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How Can I Treat My Depression

Overcoming Depression: How Psychologists Help With Depressive Disorders

How I cured my depression WITHOUT medication!

Depression is extreme sadness or despair that lasts more than days and affects people in different ways. Fortunately, depression is highly treatable.

Overcoming depression: How psychologists help with depressive disorders.

Everyone experiences sadness at times. But depression is something more. Depression is extreme sadness or despair that lasts more than days. It interferes with the activities of daily life and can even cause physical pain. Fortunately, depression is highly treatable.

Depression, also known as major depressive disorder or clinical depression, is one of the most common mental disorders in the United States. In 2014, an estimated 15.7 million adults in the U.S. about 6.7 percent of all U.S. adults had at least one major depressive episode, according to the National Institute of Mental Health .

Strategies For Treating Depression Without Medication

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In the Ask a Therapist series, Ill be answering your questions about all things mental health and psychology. Whether you are struggling with a mental health condition, coping with anxiety about a life situation, or simply looking for a therapist’s insight, submit a question. Look out for my answers to your questions every Friday in the Healthy Mind newsletter.

Where Can I Go For Help

If you are unsure of where to go for help, ask your family doctor or health care provider. You can also find resources online including the NIMH website at, or check with your insurance carrier to find someone who participates in your plan. Hospital doctors can help in an emergency.

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Symptoms And Causes Of Depression

Symptoms of depression can be very different from person to person. However, as a general rule, if you are depressed you feel hopeless, sad and lacking interest in things that used to make you feel happy.

Depression symptoms are bad enough to interfere with work, social life and family life, and can persist for weeks or months.

Doctors describe depression in one of three ways, depending on how serious it is:

  • mild depression it has some impact on daily life
  • moderate depression it has a significant impact on your daily life
  • severe depression this makes it nearly impossible to get through your life day to day

A few people with severe depression may have symptoms of psychotic depression.

Below is a list of depression symptoms it’s unlikely that one person would have all of them.

What Is Treatment Resistant Depression And Is There Any Help For It

7 Simple Tips to Help a friend with Depression ...

If youve tried at least two different antidepressants and your depression hasnt improved, you may be diagnosed with treatment resistant depression . TRD is a serious condition that has been highly associated with suicidal ideation and suicide attempts. Nearly 33 percent of people with TRD attempt suicide in their lifetime, more than double the rate of their treatment-responsive peers, according to a recent report in Psychiatry Advisor. It is not, however, a hopeless condition. A number of alternative treatment approaches are available, including:

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Coping With Depression Tip : Reach Out And Stay Connected

Getting support plays an essential role in overcoming depression. On your own, it can be difficult to maintain a healthy perspective and sustain the effort required to beat depression. At the same time, the very nature of depression makes it difficult to reach out for help. When youre depressed, the tendency is to withdraw and isolate so that connecting to even close family members and friends can be tough.

You may feel too exhausted to talk, ashamed at your situation, or guilty for neglecting certain relationships. But this is just the depression talking. Staying connected to other people and taking part in social activities will make a world of difference in your mood and outlook. Reaching out is not a sign of weakness and it wont mean youre a burden to others. Your loved ones care about you and want to help. And if you dont feel that you have anyone to turn to, its never too late to build new friendships and improve your support network.

Need to talk to someone?

Get affordable online counseling from BetterHelp or visit HelpGuides directory for free helplines and crisis resources. HelpGuide is reader supported. We may receive a commission if you sign up for BetterHelp through the provided link. Learn more.

What Is The Function Of Depression

Depression causes feelings of sadness and/or a loss of interest in activities you once enjoyed. It can lead to a variety of emotional and physical problems and can decrease your ability to function at work and at home.

If your enjoyed one is drastically clinically depressed, prepare yourself for the opportunity that at some point he or she may really feel suicidal. Take all indications of self-destructive habits seriously and also act immediately. Also if youre getting specialist aid, these tips can be part of your treatment plan, speeding your recovery and also protecting against depression from returning. When these sorts of thoughts overwhelm you, it is necessary to bear in mind that this is a sign of your depression as well as these illogical, pessimistic perspectives called cognitive distortions arent realistic. You cant can you overcome clinical depression break out of this downhearted mind frame by telling on your own to simply believe positive. Commonly, it belongs to a long-lasting pattern of assuming thats become so automated youre not also completely aware of it. Rather, the method is to determine the type of adverse thoughts that are fueling your depression, as well as replace them with an extra well balanced mindset. An everyday leisure method can help ease signs and symptoms of depression, decrease stress, and increase sensations of joy as well as wellness.

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What Are The Most Effective Natural Treatments For Depression

Studies consistently show that an anti-inflammatory and metabolically functional diet, regular exercise, exposure to sunlight, social support and companionship, sleep, and sex have an effect on depressive symptoms. All are low-cost and noninvasive approaches to relief that require no prescription. All in fact contribute to general well-being of all people at all times.

In numerous scientific studies, a healthy diet that contains an array of anti-inflammatory compounds normally found in fruits, vegetables and fatty fish has been linked to lower rates of depression. In addition, studies show that depressed patients randomly assigned to a diet with reduced carbohydrates, sugar, and processed meats report fewer symptoms than those consuming a standard Western diet remember, depression disrupts basic body metabolism.

Behavioral activation is a type of therapy that doesn’t have to be limited to therapists:It involves countering the effects of depression by encouraging patients to select and engage in rewarding activities that add necessary pleasure to life. Singing in a chorus is known to boost mental health both the singing and the socialization affect autonomic nervous system reactivity to stress. Religious involvement is another proven stress buffer.

Types And Severity Of Depression

How to Overcome Depression – Naturally – with JP Sears

Depression is used as an umbrella term to describe a lot of different symptoms. There are actually several different types of depression. And depression can vary greatly in severity. People with mild depression may not even know theyre depressed and their friends and family may not recognize it either.

People who experience severe depression may struggle to function. Everyday tasks, like getting out of bed and taking a shower, can feel too overwhelming to tackle. Therefore, there isnt a one-size-fits-all treatment for depression. Depression treatments can range from self-help strategies all the way to inpatient hospitalization.

And while its unclear what type of depression you have or how severe it is based on your question, medication may not be the only way to feel better. There are other things you can try.

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There Are Established Methods For Managing Treatment

While the words treatment-resistant might seem synonymous with no hope, the reality is that tools do currently exist to help people with TRD. A 2012 study published in the journal Patient Preference and Adherence identified five main treatment strategiesoptimization, switching, combination, augmentation and somatic therapiesthat psychiatrists can use to create a personalized plan for patients.

Optimization, for instance, means that some people with TRD may benefit simply from giving their antidepressant more time to work or by taking a larger dose, Dr. Papp says.

For others, switching to a different class of antidepressantor adding one to the current treatment for a combined approachmay lead to remission. And augmentation may involve using medications that were developed for other uses, but that have since been approved for the treatment of TRD.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation can be an effective nondrug treatment for TRD

There are also somatic therapies, including transcranial magnetic stimulationwhich targets nerve cells in the region of the brain involved in mood control and depressionand electroconvulsive therapy , which induces changes in brain chemistry to help reverse symptoms of TRD.

Stop Procrastinating To Beat That Depression

Notice the stories you tell yourself as to why you cant or wont do something. Challenge yourself!

Despite that depression and fatigue, I really want you to take action. Youre not going to get better by hiding under the duvet. Staying slouched on the couch aimlessly flicking through TV channels makes you even more depressed.

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Try These Five Tips For Decreasing Depression

There isnt a quick fix as in Boom, youre cured and will never again be beset by the blues. But, there are techniques that can help lift the emotional paralysis and ruminating that often accompany depression. Both of which make it much more difficult to focus on the behavioral changes that are necessary to prevent a relapse. Luckily, there are ways to punch holes in the curtain of unrelenting darkness.

Natural Remedies For Depression

How I Overcame Depression [The 6 Things That Helped Me ...

This healing system is based on energy. Dr Edward Bach discovered that the energy emitted by specific flowers could heal particular character traits and emotional states.

He distilled 38 plants and flowers into special preparations. Here are some natural remedies for depression :

  • Agrimony -for when youre feeling tortured on the inside, but appear cheerful on the outside,
  • Cherry Plum- fear of going mad,
  • Gorse for a sense of hopelessness and despair,
  • Sweet Chestnut for extreme mental pain.

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Diagnosing And Treating Depression

There’s no physical test for depression.

If you experience depression symptoms most of the day, every day, for more than two weeks, you should visit your GP. This is especially important if:

  • you have symptoms of depression that aren’t getting any better
  • you have thoughts of self-harm or suicide
  • your work, relationships with friends and family, or interests are affected by your mood

It can be hard for people with depression to imagine that anything can help them but the sooner you seek help, the sooner the symptoms start to get better.

Your GP may examine you and perform blood or urine tests to make sure there isn’t another condition causing your depression symptoms, like an underactive thyroid.

When you see your GP, they’ll try to find out if you have depression by asking you questions. These are likely to be about your health, how you’re feeling, and how that is affecting you mentally and physically.

Telling your doctor your symptoms and the affect they are having on you will help your GP to tell if you have depression, and how severe the condition is. It’s important to be as open as possible.

Your conversation with your GP will be confidential. This rule can only be broken if your GP thinks there is a significant risk of harm to you or others, and that telling a family member or carer would make that risk lower.

What Is First Line Treatment For Depression

Consider sertraline and escitalopram as first-line agents for initial treatment of major depression in adults. The least tolerated antidepressants in this study were bupropion, fluoxetine, paroxetine, and duloxetine.

However one research recommended that women that took folic acid supplements in addition to Prozac did better than those that took just Prozac. Antidepressants can have unwanted negative effects, making it hard for some people to maintain taking their drugs. Commonly you can work with your doctor to find a medication that has fewer side effects can you overcome clinical depression. The majority of antidepressants create withdrawal symptoms if they are not quit gradually over time or tapered down. Antidepressant medications can work well in treating depression, although you might need to attempt a couple of different drugs to find the one that functions ideal for you. As a whole, antidepressants are considered at least 4 to 6 months.

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How Can You Connect With Your Online Therapist

Most online therapy companies offer 3 main types of counseling: real-time chat, video chat, and phone chat.

Email and text message counseling is popular with people who want to be able to think out their questions and write them out before asking. These tend to not be free-flowing conversations like with phone or video chats, but being able to write out what you want to say can be preferable. Typically these chats are done through your personal email to a special, secure email provided through the site, which can help safeguard your anonymity.

Video chat will require a reliable internet connection and will allow you to speak with a counselor face-to-face, if not in the same room. Its intimate, personal, and allows you to establish a rapport that can be more difficult with the written word.

Real time chat puts you into a secure line and allows you to chat back and forth with a counselor in real time. Think of it like having your own personal, private chat room with a counselor whos there to listen to what ails you.

When you sign up for an online therapy service, youll typically be asked to take a short quiz to determine which sorts of issues youre dealing with, which can be used to help the service match you with a counselor who may specialize in your concerns. If youre seeking out online counseling for your child, the quiz will ask you a lot of questions about what you think the child needs help with, before sending the child an invitation on your behalf.

How Can Therapy Treat My Depression

How I ‘cured’ my depression

Psychotherapy involves meeting with a trained therapist to talk about your thoughts and feelings. Your therapist will use a specific approach to help you recover from your depression, such as working with you to reframe negative thoughts or talking about your past.

You can seek therapy from a psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker, or mental health counselor. Therapy may also be done individually or in a group. Individual therapy allows you to focus on your own issues with just you and your therapist, while group therapy gives you the opportunity to connect with other people who are experiencing similar feelings.

Many people notice some improvements after 10 to 15 sessions of therapy. Once you feel better, you may decide to stop therapy at that time or continue. If you continue therapy, you are less likely to have future episodes of depression. Once you decide to stop, the effects of psychotherapy can continue well after you stop treatment.

The cost of therapy can vary considerably based on the training and experience of the provider and whether you use health insurance. Generally, the out-of-pocket cost of therapy can be between $50 and $150 per session. If youre using health insurance, you may only be responsible for a portion of the costs because your insurance will cover the rest. Some therapists and clinics offer sliding scales, which are lower fees dependent upon your income.

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What Can I Do If I Have Depression

If you have symptoms of depression, see your healthcare provider. They can give you an accurate diagnosis, refer you to a specialist or suggest treatment options.

If you or someone you know is thinking of hurting themselves or taking their own life:

  • Go to the emergency department of your hospital.
  • Contact a healthcare provider.
  • Speak to a trusted friend, family member or spiritual leader.

A note from Cleveland Clinic

Depression is a common condition that affects millions of Americans every year. Anyone can experience depression even if there doesnt seem to be a reason for it. Causes of depression include difficulties in life, brain chemistry abnormalities, some medications and physical conditions. The good news is that depression is treatable. If you have symptoms of depression, talk to your healthcare provider. The sooner you get help, the sooner you can feel better

Last reviewed by a Cleveland Clinic medical professional on 12/31/2020.


Reported In The Lancet

Individuals who exercised had 1·49 fewer days of poor mental health in the past month than individuals who did not exercise but were otherwise matched for several physical and sociodemographic characteristics.

All exercise types were associated with a lower mental health burden than not exercising.

The largest associations were seen for popular team sports , cycling , and aerobic and gym activities , as well as durations of 45 min and frequencies of three to five times per week.

Motivate yourself by creating an account in and chart your progress.

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Natural Ways To Treat Depression: Exercise

I so want you to take to the streets in the right way!

Walk out of your front door and carry on walking. It is as simple as that. Im serious! I know youre likely to have trouble motivating yourself to do anything at all at the moment. However, weve already established that, in order to treat your depression without medication, you need to stretch yourself.

So, just start with 10 minutes, if that is all you can face right now. Then walk a minute further every day or at the very least 3 times a week. Make it an unbreakable habit. I know you can do it! And see how far you can get eventually.

Here is the result of a huge study:

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