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When A Man Is Depressed

What Causes Male Depression

Whats A Woman’s Role When Her Man Is Clinically Depressed?

Depression is one of the most common mental disorders in the world. According to theAmerican Psychiatric Association, about 1 in 6 people will experience depression at some point in their life, and physicians believe there are a variety of risk factors.

Men with a family history of depression are more likely to develop depression themselves, suggesting genetic factors may have something to do with it. In older men, in particular, depression can often set in as a result of other health issues like diabetes, cancer, heart disease, or Parkinsons disease, and the depression can often make the symptoms of those medical conditions worse. Medications taken for other health issues can sometimes cause depression as a side effect.

Stress, trauma, major life changes, the loss of a loved one, or a difficult relationship can bring on depression for men and women alike, but financial problems and work problems may affect men more than women because of the stereotypes we often associate with each gender.

The old cultural myth is that men are supposed to be the breadwinners, says Korner. Theyre not supposed to have any weaknesses, and going to talk to a therapist is a way to show youre not making it.

Suicide And Crisis Support

If you or someone close to you is experiencing an emergency, or at risk of immediate harm, call triple zero . To talk to someone now, call the Suicide Call Back Service on 1300 659 467 or Lifeline on 13 11 14.

Try Psychological Techniques In Or Outside The Context Of Therapy

There are many strategies couples can use to stop depression from sucking the joy and fun from their relationship. After all, it can be disappointing when your man suddenly decides he doesnt feel well enough to go out on that evening you planned for weeks or says your idea for a fun trip sounds unpleasant or not worth it.

Therapist Lynn D. Johnson suggested a prediction activity, a technique he coaches his clients on. This involves asking your man to make a prediction about how pleasant or unpleasant he thinks an activity or event will be on a scale of one to 10 10 being amazing and zero being horrendous. When the event is done, ask him to rate how it actually was using the same scale.

If the number he offers is higher than than the prediction, its a great opportunity to show how depression does not need to stop a relationship from being fun and joyful. It might also chip away at the negative beliefs he uses to maintain the depression.

If he insists on not trying the original plan, there is a way to ensure you arent disappointed. Relationship expert April Masini recommended always having a Plan B, especially when dating a man with depression.

None of us are robots and just because we agree to something in a moment doesnt mean we wont feel differently in another moment, Masini said. Keeping commitments needs to be balanced with managing depression.

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My Depressed Boyfriend Partner Is Pushing Me Away: Try This

Having a boyfriend who is depressed and pushing you away can be hard on your self-esteem. Even though deep down you know your partner’s illness is not your fault, it’s difficult not to wonder if it’s you or them when someone doesn’t want your help especially when that person is someone you love. If you find yourself in this predicament, you’re probably wondering what to do. Should you let him withdraw from you and assume that’s what he needs, or should you try to help, despite his protestations? Having a boyfriend who is depressed and pushing you away is no walk in the park, but there are some ways to make it easier on yourself.

Actions For This Page

sad depressed man
  • Anxiety and depression in men are common, and effective, evidence-based treatments are available.
  • Anxiety and depression are mental health conditions, not weaknesses.
  • Taking action may seem difficult but help and support is readily available.
  • Its important to seek support for anxiety and depression early the sooner the better.
  • With the right treatment, most people recover from anxiety and depression.

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What Changes Can I Make For A Leo Man

It is possible that you will discover that you are responsible for his feelings. Because of this, it may be particularly difficult for you to support him at this time. When you want to help a depressed Leo man, especially when it is your fault that he is feeling this way, it is necessary that you are patient and police. He will require that your actions show your contrition, and he will pay critical attention to your behaviors to ensure that you are genuine and honest.

Ensure that you are mindful of how he chooses to behave around you. You will need to allow your intuition to guide your actions, so consider his body language and tone of voice influence the way that you respond to him. He has no interest in nourishing a relationship that makes him feel bad, so be certain to do everything that you can to raise his spirits. Ensure that you allow your decision to be based around his pleasure, as this will help to bring him out of his depressed state of mind.

Your Lover Does Give Back

Okay, so dating someone with depression doesnt exactly sound like an ideal relationship, but that doesnt mean your partner is going to be a loveless zombie. On the contrary, once you prove yourself to your mate, theyre going to be your loyal lover for life or something like that.

The point is, just because youre with someone who is clinically depressed doesnt mean they arent going to be emotionally supportive in return. They can still be super sexy, loving, giving, and have the amazing ability to make you laugh. It just means those rough spots are going to come a little sooner than you thought.

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Consider Seeing A Therapist

It seems ironic, right? Shouldnt he be the one seeing a therapist?

It is a good idea for him to see a therapist if he isnt already, but committing to therapy yourself is much easier than asking him to do it. Working with a therapist helps mitigate the stress of being in a relationship with a man who deals with depression. It will allow you to better understand what he is going through and lead by example if he is resistant to therapy.

Its also an opportunity to takes steps towards asking him to join you for couples therapy. Again, this might be easier than convincing him to see a therapist alone.

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He Does Not Want To Be Depressed


Depression is not a choice. If any man with depression had a choice, he would choose to be rid of it.

One of the most hurtful things you can do to a man with depression is say it is his fault, that he could choose to be better if his will or character was stronger. Men have a responsibility to try to overcome their symptoms so they dont negatively affect the ones they love. Even the strongest men, however, are not immune to illness and cannot cure it alone.

If the behavior hurts you emotionally, you should know he most likely did not intend to, said matchmaker Cassie Moffit, who has successfully matched couples with mental illness. Knowing this will allow you to be more patient and understanding.

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When Good Intentions Go Wrong

It’s possible that you can say all the “right” things and your friend will still become upset with you. Every person is an individual with unique thoughts and feelings, and being angry and upset is the nature of depression.

Sometimes people will lash out at those trying to help them because they are hurting and don’t know where to direct those bad feelings. Whoever is nearby becomes a convenient target.

If this happens, try not to take it personally. Stay calm and continue to do what you can to love and support your friend in whatever way they will allow.

Develop An Action Plan For Anxiety And Depression

Your action plan for anxiety and depression will cover a wide range of options. The plan can include exercise, stress management and how to improve your sleep. You may be referred to a psychologist who can help you address things like negative thinking and how to manage difficulties in your relationships.

Some people think its weak to admit theyre going through a tough time, but if you have anxiety or depression, you cant just snap out of it or pull yourself together. Theres more to it than that.

If you think you may have anxiety or depression, and want to take action, start by talking to someone you trust keeping it to yourself can make things worse. Discuss your situation with a friend, partner, family member a colleague or your GP.

Beyond Blue has put together information about how men can create an action plan.

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How Can I Find Out What A Cancer Guy Requires

For a Cancer guy who is suffering from depression, a couple of things are more important than somebody who they care about offering them a helping hand. Given this, it is critical that you demonstrate compassion and respect for him. He may withdraw from those closest to him, making it hard for him to open up to you. If he isnt ready to talk, simply be patient enough to wait for him to be willing to share himself with you.

When he decides to talk to you about his feelings, he will most likely tell you what is on his mind. It is feasible that hell become passionate during this time, so allow him time to rant if its what he needs to do. When he trusts you, he will likely share the source of his stresses, and you should let your actual knowledge of his beliefs and values guide your actions. If you discover that he is unclear, use your intuition to help you figure out what is triggering him to feel this way.

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Men Get Depressed Too

Depressed man

Depression is a serious but highly treatable medical condition that can strike anyone regardless of age, ethnic background, socioeconomic status, or gender. However, depression often goes unrecognized by those who have it, by their families and friends, and even by their physicians. Men, in particular, may be unlikely to acknowledge they have depressive symptoms and seek support. However, depression is common in men and is not a sign of personal weakness or a flaw in character.

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Where Can I Go For Help

If you are unsure of where to go for help, ask your family doctor or health care provider. You can also find resources online including the NIMH website at, or check with your insurance carrier to find someone who participates in your plan. Hospital doctors can help in an emergency.

How Depressed Men Cope

Instead of talking about how they feel, depressed men may try to make themselves feel better by using alcohol or drugs. This will usually make things worse in the long run. Their work will suffer and alcohol often leads to irresponsible, unpleasant or dangerous behavior. Men with depression also tend to give their work a higher priority than their home life, which produces conflicts with their wives or partners. All of these things have been shown to make depression more likely.

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Depression And Antidepressants Can Affect Sex

If your partner uses a treatment for depression such as antidepressants, it might affect the sexual part of your relationship. It can make him not want to have sex as often or seem less satisfied with it, psychiatrist Grant H. Brenner told Talkspace.

Remember, this problem does not mean he isnt attracted to you sexually. Its the result of a chemical imbalance or side effect of medication. There should be no blame.

Treatment For Anxiety And Depression In Men

My Spouse is Depressed: Loving a Depressed Man

Your doctor is a good source of information and can discuss with you whether what youre experiencing may be anxiety or depression. They can also refer you to a psychologist or psychiatrist. Any of these health professionals can help you with an action plan, whether or not you are diagnosed with anxiety, depression or both.

Anxiety and depression are like any other conditions there are ways to treat and manage them.

Lifestyle changes, such as spending time with supportive friends and family, regular exercise, getting enough sleep, maintaining a healthy diet and cutting down on alcohol and other drugs are all worthwhile changes that can help to reduce anxiety and depression symptoms.

Psychological treatments, including cognitive behaviour therapy, are effective in treating anxiety and depression and are often recommended first, particularly for mild to moderate anxiety and depression. Your doctor may refer you to see a psychologist or other counsellor for this type of treatment.

For some people, antidepressant medication might also be an option. Antidepressants can be effective for both anxiety and depression. They usually take at least 2 weeks before they start to help, and it may also take some time for your doctor to find the medication and dose that is most effective for you.

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When Someone You Love Has Depression

Depression builds walls around people and between people. When someone you love has been dragged inside those walls, there can be a distance between you both that feels relentless. You miss them, but theyre right there beside you, except that theyre kind of not. Not in the way you both want to be anyway.

The symptoms of depression exist on a spectrum. All of them are normal human experiences, but in depression theyre intensified. Not everyone who has depression will have a formal diagnosis, so knowing what to watch out for can help to make sense of the changes you might notice.

Depression looks like a withdrawal. It feels that way too. Its a withdrawal from everything that is enriching and life-giving. Depression sucks the life out of life. Thats how it feels. When depression bites, everything becomes hard. Life starts to hurt. Those who are bitten stop looking forward to things. They stop engaging and they stop enjoying things, even the things they used to love. They can feel hard to reach, and sometimes they can be angry or appear as though they dont care. That isnt because they want to withdraw from you or push you away, they dont, although it can feel that way.

Here are some ways to fight for them, beside them and for the times the fight has to be theirs, behind them:

Why Dont Men Talk About Mental Health

Society’s expectations and traditional gender roles play a role in why men are less likely to discuss or seek help for their mental health problems. We know that gender stereotypes about women the idea they should behave or look a certain way, for example can be damaging to them. But its important to understand that men can be damaged by stereotypes and expectations too.

Men are often expected to be the breadwinners and to be strong, dominant and in control. While these arent inherently bad things, they can make it harder for men to reach out for help and open up.

Some research also suggests that men who cant speak openly about their emotions may be less able to recognise symptoms of mental health problems in themselves, and less likely to reach out for support.

Men may also be more likely to use potentially harmful coping methods such as drugs or alcohol and less likely to talk to family or friends about their mental health. However, research suggests men will access help that meets their preferences and is easy to access, meaningful and engaging. For example, Men’s Sheds provides community spaces for men to connect and chat, often over practical activities.

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Possible Triggers For Your Mate’s Depression:

  • A loss of some kind. The death of a parent, sibling, friend, or child can be extremely difficult to cope with. Losing a job or being out of work can also trigger feelings of grief and/or depression.

  • Transitions. Transitions are hard for anybody and these can include graduations, getting a new job, moving, getting married, or having a baby.

  • Conflict in a relationship. Is your loved one having interpersonal problems at work? With parents or in-laws? With the kids? And of course you need to be honest in your appraisal of whether or not your mate is having problems with you and your relationship. It is possible that unresolved or chronic problems within your relationship could trigger a depressive episode.

This may be a hard pill to swallow but it is possible that one of the reasons why your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse is depressed is because your relationship simply is not working out. He or she may not know how to end it as they don’t wish to hurt you. When your partner is depressed it may be very difficult to get clarity on this.

They may be confused. They may view the depression as an anchor that will take you both down. They may have unmet needs in the relationship but may be too afraid to tell you. They may not wish to have a relationship with anyone at this point. Or they may want a relationship, but just not with you. The possibilities are too numerous to mention.

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