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Folic Acid Cured My Depression

Geriatric And Psychogeriatric Patients

Folate for Depression (Harvard Mental Health Letter)

The highest incidence of folate deficiency as measured by serum and red cell folate concentrations is in elderly populations, especially psychogeriatric patients.3 A close association with dementia and depression, apathy, withdrawal, and lack of motivation has been noted.

One reason for the apparently high incidence of folate deficiency in elderly people is that folate concentrations in serum and cerebrospinal fluid fall and plasma homocysteine rises with age, perhaps contributing to the ageing process.21

Among 115 admissions to a geriatric unit, 16% had low red cell folate.22 The 14 patients with dementia had lower folate concentrations than any other diagnostic group and the severity of the dementia on the mental assessment score was significantly correlated with folate concentrations, raising the possibility of an aetiological role. In a case-control study of 164 patients with Alzheimer’s disease, cognitive decline was significantly associated with raised plasma homocysteine and lowered serum folate concentrations.6

In a prospective community based study of 370 healthy elderly Swedish subjects, folate or vitamin B-12 deficiency doubled the risk of subsequently developing Alzheimer’s disease.23 Recently the much larger and longer Framlingham community based study confirmed that a raised plasma homocysteine concentration doubled the risk of developing Alzheimer’s and non-Alzheimer’s dementia.9

Good Mood Foods To Help Fight Depression Stress And More

Stress, depression, and anxiety are complex experiences caused by a variety of factors, including lifestyle, brain chemistry, a history of trauma, and health. Research increasingly points to the role nutrition plays in sound emotional health. While eating a bowl of soy beans and loading up on eggs wont cure depression, it can certainly help. By pairing the right diet with healthy therapy andif necessarymedication, you can maximize your chances of quickly feeling better.

Best Nutrients That Can Improve Mental Health

Dietary nutrients are necessary for the structure and function of the brain. Dietary changes can reduce the likelihood of developing any psychiatric disorder. A few studies show that certain foods and nutrients influence a wide range of neurochemicals. However, mental health problems can be severe. In that case, contact the doctor and family.

  • Omega 3 fats : Essential for good health and help maintain neuronal structure and function. Using omega-3 supplements can help with symptoms of depression, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and anxiety.
  • Omega-3 is found in foods, such as:
  • Nuts
  • Vitamin D:
  • It is a lipid-soluble vitamin. Aids in bodily functions, such as bone, heart, brain, and mental health. It has been suggested that a lack of vitamin D can contribute to depression.
  • Vitamin D alone will not treat or cure depression, but a lack of it increases the likelihood of depression.
  • It is an indicator of overall good health, but more research is required to prove that vitamin D can affect a person’s mood.
  • The best source of vitamin D is in the early morning sunlight. Other sources are fatty fish, eggs, red meat, liver, and fortified foods.
  • A well-balanced diet is the best way to get all the nutrients. When this is not possible, supplements can come in handy. This article is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice. Before using any supplements or herbal medicines, please consult the doctor.

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    The Natural Cure For Depression

    Note: This article was written in 2017 after a traumatic brain injury. It was updated today on July 23, 2021, to make sure all links are working and to update the info presented in Dr. Rostenberg’s blog essay.


    Yep. I said it. CURE. I never woulda thunk it, but after months of trial and error and a staggering amount of research, I stumbled upon a natural course of supplements that has worked to cure my major depressive disorder, which was accompanied by intense anxiety. Since I started the regimen in 2017, I have been depression-free.

    As a quick background, I have suffered with clinical depression on and off since I was a young teenager, with one major bout in 2004 and the second in 2017 after a traumatic head injury. Because I also have a blood clotting disorder, it seems that any med I take for anything at all causes side effects, and that includes antidepressants. In 2017, I stumbled upon two bits of information that proved to be life-altering when it comes to depression — the first being about the MTHFR genetic mutation, and the second about the miracle of fermented supplements.

    As I know anyone suffering from depression is eager for me to just cut to the chase, let’s just dive in. If you’re suffering from depression, here’s what has worked for me.

    3) Here is a list of other supplements I took after my head injury depression when it was at its worst, per Dr. Alexander:


    How To Prevent Folate Deficiency: Recommended Daily Intakes

    5 Depression Home Remedies

    Folate is largely found in plant foods, so the best way to get adequate folate and prevent folate deficiency is to eat five or more servings of whole foods like fruits and vegetables daily. Green vegetables , especially all types of leafy greens, along with beans and citrus fruits are particularly important for preventing folate deficiency. Folate is also naturally found in some animal products, including liver and poultry.

    Generally speaking, it should be pretty easy to prevent folate deficiency by eating a well-balanced diet. But studies have shown that folate absorption varies widely from person to person. There are several factors that influence how much folate someone can absorb from the foods they eat, including their levels of zinc and health of their kidneys, liver and gut.

    The total body content of folate is estimated to be 10 to 30 milligrams, about half of which is stored in the liver. The remainder is found in the blood and body tissues. To test for folate deficiency, a doctor might conduct a serum folate concentration test /mL indicates deficiency). However, a more reliable approach is testing erythrocyte folate concentrations, which provides a longer-term measure of folate intakes and is a better indicator of stored folate within tissues.

    According to the National Institute of Health, the recommended dietary allowances for folate are as follows:

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    Best Vitamins For Depression

    B vitamins play an important role in helping the brain produce adequate levels of the chemicals required to manage mood and other functions, according to the Mayo Clinic. If someone has low levels of B-vitamins and in particular B-12, they may be more likely to experience symptoms of depression. B-vitamin deficiencies are often seen in people who have depression.

    Even without a specific disorder, it can become increasingly difficult for a persons body to absorb enough vitamin B-12 as they age. Depression can often include symptoms of fatigue, and B-vitamins can help combat that. B-12, in particular, is known for being important to reduce fatigue.

    Some of the foods that contain high levels of B-12 include fish, lean meats, eggs, poultry and milk. Certain breakfast cereals may be fortified with B-12 as well. B-12 supplementation can help if someone is a vegan or vegetarian or may not be getting enough of the vitamin for any reason.

    Other B vitamins for depression, or vitamins that play a role in brain health include:

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    Piracetam Piracetam

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    Age Of People Who Have Major Depression When Taking Folic Acid *:

    • 0-1: 0.0 %
  • Metastases To Bone : 12 people, 13.48%
  • Hypercalcaemia level in the blood): 11 people, 12.36%
  • Breast Cancer Metastatic: 10 people, 11.24%
  • Sleep Disorder: 8 people, 8.99%
  • Osteopenia : 8 people, 8.99%
  • Crohn’s Disease : 6 people, 6.74%
  • High Blood Pressure: 6 people, 6.74%
  • * Approximation only. Some reports may have incomplete information.

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    New Breakthrough Drugs For Depression

    In 2019 the FDA approved two novel medications for depression:

    • Spravato , a nasal spray, is a new option for people who arent being helped by other antidepressants. It is derived from ketamine, a widely used anesthetic , and only administered at certified treatment centers because of the possibility of abuse and addiction. While traditional antidepressants can take weeks to kick in, esketamine acts quickly, usually within hours.
    • Zulresso is the first medication specifically for women with postpartum depression. It is administered as an intravenous infusion in a healthcare setting for two and a half days continuously, and usually works within a few days. It is chemically similar to a hormone thought to be associated with postpartum depression.

    Additional reporting by Pamela Kaufman.

    Strategies To Eliminate Depression

    Ive struggled with depression for years, and my doctor wants to put me on yet another anti-depressant, my reader writes. Are drugs, and the side effects they bring, my only option?

    If you struggle with feeling hopeless, sad, or otherwise mentally fragile, youre not alone. More than 100 million Americans thats literally one in three struggle through life with a depression.

    Pharmaceutical companies are quick to pick up on this broken brain problem, but conventional medicine cannot cure it.

    With its symptom-based medicine approach, conventional medicine tackles depression completely wrong. Rather than determine what actually creates that depression, many doctors immediately reach for their prescription pad.

    That explains why one in 10 Americans today uses antidepressants, while more than eight million children are taking stimulants like Ritalin.

    These statistics are not normal.

    Lets say you complain to your doctor about chronic feelings of sadness and despair. He or she might say you have a disease called depression, but depression is not the cause of your sadness and despair. Its just a name we use to group people together for the purpose of giving them all the same drug therapy.

    Feel sad and full of despair? You have depression and need an antidepressant! Case closed.

    But it isnt.

    Conventional medicine fails to address what causes those feelings and why they differ from one person to the next.

    And, there is.

    A Functional Medicine Approach to Depression

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    Increase Intake Of Chromium

    Chromium is vital for keeping your blood sugar level stable because it is required for the functioning of insulin, which clears glucose from the blood. Good food sources of chromium include broccoli, turkey, liver, whole grains, seafood and green beans. Chromium can also be taken in a supplement form called chromium picolinate, although this should be done under the supervision of a doctor, particularly if diabetes medications are being taken .

    When Antidepressants Dont Work

    Folic Acid and Your Health

    Folate deficiencies are especially frequent in patients who dont respond to conventional antidepressants. Some studies also indicate that folic acid may be a very helpful add-on to other prescription antidepressants.

    In one study, folic acid was compared with a placebo pill as a combination with a Prozac treatment approach.

    Patients who received folic acid improved more those who received the placebo. This improvement was especially marked in woman. Nearly 95% of female patients who received folic acid responded to the combo treatment, compared to 60% of woman given the placebo.

    Another study conducted with elderly depressed patients found that another type of folate was essentially just as effective as a mainstream antidepressant medication.

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    Health Benefits Of Folate

    1. Supports a Healthy Pregnancy

    Folate is known to be one of the most critical vitamins for a healthy and vibrant pregnancy, which is why its added synthetically to nearly all prenatal vitamins. For pregnant women, a folate deficiency is especially risky because it can potentially lead to neural tube defects, including spina bifida, anencephaly, malformations of the limbs and heart complications.

    Spina bifida is a defect of the fetuss spine in which part of the spinal cord and its meninges are exposed through a gap in the underdeveloped backbone. Anencephaly is the absence of a major portion of the fetuss brain, skull and scalp that occurs during embryonic development early into pregnancies. Folic acid supplementation has been shown to lengthen mean gestational age of the fetus and lower the risk of preterm births .

    Folate functions as a coenzyme in single-carbon transfers in the synthesis of nucleic acids and metabolism of amino acids. Because folate is needed for DNA copying and building new cells, you can see why low levels result in various types of developmental issues, even some that remain an issue once the baby is born and continuing to grow.

    2. Helps the Body Utilize Iron, Vitamin B12 and Amino Acids

    3. Might Help Prevent Cancer

    4. Supports Heart Health

    Since we know that a diet high in plant foods like vegetables and fruits can help lower heart disease risk, this seems like the safest way to obtain folate and also benefit cardiovascular health.

    What Is Folate Deficiency

    Folate deficiency occurs when a person is not getting enough natural folate in their diet, and the amount of folate in the blood falls below a healthy level. It is not a condition that will correct itself or go away on its own. A diagnosis of folate deficiency requires immediate intervention before complications set in and permanent damage to the persons health result.

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    When Combined With Evidence

    Depression is a mood disorder, and its one of the most common mental health conditions that people experience. Different terms used to refer to depression include major depressive disorder and clinical depression. While many people require clinical treatment and perhaps pharmaceutical medications to treat the symptoms of depression, there are also certain vitamins that can be helpful for depression. Along with vitamins for depression, there are also natural supplements for anxiety and depression that can be helpful for treating symptoms of these co-occurring disorders.

    Symptoms of depression include significant changes in feelings, thoughts and behaviors, including loss of interest in activities that a person previously enjoyed and an ongoing, persistent feeling of sadness. Depending on the severity of the depression, a person may experience different physical and emotional problems related to the disorder.

    Vitamin B5 Pantothenic Acid

    Folate 101: (Deficiency, Folic Acid vs Methylfolate, & Methylation)

    Pantothenic Acid is one of the lesser known B-Vitamins to the average individual, as it is not commonly used as a natural health supplement. But it’s still an important one. It plays a role in the creation of the acetylcholine neurotransmitters, oxidizes fatty acids, and more. It also produces CoEnzyme-A.

    It’s rare to be deficient in B5. The name itself translates almost literally to “from everywhere” because it’s found in nearly every type of food.

    While Pantothenic Acid may help with a variety of unfortunate and painful conditions, it does not appear to play any role in anxiety or stress whatsoever.

    Verdict: No known benefit

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    Signs Of Folate Deficiency & How To Reverse It

    By Jillian Levy, CHHC

    Folate, also known vitamin B9, is one of many essential vitamins needed for copying and synthesizing DNA, producing new cells, and supporting nerve and immune functions. As a water-soluble B vitamin, its naturally present in some foods, added to others and available as a dietary supplement in the form of folic acid.

    Studies show that a diet high in folate-rich foods can help prevent cancer, heart disease, birth defects, anemia and cognitive decline. Are you getting enough folate from your diet?

    Are Antidepressants Safe

    Most antidepressants are generally safe, but some people especially children, teenagers, and young adults under the age of 25 may experience an increase in suicidal thoughts, especially during the first few months of treatment or when their dosage goes up or down.

    If this happens to you or someone you know, immediately contact a doctor or seek emergency help by contacting the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline or, if the risk is imminent, calling 911.

    Once youve begun taking antidepressants, dont stop without your doctors assistance discontinuing the medication too soon means the depression might come back.

    When the time is right, your doctor can help you gradually taper your usage. While antidepressants arent generally addictive, stopping them abruptly can lead to withdrawal symptoms.

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    What Causes Depression

    There are many factors that can contribute to the development of depression. There might be biochemical or psychological issues that predispose an individual to depression. There might be a trigger such as a stressful event, major trauma, a bereavement, loss of a job, or break up of a relationship. If you are experiencing low mood you should see your doctor, who can rule out medical causes and discuss the best ways to support you.

    Walnuts: Rich In Mood

    Best 15 Food Rich in Folic Acid â Natural Home Remedies &  Supplements

    Walnuts are one of the richest plant sources of omega-3 fatty acids, and numerous studies have demonstrated how omega-3 fatty acids support brain function and reduce depression symptoms. A study published in the British Journal of Psychiatry is especially interesting. The lead authors ask the question, Why is the vast part biological research from genetics to psychopharmacology concentrated on neurotransmitters, when the mammalian brain is approximately 80 percent fat , and there is a growing body of research demonstrating the critical role of lipids in brain functioning? Whats more, the shift in the Western diet away from these necessary omega-3 fatty acids over the last century parallels the large rise in psychiatric disorders in that time.

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