your mood, you might want get to a nice view spot local to you, looking over the city or the countryside. Many studies have backed up this this theory with exposure to beautiful views having positive effects on both mental and physiological factors such as reduce heart rate, blood pressure and can give an instant mood boost. Just simply staring at a nice view can trigger the brain into a more relaxed state.

Here are a few ideas to getting a natural mood booster:

  • Visit beautiful architecture
  • Go to the top of a building
  • Go to an art gallery Even art has this effect
  • Endorphins For Dealing With Pain

    This natural mood enhancer is sometimes referred to as the happiness drug.

    Endorphins are opioid neuropeptides. They allow us to operate at high levels in extremes.

    If youre feeling emotionally sensitive and suffering chronic pain, you could be low on endorphins.

    Ive included ways of naturally boosting your endorphins below.

    What Is A Mood Disorder

    A mood disorder is a mental health problem that primarily affects a persons emotional state. It is a disorder in which a person experiences long periods of extreme happiness, extreme sadness, or both.

    It is normal for someones mood to change, depending on the situation. However, to be diagnosed with a mood disorder, symptoms must be present for several weeks or longer. Mood disorders can cause changes in your behavior and can affect your ability to deal with routine activities, such as work or school.

    Two of the most common mood disorders are depression and bipolar disorder. This article will review these disorders and some of their many subtypes.

    Depression . Depression is a common mental disorder. Grief or sadness is a typical response to a traumatic life event or crisis, such as the death of a spouse or family member, loss of a job, or a major illness. However, when the depression continues to be present even when stressful events are over or there is no apparent cause, physicians would then classify the depression as clinical or major depression. For a person to be diagnosed with clinical depression, symptoms must last for at least two weeks.

    There are several different types of depression. Symptoms may vary depending on the form of the disorder.

    There are four basic types of bipolar disorder.

    Other mood disorders

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    Mood Stabilizers For Major Depression


    The oldest and best mood stabilizer is lithium carbonate . Although this medication is primarily used to treat bipolar disorders, lithium can also be effective in alleviating unipolar depressive symptoms. Sometimes, lithium is added on to an antidepressant medication regimen for Major Depression when antidepressants alone are not working out.

    Lithium is not a fun medication to take. Typical side effects of lithium include tremors, weight gain, heavy urination, excessive thirst, decreased coordination, reduced memory and concentration, changes in hair quality and quantity, nausea or diarrhea, decreases in sexual desire and function, and an increase in white blood cells. Lithium treatment also reduces thyroid function, preventing the release of thyroid hormones, which may make depression worse.

    Lithium is by no means the only mood stabilizing medication in use today. Please consult our Bipolar Disorder topic center for a more complete list of mood stabilizing medications.

    Zinc And Copper Orotate

    Happy Pills Natural Anti Anxiety Relief &  Depression ...

    Zinc deficiency triggers mood changes and memory disorders. It upregulates the expression of brain-derived neurotrophic factor, a protein used to regulate mood and stress.

    As per one Australian study, participants who had zinc intake in the diet has a 30-50% lower chance of having depression. Combined with copper, zinc doses can boost up your mood with the least side effects.

    • Dose: 15mg zinc orotate with 1-2mg copper orotate per day.
    • Intake Time: Once daily with a meal
    • Tips & warnings: Avoid combining with meals high in iron, calcium, and phytates , and higher does use to vegans is recommended.

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    Get A Mood Boost By Getting Back To Nature

    Getting back to nature maybe more beneficial to our mental wellbeing than we perhaps think. The Journal of Environmental Psychology, noted a phenomenon that may stem from biophilia, that humans have a natural desire to be connected with nature that makes us happier. Other studies have shown that our levels of productivity and sense of wellbeing improves when we get outdoors and back to nature. Our exposure to natural sensory experiences such as the smell of grass, sound of running water or wild animals can reduce stress and relax the mind.

  • Get in to the garden more
  • Plan a beach trip
  • Focus On Eating Whole Foods

    It shouldnt come as a surprise that what you eat can affect how you feel. While a greasy burger and fries may give you a feeling of deep satisfaction while youre eating them, youre likely to feel heavy, bloated and sluggish shortly thereafter. And I dont know about you, but Im never very happy when Im feeling bloated and sluggish.

    When you focus instead on eating a steady diet of whole, unprocessed foods, you end up not just satisfying your hunger, but delivering key nutrients to your system that keep your brain and body firing on all cylinders. The result is that you feel better mentally and physically.

    Its not just conjecture a 2009 study published in the British Journal of Psychiatry looked at the depression rates of middle aged men and women in relation to their self-reported food consumption.

    After adjusting for confounding factors, hose who ate the highest levels of whole foods were the least likely to report symptoms of depression, while those who ate the highest levels of highly processed foods were most likely to report depression.

    If youre looking to amp up your whole food intake, start with fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants, folate and B vitamins, as well as fatty fish packed with omega-3s. These compounds appear to have a protective affect against depression.

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    Foods That Help With Depression

    Whatever your dietary preferences, there are a variety of options that can provide mood-boosting benefits. This isn’t to say that you need to overhaul your eating habits and only consume these foods, but being conscious of which foods impact your mood can help you better manage symptoms of depression.

    Relationships Between Vitamin D And Depression And Other Mental Health Disorders

    Best Nootropics for Depression

    There has been research examining the relationship of vitamin D to seasonal affective disorder , schizophrenia, and depression. Several studies have examined whether light therapy improved mood. randomized 29 patients in a parallel fashion to either one hour or 15 minutes of light therapy in the morning for two weeks in the winter. One hour of light therapy significantly decreased depressive symptoms more so in the group with SAD than the control group . randomized 15 participants with SAD to either 100,000 IU of vitamin D or phototherapy . They reported that depression decreased in persons who received vitamin D as compared to those who received phototherapy . There were no untoward side effects from the dose of vitamin D however, a limitation of the study was the one time dose.

    Recently, reported in a population-based cohort study of over 1,200 persons aged 65 and older, that levels of 25 D were 14% lower in persons with minor depression and 14% lower in persons with major depressive disorder when compared to controls . The Center for Epidemiologic Studies-Depression scale was used to assess for depression, and persons also had a psychiatric evaluation using the Diagnostic Interview Schedule to verify their mental status. Depression severity was associated with low serum 25 D , even after adjustment for age, sex, body mass index, smoking status, and the number of chronic conditions .

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    Understanding The Symptoms Of Depression

    Depression is far more than just having a bad day or feeling sad about a particular event. Understanding the symptoms of depression can help you to determine whether you need to be contacting a therapist or other mental health professional, or if you just need to get help with your mood. As with many other conditions, there can be many different symptoms of depression. The following are among the most common:

    • Trouble concentrating

    • Loss of interest in things you used to enjoy

    • Changes in appetite

    • Persistent anxiety

    If you regularly experience some or all of these symptoms, you will likely want to talk to your doctor. They can help you to evaluate your situation and recommend that you see a mental health professional if appropriate.

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    The Need For Mood Enhancers

    For so many people, antidepressant medication either stops working or has too many side effects, says Henry Emmons, MD, a psychiatrist with the Center for Spirituality and Healing at the University of Minnesota. Emmons, author of The Chemistry of Joy: A Three-Step Program for Overcoming Depression through Western Science and Eastern Wisdom, prescribes medications for his patients, but he also highly recommends exercise and good nutrition as physical treatments for depression, combined with a few targeted mood supplements.

    Which leads to the question: what vitamins, herbs, supplements, and lifestyle changes are the best mood enhancers?

    The experts we talked to didnt reach complete consensus more research is clearly needed for the plentiful options available. But here is a brief overview of some of the more common complementary approaches used to treat mood problems.

    Of course, if you suffer from severe mood problems see a doctor — before you reach for mood enhancers or supplements.

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    Write Your Feelings Down

    Moving on from performing daily affirmations is to simply write your feelings down. Ever been really angered by something you heard or saw, maybe something your boss said and then wrote it down, but by the time you have finished you feel better and see things differently? Writing your feelings down in either a journal or a diary can help you understand and gain control of your emotions better, especially when you allow yourself to freely write away. According to studies, by simply writing down our feelings of pain, anger or depression, makes the feelings less intense in our mind and numbs the pain that were feeling.

    How to get this quick mood booster into your daily routine:

  • Make it Accessible – Have numerous pens and pads scattered at work and home
  • Take 5 minutes out when you feel down to write down your feelings
  • Allow yourself to freely write what is on your mind without pre-empting
  • More Than A Happiness Boost: How Mood Medications Help When Youre Depressed

    Top 10 Mood Enhancer for Depressions of 2021

    Image: AlexRaths/Thinkstock

    Antidepressants can help reduce insomnia, loss of appetite, and fatigue associated with depression.

    When your doctor recommends an antidepressant to fight depressionsuch as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors or serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors its about more than just boosting your mood. Depression has many potential physical effects. Most people arent aware that depression can lead to other health problems, says Dr. Amanda Hernandez, a geriatrician at Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital.

    To continue reading this article, you must log in.

    • Research health conditions
    • Prepare for a doctor’s visit or test
    • Find the best treatments and procedures for you
    • Explore options for better nutrition and exercise

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    How To Lift Your Mood With A Long Bath

    Looking for a ways to improve your mood fast? You need to start jumping in the bath more!

    A number of studies have shown that relaxing in the bath could help combat depression. Results have shown that participants demonstrated sustained levels of lift to their mood, espescailly with baths taken in the afternoon. It is thought that this could be due to baths helping to restore the balance of our circadian rhythm of temperature, which is often disturbed in people suffering with depression. The circadian rhythm influences the daily fluctuations in behaviour and biochemistry tall our internal organs, including the brain. The temperature of our core is what tells opur body what time of the day it is. Depression suffers often have distorted or flatter core temperatures which can prevent them from falling to sleep and waking up proprely. Baths and long hot showers help to raise the core temperature and some of the results have even been more impressive than the results shown from perfomring exercise, which is utilised as a form of therpay by general practioners to patients with depression.

    Mood Booster Supplements: Important Advice

    Research into the use of mood support supplements is ongoing. At this time, there is not enough evidence to verify that any supplement will be beneficial for everyone who uses it. That’s why it’s important to discuss your concerns about your mood issues with your medical provider before taking any supplement. A health care professional can help you weigh the options and choose the best mood support supplement for your specific needs. Once you have purchased a product, be sure to use it only as directed by the manufacturer or your health care provider.

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    Best Supplements For Better Mood

    Mood issues like depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety disorders are severe problems in todays society. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, around 18% of the adult population, or about 40 million people aged 18 and older, suffer from one of these mental conditions each year.

    Elsewhere in the world, the situation isnt that much different. According to statistics from the World Health Organization, as many as 264 million people worldwide suffer from depression.

    Plus, these figures only account for people with more severe, medically noteworthy mood issues. It does not consider the occasional blues that almost everyone has to go through at some point.


    Depression and anxiety disorders may stem from any combination of a complex set of risk factors.

    Some underlying issues that may cause these mood disorders include genetic problems, hormonal imbalances, brain chemistry, extreme life events, and the persons life situation and personality.

    Hence, if you consider yourself suffering from a severe case of any form of mood disorder, your best bet is to visit a qualified healthcare practitioner for proper diagnosis and treatment.

    With these alarming statistics on mood issues like depression and anxiety, it is no surprise that the cost of mental healthcare in America is continuously rising. According to one 2016 report, In 2013, the cost of handling mental disorders was the highest of all medical conditions, totaling an estimated $201 billion.

    Vitamins For Seasonal Depression

    Doctor’s Best: Sam-E Supplement Review (Mood Enhancer)

    Seasonal depression is something many people experience. Also known as seasonal affective disorder , this mental health condition is linked to changes in seasons. Many people will start to experience symptoms of SAD in the fall, and these symptoms may continue through the winter. Someone with SAD may feel moody, fatigued or low in energy.

    Some of the reasons a person may experience seasonal depression include low serotonin levels that may be related to reduced exposure to sunlight and changes in a persons biological rhythms that can occur in the fall and winter. If someone has major depression or bipolar disorder, their symptoms may become worse in the fall and winter, and people who live further from the equator may be more likely to have this disorder.

    Treatments for seasonal depression can include medication, exposure to light and therapy. Vitamins for seasonal depression can also help alleviate or reduce symptoms. Vitamin D is one vitamin in particular that a doctor may recommend for someone experiencing seasonal depression. Vitamin D is produced by the body after sunlight exposure. During fall and winter months when sunlight exposure may be minimal, supplementing vitamin D can improve mood and reduce the symptoms of SAD.

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    Feel Rewarded To Feel Better

    This is primes your DopamineD O S E.

    How to do this? Try these:

    • Set a series of small milestones followed by rewards on every completion
    • Draft a to-do list and cross off tasks as they are completed
    • Journal each day and make a note of even the smallest accomplishment use guided journals that feature supportive prompts, lists, questions, and exercises to encourage you to write about matters of the heart

    How We Get These Mood Boosters Naturally

    Here I call the happy chemical quartet, DOSE meaning Dopamine-Oxytocin-Serotonin-Endorphin .

    Below are some ideas on how to get a stress-busting DOSE package for free. This may mean tweaking your lifestyle and forming some new daily habits, which may take some practice. But the practice will reap you wellness rewards.

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    How To Use Bergamot Essential Oil

    Antidepressant: Mix 2 -3 drops of bergamot essential oil with a carrier oil. Put a few drops of the mixture onto your palms then rub your hands together. Cup your mouth and nose with your hands and breathe deeply. You can also rub the oil mixture on your abdomen and feet too.

    Aroma Foundrys Six-Pack Set of Mood-Boosting Essential Oils includes bergamot, sage, ylang ylang, grapefruit, basil, and tangerine essential oils. Each oil has a myriad of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual benefits.

    Try them for yourself, or give the collection as a gift to someone special. It might just be what you or a loved one needs to gain mental clarity and emotional stability during tough times.

    Natural Mood Enhancers To Boost Your Happiness

    Natural Anxiety Pills Anti Stress Mood Enhancer Depression ...

    Whether youre having a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day or youre struggling with a more serious mood disorder, such as anxiety or depression, you know all you really want is to feel a little happier.

    Sure, there are pharmaceuticals for that, and theres certainly nothing wrong with filling a prescription when you need to, but there are also scientifically proven natural mood enhancers that can help bust you out of a rut.

    So next time you feel like curling up into a ball, pulling the covers over your head, and hiding from the world because everything in life sucks, force yourself to roll out of bed and try a few of the natural mood enhancers on this list.

    You may be surprised how much better you feel once you start moving.

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